My X-box died!!!

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AHHHHHH!!! Well its simple really, this would be the 5th Xbox I've had (I've had 2 replaced by the shops and Microsoft have repaired my current one 3 times!) and each time its always been more or less the same problem..... the CD/DVD ROM drive.

To get a game to work, I need to boot up either an audio CD or the DVD lens cleaner for about 5 mins and if I'm lucky it'll work, but now its starting to work less and less.

Microsoft refuse to repair it because its out of warranty, even though its bust due to the poor design and manufacturing of the machine.
I know 3 other people experiencing the same problem with their drives as me.

I was really wondering wether anyone else has had this problem and knows how to remedy it?

Cheers guys!

ScarFace Clone
I know how to fix it!........ Buy a PS2, Problem solved.


make that 4 people!

Mine's been acting like this for a while now too. I got my damn X-box off e-bay though. So I don't know what Microsoft will be able to do to help me.

I think replacing the box would be easier and probably just as cheap

if you can, get the halo limited edition one. no problems there.

im serious.

Scar - I already own one.

Link- Don't tell microsoft that you got it off e-bay, just ring em up, tell em you've had it 9 months or something, and if it hasn't been registered they should do it for free. (By the way, check the underside of your X-Box, it tells you the year it was made on the bottom, if it says 2002 or 2003 you SHOULD be okay)

pff.. x-box cd rom drive is sooo crappy.. but mine works fine, thankfully... only problem I had with it was my first copy of halo which was defected... ebgames promptly gave me an exchange .. :O

mine was from the 1st shipment of x-boxes to come out in the US. I doubt the warranty would cover it still...

I have had miine for two years .... no problems confused

my PS2 gave out in 8 months messed that was my problem messed

Just more proof that the Xbox is a poor mans computer.

confused all the systems are a poor mans computers.

Of course compared to goverment and corprate comps all of ours are poor mens computers.

No offence....but are you keeping your X-box in a proper and adequate place? I have my X-box for more than two years and never had problems. Maybe a few bugs, but never had it repair. I'm currently in the process of modding mine. If I messed up is my fault.

MC Mike
yes erm

Into the Void
Never had a problem with my Xbox. It's good yes

Reborn Again
Get a dust cover. The most common problem with machines left out in the open air is dust in the mechanisms. I've never had an Xbox, but my PS2 is coughing up blood right now. **gets two electros and sticks them to either side of machine and shouts CLEAR**


A dust cover, that's my suggestion.

oh Daed...i neglected to mention...i also moded my X-box.

but it was giving me these problems before I got it moded....with the doesn't play DVD's anymore

But that doesn't matter, i have one in each room with a TV.

X-box = crap, just get a ps2 thats great

What the f**k?

PS2's are crap bud. Everyone of my friends has had some sort of problem with their playstations.

Besides that, the system itself sucks. If not for the Final Fantasy would be a complete waste of money.

MGS too m8 LOL

dont get into a console war here guys. were just talking about x-box breakage and what 2 do.

i was thinking about this and this makes sense 2 me.

microsoft has the most powerful console in terms of graphics, but because the company is so new to the genre with consoles, their not as high quality when it comes to maintanence like say nintendo's gamecube.(which i store right above my x=box and i havent had a single trouble with since i bought it at christmas during the console lauch. i have an original gamecube from first launch, no problems ever. ) microsoft's first lauch crashed, froze, gave a blue screen, locked up with the game inside it and had to be shipped away for maintanance. simply being new and not having the same expertise in quality has really hurt micro soft

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