what kinda evil things do u do to your SIMS?

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i'm an evil bastard. i either put them in a swimming pool and make sure there's no way they can get out, i lock them out of their houses until they starve, make it so they can't get out of the shower, lock them in a room with a fireplace and a few rugs, etc. i love killing my sims. so, i know you guys have at least purposely killed your sims once, how'd u do it?

Master Revan
i neverd played sims is it good?

I hate that game.


u do everything to them???? please explain!! and backfire, i can't believe u've never played the sims. on the Ps2, it just gets annoying in get a life mode when your sim is always in a bad mood. it makes u so mad that you just want to kill them!!! heeheehee. sorry.

I make tthem get elecucuted and everything u said.

I've played it, I just don't like it.

I tried killing one of mine by making her jump off the high diving board onto concrete...It didn't work! sad
I don't think that Sim could die since I didn't create it...darn...

Jason Wyngarde
justbuild walls aroung them. they will die.

I've never understood the appeal to this game confused

All of the mentioned. Plus puting a fire place next to a BBQ/swimming pool party, wall up the garden, n let the place catch fire. The Sims will jump into the pool WHICH have no way out. Hehehe

it's loads of fun. instead of evicting families, i just kill 'em off!! it's weird because i put one guy in the pool and made no way out, and i just made it so the other chick couldn't get out of her house. and she died first. i sat their for an hour and the guy just didn't want to die!! so i took him out of the pool and he died in like, 5 min.

put them into the skydive simulator when they are really tired adn they will fly off into the air and never come back! big grin

which Sims game?

was the difference between them and wich one is the best?

LOL Killing Sims is a great past time,too bad I got rid of all my Sims games

ha ha i am also an evil cow to my sims. i built a "toture house" which only comtains a stove so that when they try to cook the whole place sets on fire. Its funny when death comes to take them away! lol

I have starved them, made them soil themselves and let them die from exposure.jawdrop

I normally like making the house outta wood... then wait until they either try to cook without knowing how or put the fire on... and wait for the whole place to burn... i always take the doors out too... more fun hehe big grin

Silver Stardust
Heh, once I was playing the Sims and the house started on fire...and I had accidently put the fire detector on the outside of the house (don't ask how I managed that) so the house burned down messed

The pool is always funny...oh! Once I built a moat around the house so they couldn't get out laughing out loud

Hehe ive done the moat thingy too... it was amusing... my sims walked all the way around the bit before the moat to get out coz i was slightly nasty and put the loo the other side of the moat and it needed it so... big grin

i have made them not be able to go to the bathroom, so they pee all over the floor, locked them into the pools or in a room.
Ands thats about it

I created a family of eight adult males, made them the skinny blond guy with glasses, a crewcut and blue slacks and short sleeve shirt (you know the one). The family name was "Flyswatter", and their first names were one through eight. I built a narrow hallway, led them all into it and sealed it off. I put a stove in one end and watched the fun!

I make um kill each other, and I electrocute them starve and ect

Yakuza Princess
I put this guy in a tiny little room with nothing but a large fireplace and a small, cheap, dry, wooden chair. He eventually catches fire. Fun!

yesterday i wanted to kill 2 guys ona fire and the fire was all around them but before it touched them they both made out, i was like What the f**k?

laughing....Firstly I turn em in2 toads...banish them..make them fall in love with the same sim so they fight ova it till 1 runs away....THEN SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE big grin

I downloaded a bomb mod where you can buy a stick of dynamite for $1 and when you unpause the game it sets every single thing near it on fire, burning sims alive.

I've locked the kids into a room before when i got tired of em. they eventually died.

I buy fireworks and light them in the house and put the house on fire but i guyt didnt die cuz i had a robot to stop death.

if u really wanna b EEEEEEEEEVIL.......... do dis! hehehe.. im not usually an evil person when it comes 2 the sims, but i kinda discovered this by mistake. we all noe dat u dun light the fireworks inside, 'less ya wanna kill all your poor lil simmies. so try this: line your whole chosen room with rugs (dun matta what kind), make sure all ur sims r in the room, lite the fireworks, and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM............. massacre extrodinaire!!! *muahahahahahahha...*

you make them drink heaps of water and dont let them go to the toilet, they piss themselfs and die, then when the bodys gone, theres a piss stain on the floor

Make them piss their pants. Very funny.

Once in the sims 2, my girl was fixing the computer and it fried her...but she didnt die she just got burnt and her hair stuck up untile she took a shower

I need some help, here.

The Request: I need the CD-Key for The Sims original.
The Explanation: I bought House Party recently, but I couldn't install it. My dumb parents uninstalled the original from the computer because of a virus(which was untrue, of course). After much searching, I finally found the CD in another completely different Jewel case, but the Official one was missing(Without the CD-key and all.). Uh oh.
The Conclusion If you feel kind enough to help me out, please private message me, or email me at [email protected] .
MiscellaneousThe Sims original isn't online, and if you haven't registered it online(which the eager gamer doesn't), you should be free to share it around. And no, I can't screw up anything on your "account", even if I wanted to, because i am NOT a hacker, and i am NOT talented enough to do such crap.

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