soul calibur 2

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grey fox
anythink soul calibur 2 goes here but heres my first question who is better inferno or nightmare

Master Revan
NightMare! He is the original wielder of Soul Eage.

No he isn't, Nightmare got it after Cervantes already died.

Inferno and Nightmare are coth crappy. Kilik, Necro, Spawn(I have Xbox), Cervantes, and Assasin are the best. Hwang Sung Kyung isnt in the game, but Assasin is basically the same guy.

i WANT NIGHTMARE!!!!!!As Sigfried in SC1 he was kinda a pansy though,but im a HUGE Nightmare fan,as well as Ivy/Taki.

I also ship Nightmare/Ivy,it makes sence if you know their backrounds.Pluse they seem to fit with echother

SC2 was good,but the whole crossover thing was all marketing.I hated it.

Into the Void

Thank you.

Master Revan
I also have XBOX and Nightmare Necrid Voldo and spawn are my best!

grey fox
yeah i like nightmare and ivy it just seems to work out in mym ind although ivy and possibly raphial (i think thats how you spell it ) oh also i like link he kicks ass and the into is beggining you know the bit where it oges through all the vharacters holding peices of soul edge

I really like Nightmare,if you want to know the story behind him you should play Soul Edge. He was a soldier's (knight) son who wanted revenge for his death,but to do this he needs a powerfull weapon (soul edge). So he wanders the earth defeating everbody on his way till he meets up with cervantes. He defeats him and the 2 short swords become on (soul edge). Right then he becomes the black knight also known as Nightmare.

There's only 1 thing to do: to find the man who killed his father....little didn't he know that HE WAS RESPONSABLE FOR HIS DEATH. After searching years...he finally remembered holding his father head in one hand. Siegfried was once a member of bandits and attacked his own town,he never intended to hurt anybody...but the captain of the town (his father) went after he killed him.

Finally knowing this,he became more insane and the soul edge corrupted his soul....that's the story of Nightmare.

Inferno is just the spirit form of Soul Nightmare really rules.

grey fox
duh i know he is th most kick as character also i thik he should get romanicly involved with ivy

Im glad people agree with me^_^

I was worried I was the only weirdo who thought so as well

I didn't like Soul Edge that much but SC1 was cool....

Does anyone know anywhere to find some good Nightmare/Ivy Fanfics besides

Master Revan
You can go Here>

taki, talim, killik, and nightmare rock!


Link owns Spawn. (i have xbox and gamecube....bought GC version)

The game is really great, definitly my favorite fighting game. I love all the different's so awesome

Link with the Hammer!!!

link is cool 2!

grey fox
black hat defect just for you i will post a fan fic in the fan fic section ok

*hugs*I love you,PM me the link if its not to much trouble!

grey fox
ok i will pm the rest of the story to you but remember the first chapter is in fan fiction

inferno isnt in soul calibur 2... Charade is close though.. and Nightmare is top tier.. does more damage in a fast amount of time than others can... Xianghua and Ivy are also Top Tier

Link, Kilik and maxi are my best characters. I kind of like Yunsung too though, cause of his kicks

grey fox
yeah he is ok a bit of a hot head but ok

shadow guest
my favorite is assasin.o yeah,inferno is the original owner of the soul edge!!!!!!!!!

i like assassin.. but he wasnt balanced for tournament play

my top five are mitsurugi, kilik, yungsung, xianghua, and seung mina

am i the only one here who finds sophitia and cassandra useless?

lol.. sophitia is deadly.. cassandra is a moron
My most picked are (in no order) : taki , kilik , mitsurugi , assassin, xianghua, nightmare and ivy

I usually use kilik (I only had the dreamcast version of the original).
Nightmare/Siegfried is a good one to use as well.

I like to use Link often, good moves...:P

I also like to use Kilik, Maxi, Ivy, Cervantates, Talim, Yunsung, umm...

think that it...

You like Bruce Lee? Not seen any his movies, I like Jackie Chan and Jet Li, don't know about Bruce yet...

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