A new starcraft campaign

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Alright, so me and someone else decided to make a new StarCraft campaign, and we figured hey, why not ask people here who are interested if they want to help out. Basically, what we need is 2 more tester-outers there messed someone willing to make one of the maps, and (I think this is a bit ambitious) a graphic designer who can fiddle around with stuff to make new units

if you'd like to help, I s'pose you could Pm me confused

I've been known to be somewhat decent at sprite editing, but I wouldn't want to do ALL the work for you.

LTA says:
more than one sprite editor is needed;
you can email the friend at [email protected]

why ruin a good thing, dont bother with new units, just make a new story(preferably nothing that could contradict any additions from new blizzard games like starcraft ghost. like the one that comes with starcraft, that enslavers map. i also downloaded a sequel to enslavers were Dark templar try to kill the remaining refugees, and allen shcezar is there. i also downloaded a sc prequeal BOTH FROM Blizzard. try making one about protoss scouting something like finding a xel naga temple that everyone fights for, and then is destroyed, or stuff like that.

funny sig...

i would love to particate smile

Jeremy I'm always around to test, I don't like that mission you did for FHS though, that was a pretty crude name you gave me.

never thought the campaigns were that good.. playing vs players is far more enjoyable

I used to play starcraft all of the time when i first bought it (years ago), but have just re-installed it on my newer pc, and am going through the campaigns again

Hell yeah.

i never got the expansion pack. was it much improvement?

blame Visconti stick out tongue

BWAHAHAHA! i dunno... play halo 2 instead!

The campaign? Yeah, it was. But you REALLY gotta enjoy the new units, first.
Dark Archon's Mind control rules!
big grin

LTA Says:
We gotta wait for the last patch to come out before we can being modding anything... plus I have to learn the tools and such, as well as wait for updated ones... I ahte the waiting game.

WHo's your favourate race. THe protoss are mine, as their resource gatherers dont have to spend ages constructing buildings

Protoss, Zerg.
Protoss = powerful unit
Zerg = mass!!!!!! The swarm!!!(a mix of hydras and ultras)

Zerg are great...I love 'em.

Oh yes. Very much so. The only thing that ticks me off is lack of resources.

I like the mission on the single player, where you have to defend for 30 minutes.

Put "showmethemoney" and "blacksheepwall" in, and build loads and loads of bunker.
A mass of orange dots from 3/4 of the map all suddenly flow into your bottlenecked area. It's amazing!

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.