Venom quotes we all know and love

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type them and laugh.


Surf the web surf the web. Ps game

SPiderr Wuss come out and play. ps game

who could the bad guys be. Spidey


get away from me man of iron.

Also from the ps game:

"No wall-crawling!"
"Ooh, look at the big brain on Spidey"
"You and your wife are innocent, Parker--our bad."

This thread could be fun--there's no shortage of good one-liners from the V-man, that's for sure...

here's another one I like, too:

ohhh so good i like it.

heres a good one

We are venom.

come and get us web head.

ohhh are we gonna surf the webb,


i resent that! miffed

RJ--since when are you privy to Venom's inner thoughts? In charge of his psychoanalyzation, perhaps.
Of course I understand that you are bound by confidentiality, but maybe you could share just a bit more with the group.

fever red
I have a symfanfic just for you, Bad S, and very topical... check it out, I posted directions in the Official SymForum

And here I was jabbering on about psycho-analyzation on another that weird, or what?
I posted the address, people, so go read fever's discovery on the symbiote thread. Go on.


The best Venom quotes I've seen so far are in Carnage Unleashed part 1.

"You must be two examples of that sociopathic youth that I've been reading about... led down the garden path to lives of criminal overindulgence by violent TV shows, comic books, and video games --! We don't believe for a second that TV, comics and games twisted your little sick-puppy brains-- I mean, WE watched and read all that same stuff -- and look how NICE we turned out!" (RIIIIP CRUNCH SNAP SPLOOT)

'There is no escape from ennui, just endless hours of boredom, then we-'
"That's the LIMIT! You can't rhyme 'ennui' with 'THEN WE'!"

"It's too EARLY to be happy, Kristin. The rest of humanity really has it in for diehard pollyannas like you, you know that?"

Next Venom_girl
Mmm mmm mmm brains, yummy!

We're going to do the "snack time crunch" on you're cerebral cortex!

Carnage: Venom?!
Venom: At your service! Mashed brains and scrambled faces our specialty! In your case we're even willing to toss in a shattered vertibrae-- But that's only if you can supply the necessary spine!

Ten seconds Parker, you're lyin'... you're dying.

Ooh! I smell bad symbiote... and it ain't me!

Spidey: Can you handle Carnage by yourself for a moment?
Venom: Who needs you?

Carnage: Anyway you know our feelings on single parents.
Venom: You don't have feelings Carnage, only insane urges to destroy.
Carnage: You gotta problem wid that?
Venom: Only when it comes to Toxin.

He's gonna die! Oh happy, happy, happy!

*Spidey webs up Carnage* "You've done your part, Spider-man! Now go get yourself a cup of coffee or something! This will be short, sweet, and oh, so painful!"

A nicer one. "Carnage, you will pay for every drop of innocent blood you spill with a gallon of your own."

Venom girl - wasn't it "who needs you at all?"

"Venom wants to play!"
"Well, suprise suprise!"
"WE call ourselves VENOM!"
"WE made him dead"

Next Venom_girl
Feh, something like that. geek

"Decisions, decisions..." (wondering who to kill first)

"Let me guess, you were in the john while we escaped, right?"

Oh and then there was this little exchange in Ultimate Spider-man...
Eddie (to Peter): Well look at you, you're all growed up!
Eddie's roomate: Ain't he a little young for you Brock?
Eddie: God! that is the short end of the dorm roomate stick!
Eddie's roomate: Back at'cha.

fever red
That's a cute quote you've got in your sig, Next VG.

Next Venom_girl
Thanx! It's from Sinner Takes All. cool

this thread is still kickin wow i made this when i first came here

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Ooh, remembered some more funny ones:

"Pop quiz, hotshot. You're on a speeding subway car, with mutant lizardmen raining down on you. What do you do? What DO you do?"

"Shut up please, we never talk to our dinner."

(upon seeing sadistic dude impaled) "I don't know why, but suddenly we're hungering for pizza."

(This mad scientist guy captures him and he's playing opossum till he heals)
Mad scientist: Cut the act, Eddie, the life signs monitors came up as soon as you regained consciousness.
Venom: Alright, so we're not the next Keanau Reeves.

spidey oh spidey

Red Superfly
Venom: "Why do I never win against Spidey?"

