best gamecube game

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Primitive Screwhead #1
Ikaruga or Viewtiful Joe. Depends on which day of the week I'm playing.

Wind Waker!

Primitive Screwhead #1
Big shocker there Link! Your transparency is commendable smile ... and "thanks to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, I can see right through you" (as said by the great Bill Hicks).

I'm not a big gamecube fan but I'd say one of the Resident evils, metroid prime was pretty good to

Im sure he means... "which gamecube exclusive game" is the best...

and for that I'd have to pick smash brothers : melee... hands down... if I had to choose a runner up.. it'd be Zelda : The wind waker

cel damage

i gatta go with SS bros. also

It's too hard to pick just1.

i would say

viewtiful joe.(may change when viewtiful joe 2 comes out)
zelda:the WW(this may change when the new zelda comes out.i love
cell-da aka chibi link)
Metroid prime(until the new metrod shadows comes out)
resident evil 4(okay so it isnt actually out YET)
mario128(or is it 110)
animal crossing
pikmin 2

Metroid Prime.

Although the WW and the RE's have been superb, MP is my all time best! thumb up

Maester Shuyin
super smash bros. also.
then viewtiful joe then spider man.

I find that smash bros is a good game, but it isnt the best game ever, why?

first, depth.

you can unlock the characters, and earn trophies if oyur a hard core who digs that kinda stuff, but for everyone else, after the wow neeto factor that occured when i got the game at launch, 2 months later i was a little bored, it was fun, it just wasnt involving.

their isnt a story todrive the player, like if a story was some how formulated and it wasnt just some cannon plot in the instruction manuel, but used in the game, it would have helped it out immensely.

also, the graphics, while still good, are easily overshadowed by new launches like soul caliber 2, viewtiful joe, custom robo(another cool melee game) and ect.

when i first plugged it in, i found the sound in the game to be amazing, far from the muted and semi muffled sound from my n64, very vibrant, but now it is overshadowed.

I havent seemed to find any yet, But im waiting for the new Zelda, that one looks wicked.

well...i haven't really been a big side scroller fan since the days of Double Dragon.

What makes Viewtiful Joe good anyways?

ive never played viewtiful joe is it good?

Jup, it is.

But IMO Rebel Strike is the best GC game, followed by Metroid Prime and MGS Twin Snakes.
Awesome graphics, two player versus and co-op mode, enhanced gameplay in comparison to Rogue Leader... - Rebel Strike just has everything my heart desires *g*

RESIDENT EVIL!! I love that game

Primitive Screwhead #1
Simply put, it's probably the most beautiful "2-D" side scroller I've ever played. The actual camera style changes depending on which form your character takes, and the character art is terrific. Of course, this wouldn't mean squat if gameplay was absent, and the incorporation of all of the different power modes (slow motion, fast forward, zoom-in)really makes the game sparkle.

I'm borrowing a cube at the moment, and the games i play the most are Wind Waker and Viewtiful Joe, except im pure crap at Viewtiful Joe

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