If you could live in any video game world you want, which one would it be?

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Matrix Overload
If you could choose any video game you wanted to live in, what would it be? I think i would live in the world of "Enter the Matrix", because i mean hell, who would want to have super human powers in the matrix?

Super Mario World.

everyone is soo cheerful and happy laughing

and killing your enemy takes no stress.

Darth Revan

either the pirate ship in Windwaker, Kashyyyk in KOTOR, or Hyrule in OOT

The Force
probably the final fantasy universe

What The Force said, but Spira from FFX would be pretty cool to go in... that and FFVI... and FFVII.... big grin

Hell, can I alternate worlds? stick out tongue

final fantasy 6, 7 or 10

as a 2nd, Matrix universe would be awesome

I'd like to live in the World of Warcraft.

Yes, I was thinking that myself stick out tongue

Um, in StarCraft, the Shakuras place (without the Zerg on my heels, of course) I think would be pretty neat

Rome Total War. I would love to fight along side Caesar and destroy the gauls!

or maybe lotr.

The world of Tamriel and the world of the Thief games.

surprisingly im not gonna say the ff7 world.......id actually rather live in LOZ ocarana of time world..........but if i could have 2 ff7 world id probably live in junon port.....i love that place

Final Fantasy 8 for me...all the other FF's are way too "wacky"

either in the World of Warcraft or Middle Earth

I'd probably go with Vice City if it wasn't for those damn Haitians. Oh and I'd have to live like Tommy Vercetti...

super mario world



Jason Wyngarde
meatl gear world i would be a dude like snake.

Either a world like Samurai Warriors or Manaan in KOTOR.

Halo. But I gotta be a SPARTAN II. Or Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

mini me 0206

Matrix Overload
if i lived in the world of halo, i think i would get the later version of the spartan. like spartan IV or something like that, that would be sweet.

I'd like to live in Tribes world (when you die you just Respawn near your base).

Probly Spira

do sport games count as a video game world.

well it is a game so i assume so

Nosgoth, while the pillars are uncorrupted blink

and Gallowmere! eek! (from Medievil)

I chose to live in either City of Heroes or Megaman. Where everyone is special and have the ability to fight for Good or comit Evil.

SIMS............ no not realy FF7,8 or fantasy world

i would like to live in the LOTR The Two Towers
it was a great game.

i would like to live in the x-men game.

i would live in a midevil times like morrowind

i would like to live in the Star Wars Universe

Primitive Screwhead #1
Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball... or is that just too chauvinistic? eek!

Yeah, probably is.

Either final fantasy 8's or Zelda Ocarina of Time's world.

FF10 or FF9 or just any FF world... coz im addicted to FF smile

SUPER MARIO WORLD or the HALO world(s)

The Force
i say we just fuse all the final fantasy together, that world would be awesome

except the world in Crystal Chronicles. Having to carry that orb around with you would suck big time!

vice city... if you die you just wake up at the hospital... and cars are so easy to take.. sweetness

Red Superfly
I'd wanna live in Mario Land: magic mushrooms, crazy flowers and leaves that take you high into the sky. smokin'

Lord Ryugen
I'd live in Nosgoth. Kicking Vampire Ass
Or in FF VII. Where it's alright to ride a giant chicken and ostrich hybrid.

The Force
tis true, unless we had backpacks wink

Tamriel love aka the earth of morrowind

grey fox
id be in sonic heroes and be like espio (that ninja chamelion kicks ass)

Master Revan
i will be in the world of HALO or Starwars but out of all of them the world of Marvel comics just zap your self with radiation and become superhuman.

As opposed to dying laughing out loud that's a good point, actually

In Twisted Metal: Black, a neat place is Black Rock Ridge (Snowy Roads), if you drive onto the hill in middle near the service ramp, you can see an inn or something, it's actually a neat place big grin

good for skiing, methinks

ScarFace Clone
I would live in Vice City!

Gory Game Lover
Red 3 Demon world.You go Kill Demons.

Krissy Von Doom
The Baldur's Gate universe

I wouldnt mind living in the Deus Ex Universe, as one of the agents of course though.

or sonics world, all the little fuzzy animals everywhere, sweet.

marioland. i'd play with yoshi and ride mario karts like a nutter!

Destiny Islands from KH

Neverwinter nights

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