Dock Ock: "Because you touch yourself at night"

That was so hilarious and in no way made up just now by me.

you got that from family guy my frined says that origianl quote

chris griffin "why did the dinosuars die"

Museum guide *angry expreshen* "because you touch yourself at night." red superfly that was stupid its not a real quote.

forgive me if this aint accurate its fully by memory

we live for moments like these spiderman me eddie brock beating you down like the week kneed little boy you are and then leaving you here broken and bloodied knowing anytime we want we can come back and do it again.....

Very nicely paraphrased, Thundercracker--that's one of a handful of my favorite quotes from the Tsunami series. I did scan that book--let's see if I can't find the page and get it on here.

Next Venom_girl
*throws bad guy into vat of chemicals* "Yeah, he melts reeeal good!"

(carnage and venom) (hey dad, so what are we doing.-carnage) Were working for dormamu ol hothead and i made a deal.-venom thats from tas (the animated seriese)

grey fox
we dont hate you were your biggest fan (throws a peice of fan at spiderman)

my my my said the spider to the....smaller spider

(to captain america) can we get your autograph

Next Venom_girl
Let me introduce you to our better half. We call ourselves...Venom!

We've got you're old clothes, Parker. You're hand-me-downs

Eddie Brock:Hey, you, shut up!
Cletus Kassidy:Hey man, I could eat you for breakfast!
Eddie Brock:Oh yeah? Well, I'd give you indigestion.

lol kletus with the hey man things its funny.

oh day daddy spiderman hurt me bad.-carnage

hmmmm sonny got a booboo-venom

Next Venom_girl
Black Cat (telling off Spidey): And another thing... Venom was right!
Spidey: Now wait a minute...
Venom: Say 'Venom was right' again! That's our favorite part!

lol thats funny next venom girl the other was laughing along with me

Next Venom_girl
"Once again, innocence falls prey to the evil of spider-man!"

Well if it isn't our old boss Mr.Jameson, the perfect appetizer!
(looks at Peter) Ahh and here's the main course!

Next Venom_girl
(Venom to the Xenophage)
Hey you with a dead shellfish for a face! Come over here and I'll eat your brain!

(venom on a jumbo tron) hey so theres this bimbo mary jane a real hotyy ahhhahahahaha.-ps game

Venom looks at a clown that sprayed confetti on him

"Now that's not funny!"

Next Venom_girl
We'd let you see your wifey-poo, but she's in the bath right now. Muwahaha!

Was it spiderman 1 or 2 that venom said that?

Next Venom_girl
Venom: Didn't they teach you anything in school?
Carnage: School? I don't go to no school.
Venom: Right. You're autodidactic.
Carnage: Get out of here. I'm self-taught man.
Venom: Why do I get the horrible feeling I'm killing the wrong symbiote here?

"I appreciate the offer but business before pleasure!"

"We are venom."

"What makes you think we hate you? We're your biggest fan!"

Once again the incest falls to the prey of spiderman rest easy brock VENOMS IS HERE, and jamson and the insect are gonna pay if it the last thing we do.

Next Venom_girl
Hate to be picky but it was "innocents" not "incest". Heh heh Redneck Venom. laughing

Don't get snippy with me web slinger!

"Spider Wuss come out and play"

oooops spell error to late mow that made me crack up the incest of spiderman ewwww.

*webs venom* cool streamers NOW IT IS A PARTY-venom

revenge is a human trait we enjoy we will have our revenge against you and the ones close to u like poor aunt may or mary jane watson, we know all about them to. - venom

Cops:Venom! Freeze!

Venom:Freeze? Sorry but we don't have time to Freeeeeeeeeze!!!!!

Next Venom_girl
Such crummy, low-grade webbing! Here, have some of mine!

lol you must of saw the episodes i taped them stick out tongue lol anyway

You shoulda minded your own buisness you little man of iron. lol i love that

"We've got you're old clothes, Parker. You're hand-me-downs"

Dont worry spidey you ll find venom *human torch flys off*- human torch

weres venom i cant sence him he amiune to my spider sence. *web swings away*

well well well wut a wuss HEY YOU WANNA RACE AHAHAHAHA parker hates it when we get the drop on him- venom

Ah i hate i when he gets the drop on me.-spidey

"Spider-Man! You naughty boy! this is between you and us!"

i ran out ill try to get some lol

"Ooh! I smell bad symbiote... and it ain't me! "

"Hello Spider-Man! Would you be....... could you neighbor?"

