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I finally got the newest issue of Star Wars Insider. Its the Collector's Edition Issue #50. Lightsabre, Xizor and SnarlingCur probably already snagged this informative puppy!
Well it has very good info on Ep. II. Rick McCallum did this interview so everything is 100% true. Here's the highlights.

1)2 New Planets
2)Yoda definitely in action scenes.
3)50 new characters (Most not major of course)
4)We will be seeing more private locations on Naboo. This meaning we will most likely see the houses of citizens. Mainly the lower and middle-income classes will be explore in Ep. II.
5)OB1 sports a beard!!!

Now we have Gavin Bocquet's interview:

1)More individual environments and sets than Ep. I <yummy>
2)One of the new planets is filmed in Tunisia. Please note that Bocquet says that with all the design taken it WON'T look like Tunisia, so in other words not another desert planet.
3)New scenes on Naboo, his EXACT quote "Well, we are seeing very different environments on Naboo from the last film. Before, we saw the very grand and opulent palace architecture of the planet. This time, wer are going to see much more of the middle and lower end of the income bracket on Naboo! Obviously, in terms of style, there is not going to be a lot noticeably changed." ...he rambles on about something nonsense, then continues, "I think you'll find that we have more personal environments in this film. What I mean by that is various characters' living spaces. This is quite interesting form a design point of view, because that isn't normally in the Star Wars world too much."
4)Boba Fett's living space will be shown!!!!!
5)Less screen time for environments, even though there is more mad
6)We will see some familiar characters and vehicles from the OT. Could this mean X-Wings?
7)Bocquet states that what he sees on the web about SW prequels is "funny" what an ***hole.

I now I am slow at getting this info, but I HAD to post it.

Also look at the new movie on the official site. C3PO will remain UNCOVERED!!!

Doesn't it make you paranoid that they might be checking in on us?...

If CP30 is going to be uncovered then why did RM say that he put 3P0's faceplate on Daniels the first day of shooting?? weird.

I dunno, but check out the official site. Ahmed Best does an interview with Anthony Daniels, and the 3PO doesn't have coverings. Also, I think Daniels might be inside 3PO during Ep. II.

Also, I might be a LITTLE nicer to The Maker. Just in case smile

I can't get those videos to work...I used to download them but now that's not working either sad

You know...I think I talked to one of the concept artists on TFN a while back...weird.

Well I used to just get red hot when "The Maker" would put down our ideas, but now those initials are making this seem scary.

Eh...I think he's full of it...I've seen him make some good points but I don't see why he can't just come out and say it instead of other people's quotes.

I'll not take chances...

What? are you going to suck up to him?...or just ignore him...or try to coax him into giving you clues?...

King Jedi
There is no point in doing that as he never replies to anything.

Good point.

I won't comment on the Maker's annoying tendencies anymore, but I still think he's a phony. I did comment on McCallums interview a while ago, but It wasn't in detail. Mainly I was saying that slick Rick was wrong for putting down any of the ideas we folks here come up with. If nothing we theorize about comes true then GL will have himself a 150 million dollar failure.

HAHAHA..bye ep 3 then

Bye as in bye bye or wait for Ep3 and then buy it?

I'm sure he means "Bye Bye Ep 3..." smile

Yes that seems more clear now.

Personally I think Lucas has a lot more on his table right now than to come for being nervouse,,NAAAA..we support Lucassmile and it's not against the code to speculatesmile

am I right???


edit:sorry..I keep forgetting to turn off the signatures...

Agreement all around on your claims lightsaber. I would like McCallum to shed some more light on some of the biggest web rumors, instead of bashing our intelligence and ideas.

Since when were personal sigs banned? Xizor, what have you been saying to Lightsabre and Mace about theirs that I DON'T know about?

#51 should be out by now shouldn't it?

Darth Daft
I have no idea when it should be out because I come from England, so I don't think it comes out over here. But anyway, to the point about C-3PO, on the On-Location Anthony Daniels said he would be wearing the costime during some scenes, but most of the time he would be puppeteering it like they did in TPM.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.