Lineage II

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Does anyone play it? if so what do you think about it? smile
I play on bartz server hehehe

This game is horrid. I played the open beta for a while and was bored by lvl 10. It's the same monotonous thing over and over, the most repetitive game I've ever played, aside from the first Lineage, which is the same as this game but with poor graphics and artwork.

This game does have some great graphics though, and some damn good backgrounds, it's just a shame the game is so mindless and samey.

A bunch of my friends started playing this game because many of them were fans of the original game, now only one of them is still playing it, and that is because there is nothing better out at the moment. (at least untill WoW).

Another problem is the horrible economy. Everyone's farming money to sell on Ebay and griefing low lvl characters as a result, combine this with the poor GM staff that doesn't care about this and you have a bomb. I read some statistics somewhere that with the current lvl of players dropping out of the game the game will be deserted within a year or so.

One plus side....the female models are hot as hell. embarrasment

I guess you didnt stick around for the first chronicle then... over 800 accounts got banned for selling adenas and for botting... its been drastically cut down. Not to mention 200 - 300 people are joining every day, which Im sure says something. by the time the 2nd chronicle comes, this game is gonna slam every mmo out there. combine that with 'time cards' (you dont even need a credit card), you've got yourself one convenient mmo.
you can download a good chunk of Lineage II's soundtrack here
(most of them are like 33 seconds to a minute)

A sample of Chronicles 2 : age of splendor
first link that says 66mb

and here's july's wallpaper featuring C2

Yes, I know alot of people have been banned, but I know for a fact that their are still a shit load of people griefing low lvl players for farming reasons. 800 accounts isn't that much, their are far far more people farming adena and botting for money to sell on Ebay. I know this, one of my friends still plays the game and sill vouch for this. The GM's seem to simply not care really. 800 accounts is nothing.

Also, just because 300 people join the game every day means nothing, a big problem with the game is that those same ebay farmers are doing their griefing in the low lvl areas, which discourages low lvl players from player. If they start having bad experiences at lvl 10 and can't lvl up because of some people taking all of their kill, and killing the new players for trying to kill a monster that the ebay farmer wanted, then they are going to simply quit the game. You can't tell the success of a MMOG by the number of NEW players the game attracts, but by how many actually stick around. And that number is relatively low.

However, both of these don't change the fact that this game is extremely repetitive and monotonous. The grind is simply awful. There's no skill or content in the game, just kill kill kill as much as you can untill you lvl up. I know some people like this mindless, skillless gameplay, but the general public want to actually have fun and have some variety in the game. That's what's going to keep this game from competing with the big boys that are coming out later this year, EQ2 and World of Warcraft (which, in its beta form already has more content and more to do then L2 does in it's completed form).

I highly doubt L2 will "slam" every other MMOG out there when the second chronicle comes out. As I said, World of Warcraft is already a more enjoyable and a superior game in it's beta form. When the game is finished there's no way L2's simplistic gameplay will be able to compete.

And who cares about time cards. Most MMOG's have that.

I guess if you like sleeping WoW is cool......L2 is mostly about PvP and clan castle seiging.. if you dont like any of that then L2 isnt for you. Leveling up is a treadmill process in 90% or more of rpgs today. also those people who get alot of adena by farming recycle the cash by paying top dollar to newbies for thier craft ingredients. Im not sure what level your friend is but if he's high level he can probably kill bots off or report them to GM's... someones got to say something or it wont get done, if he didnt like the game or whats in it he'd most likely stop playing. I guess you can say L2 is an acquired taste (oh and Im pretty sure only NC soft games have timecards at this time).

Personally I love the game, even moreso when I see whats to come in the next few months.

I'm aware L2 is a PvP based game, I have not put down that part of the game, have I? That's also a big part of WoW, it's simply not as sloppy as in L2.

I don't know what you're reffering to when you say "if you enjoy sleeping then WoW is for you". Are you referring to the innovative rest system that allows casual gamers to play at an enhanced pace to keep up with the power gamers that play the game nonstop? If so then it sounds like you don't really know anything about it, seeing as the rest you acquire through sleeping is simply a bonus and is not necessary to progress through the game. The game itself is very ver fun, there's alot of stuff to do besides mindlessly killing monsters in order to get to high lvls. You can craft, you can fish, you can do quests which don't involve killing monsters, ect.

And I'm not complaining about the people who just farm adena, I'm saying that the people who do it for ebay purposes and those who use bots to do it are hurting the game, it's still a huge problem from what I've heard. Yes, my friend is a fairly high lvl, nearly lvl 40, but he's still aware that it's going on quite a bit in the low lvl areas. And if new players who just purchased the game aren't able to consistantly enjoy themselves, then that speaks volumes about the game itself. The only reason he's playing the game is because of the fact taht there's nothing else that interests him. He's going to start playing WoW when that comes out.

Also, it's funny you mention castle sieges, seeing as you have to wade through the boring grinding process in order to get to a high level in order to take part in the castle sieges. It's one of those games where you play through the lower, boring, repetitive levels in order to get to a high enough level to where you can start actually having fun.

Another problem with L2 is the fact that it does NOTHING new or different from other MMOG's. It does the same thing as other MMOG's, just not as well. The combat is boring and repetitve and consists of basically clicking on monsters and sitting back and watching your character hit it with a sword till it dies. You don't even have to be involved during combat, which is not a good thing.

L2 is basicaly the original Lineage with good graphics, so it's no wonder that the game is going down hill here in the states.

im not exactly sure how you can compare wow with l2... Lineage thrives off of politics, while WoW is character focused. Thier goals are totally opposite. If someone prefers huge clan wars I recommend L2, but if you prefer serene leveling then go for WoW.. its that simple

and what I meant by the so called "innovative" sleep system, is that its unfair to the people who do infact, stay up all night leveling hardcore... then some noob comes on and gets to the same level in a matter of 2 hours just cuz he was 'well rested' ?... I think thats a slap in the face to the truely hardcore.. and a nice big pat on the back for the people who cant play often...which is extremely stupid imo

Heh, the rest system isn't that drastic. Someone who plays all day every day while not rested will still level dramatically faster then someone who plays in rested state for a few hours here and there.

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