Next Venom_girl
Come here little spider... now... go away! *smack*

Wow I wonder if venom needs his own section, like batman and the x-men have. hehe

"Oooooooh that tingles!"

"No wall-crawling!"

yeah the venom and Carnage Korner, that be cool anyway

one good one is

We i mean I have to join up with the symbiote, (gets the alien costume) ONCE AGAIN WE ARE WHOLE

"Spider-Man is dead! We made him.........dead!"

Next Venom_girl
Trying to fight me? GOOD!

"my my my said the spider to the....smaller spider"

Next Venom_girl
Stop calling us that. We are Venom now!

"You may be our offspring but that won't stop us from destroying you!"

"Say 'Venom was right' again! That's our favorite part!" hehe

"Innocents? Dying? Talk To Us!"

Next Venom_girl
"You're right. He's ruthless, a driven man. Too bad. Under different circumstances, we could have been friends."

*Wolverine cuts his hand of*
"Heh heh....THATS never happened before*"

Ahley no,-venom

hahah your just a sssentimental old fool haha dad-carnage


"Sound mind, sound body Cletus!"

Love the incent to Death-Venom the madness

"Say Aloha!"

give us a kiss (tooungue licks girl) hssss-venom

Next Venom_girl
From USM
Venom: Our fathers died to create me, and now you will too!
Peter: Um... you already said that.
Venom: Now you will!

"We'll help but when it's over, we go free!"

"We are venom now no more brock"-venom

" We are going to eat your brains"

"My body is caged but my spirit is free"

From "The Exile Returns"

"The Madness"

Oh we smell bad symbiote and it aint me.

badsymbiote, you say?

As you may have guessed--that's one of my all-time faves.

stick out tongue

"It's Spider-Man!"-Citizen
"My My! So it is!!!!"-Venom

Next Venom_girl
"Alas poor Spider-man, we killed him well!"

Venom: "Ooooooh, you must be two examples of that sociopathic youth that I've been reading about... led down the garden path to lives of criminal over-indulgence by violent TV shows, comic books and video games -- ! We don't believe for a second that TV, comics and games twisted your little sick-puppy brains. I mean, WE watched and read all that same stuff... and look how nice we turned out!" (while ripping the guys to shreds. Sound FX: SHRIPP, CRUNCH, SNAP, SPLOOT)

Alive? Alive!!!!!!!!

Venom LIVES AGAIN AS ONE!!!!>venom

Next Venom_girl
"Ah, Aunt May! Hi, I'm Eddie Brock. Can Peter come out to play? ...we've got... business."

Heh heh. Could make this thread into a page-a-day calendar. laughing out loud

Let's Get Back To Unfinished Business!"

Originally posted by Ironman
Venom LIVES AGAIN AS ONE!!!!>venom Ironman, I'm just curious... What the hell is that green thing on yer signature? It's killin' me not knowing.

it a hopping what ever it is

not sure if this counts as it was the clone but oh well

(to wolvie) your a huge dissapointment u know that your just an angry little man with sharp little knives


Next Venom_girl
When Venom is confronted with RobertsonVenom:
"Beat it Parket, you're ruining the mood."

"There is is no Eddie Brock! Now there is only Venom!"

Originally posted by o_0VenomGirl0_o
"There is is no Eddie Brock! Now there is only Venom!"

Your signature amuses me, VenomGirl

To Cletus:
"Something you couldn't comprehend in your wildest dreams"

Spideys Sister
#83 Spidergirl:Back in Black
Spidergirl trying to fight venom in her black costume
Venom: By the way, I lovvvvvvvve the new look, very fasionable!
No offense Venom lovers But this line was so corny it was funny...

"Such crummy, low-grade webbing! Here, have some of mine!"

Next Venom_girl
"...To the very last drop, Kassidy."

umm im outta quotes but look at this awesome shirt smile smile smile smile smile smile

Next Venom_girl
Oooh! I've wanted one of those for so long. But they didn't sell 'em anymore, at least not the kind with the spider symbol going all the way around so I ended up making my own home-made one. stick out tongue

hows that look?

Spideys Sister
Sell it on ebay!!!!!!!!! I'm begging you!

"Don't get snippy with me slinger!"

Next Venom_girl
I modeled the spider symbol off of the original MacFarlene art for the front and whoever did the art in this comic
because in another frame there's a full view of the back.
The front is more of a silver-white spider. The back is kind of glittery 'cause I ran out of one kind of fabric paint and had to use another. Not selling it, and I dont think you'd WANT it either, since it's like my favorite shirt and I wear it often.

