What is so good about FF?

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Alright the title makes it sound like I hat FF which I don't in the least. But what makes it a good game? Things like that... you know.

I've never owned any version of it, and I want to know if I should get one.

i would highly recomend that you get either final fantasy anthologies or final fantasy 8....ff6 is probably the greatest ff out there....to this day i havent heard one complaint about it....final fantasy 8 has alot of good storytelling in it....not to mention that the characters are so down to earth(unlike the idiots on ff7)

go back to the roots of FF... get FF6... best ff story ever made, and the best music of all of them to boot...

heres a midi from the opening theme of FF6 :

I'd say get FF6,FF7,FF8,Or FF Cronicles

I didn't like FF8. All you did was summon a Guardian Force, wait a few minutes for all of them to finish attacking, and repeat the process in nearly all battles. I lost my interest in it on Disc 2.

I just bought FF8 again, caud like u i lost interest sumwhere around disk 3, then i sold my ps1, but i've bought it again, caus it's just started buggin me that i don't know what happened at the end!

Have never played ff6 tho....i take it its good?!!!!

my ff recommendation list :

Final Fantasy 6 (called 3 in the US)
Final Fantasy 7 (alot of good music and characters IMO)
Final Fantasy 10 (I loved the storyline, Tidus and Yuna are great)

other :

Chrono Trigger


As for 8...ugh.. I sat and watched my friend play it for 4 hours, and everything could have been so much better.. 'draw'ing magic sucked, binding guardians to your weapons needed some help. The dialogue was just really bad... <cough>toomanybalambgardens<cough> ... and then you have the coined word "Chicken wuss"... sick

The storylines, for the most part, are awesome.

Storylines kick ass. FF7 was so awesome.. and with Advent Children either its a marketing scheme, or the answer to my prayers! yes

probably both...but who care's it will rock

But what makes the entire series such good games?

usually how it's a new cast and new plot. with great music((some say))
and amazing cut scene's and visual's, play a few you will see.

A great serie's all around, tho not my Favorite.....

As everyone else said, they have the best storylines around. They often rival, and sometimes surpass the caliber stories in major motion pictures.

Also they characters are usually very easy to identify with, and are developed in a way that makes them seem more real, and less like a bunch of random pixels.

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