Body-awareness in First-Person games.

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Okay, I've noticed alot of the new First-Personers have body-awareness (You look down and have legs. etc). Games like Breakdown (the best innovation in a FP game ever, poor graphics), Thief 3 (I know its 3rd Person but the First Person camera actually puts the camera in Garrett's head), Halo 2, Arx Fatalis, Chronicles of Riddick and Doom 3 (I've been told).

I think that its the new innovation in FP games (like Half Life started the, hands-move-gun-while-idle thing) and I think its a pretty good one, if you get it right, I also think it makes FP games alot more immersive as opposed to feeling like your floating, but on the other hand, some my find having legs annoying. (They get in the way when you look down etc)

What do you guys think?

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I never had a problem with body awarness in a FPS before. It just ads more realism to the game. Instad of a floading gun in the air we get the sence of dimensions from the character.

I like it. In most games, you're nothing but a floating gun with a hand or two, depending on the size of it. Not too realistic, and it seems like most games try more or less to be realistic, at least how these situations would look. Looking down and having no legs, feet, or shadow makes it less distracting, true, but still, I think the realism factor is worth it.

more body-awareness please~ I love the depth it adds.. I hope they perfect it soon.. will half life 2 have body awareness? (/shakes fist @ valve)

I really liked it when i played Theif3, makes you feel more like a character.

i liked it in games like halo, where you see your hands, such as loading clips, or holding the gun, but looking down at your feet kinda would be odd, especially in red vs blue, but heres a question. if your lookind down at your feet. doesnt that mean you should be able to shoot your self in the foot? personally, i feel that in games like halo where your crouched it could add realism, but seeing your feet while your running is over kill. and i would rather have the develepers put more time into gameplay and making the graphics engine run smoother, than make somehting that could cause the frame rate to fart.(anyone rememeber perfect dark? they could have made the frame rate better just by taking out the reload animations and making em more like the ones in golden eye.)

Body Awareness is great. I'm just waiting for when you get shot in an fps, your body jerks where you get hit in real life. That's awareness. Makes you want to avoid bullets. Took as shot to the head? You're head snap back wards. Just make sure you've got a head rest. Don't want to suffer whiplash.

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