Hmm more quotes.
More from the PC game:
"No Wall Crawling!"
"Come to papa!"
"Get back here!"
"Surf the web!"
"Mary Jane looks a little feisty...."

Mrs Eddie Brock
My afve one off the PS2 game is... "If you can't stand the heat stay in the kicthen, Parker!"

Spideys Sister
I have both games... Who said that?

"...But when i extract the air from that mass, notice how its struggles quickly cease? I have more webbing you know. Lots more"

"We are like a poison to you Spiderman, that is why we call ourselves, Venom!"

"Carnage, Son, how'd you like a temporary, VERY temporary alliance with your old man?"

"Top o' the mornin'!" *knocks Spiderman though a door*

*Spiderman ignites fuel*
"Igniteing marine fuel? what an amusing failure!"

And some from Spidergirl

Venom: "Excellent! We feared you wouldn't survive our attack!"
Spidergirl: "How sweet! i didn't know you cared!"
Venom: "We don't"

Random Guy: "Spidergirl got a Red and Blue costume"
*Venom jumps though window*
Venom: "She got tired of heading the worst-dressed list and decided to up-grade"

*Venom absorbs Spidergirl*
"He cannot resist our dominance. Niither can YOU!"

"You just won't stop until you ruin me would you?!?!"

Next Venom_girl
Where'd Spider-wuss go? Spider-wuss! Come out and play!

Spideys Sister
Whered you hear that on? seriously LOL

" Parker, your costume is almost a bad as your haircut."

Originally posted by Spideys Sister
Whered you hear that on? seriously LOL

" Parker, your costume is almost a bad as your haircut."

I think it was on the PS-one game

Next Venom_girl
We were given power from the stars. It is obscene to use it for senseless slaughter.

fever red
"Get real, Brock! In our cell, all you could talk about was filletin' the spider dude!" ~Kasady


This is a Venom quote thread but................ what the hell! That quote rocks!

Spideys Sister
Originally posted by Gen-117
I think it was on the PS-one game

I dont have it . I head that qoute someplace...

"That bother you? Hey, call a cop!" - Eddie

"yyyyyaaaggggWOMAN!!" *breaks Black Cats nose*

"Tell me where he is! While you still have a face!"

"Come here little Spider, Now, GO AWAY!"

"He's going to die! oh, happy, happy happy!"

"Found you? We've been following you, for hours!"

Spideys Sister
''If I had Sympathy I wouldnt waste it on you.''

Mrs Eddie Brock
Ahh so sexy, so Eddie love
Where did he say that?

"We will be in your nightmares!"

Next Venom_girl
(To his psychiatrist) "I just wanted to be a warrior, you know, helping out the innocent people."

Next Venom_girl
Beck: But Eddie, this Mace guy...
Venom: Does not desrve to live, I know.

ok this is gonna be kinda long but here it is:

spidey:Venom! in all the confusion i'd forgotten about you
Venom: i'll just bet you did! you left us out there to be tortured by our son so you and those other glory hounds could grandstand and save the day! You cheated us! But you know wat really ticks us off? Carnage was ours! WE wanted to rip his heart out you cheated--us--!
Spidey:VEnom your still hurt from wat carnage did to you let me help you take you to a hospital
Venom:dont want you help dont need it--! all we want is carnage and you stole him from us!
(carnage rises out of the lake)
Carnage:Aww aint that sweet? he misses me! well dont cry daddy dearest cause your sonny boy is alive and well!

Next Venom_girl
Ock: Those who will not share my vision will be crushed by it!
Venom: Speaking of crushed... it's showtime, freaks!

Next Venom_girl
From the novel the Lizard Sanction by Diane Duane:
"Now we know what you're thinking. You're thinking that if you tell us the people who you're involved with in this business will kill you. And so they probably will, eventually. At least they'll try. What you need to know, though is that if you don't tell us right now, we will kill you." The pseudopod, wavering in front of Jurgen's eyes, sharpened itself into a thin stiletto, and delicately traced a line across the front of his throat, just enough to let him feel the nick of the razor's edge. "We can make it take quite a while. You won't be able to yell for help, because your larynx is one of the first things we'll cut out. After that--" Venom shook his head and shrugged. "We could be here all evening, couldn't we? The people in the boat down there won't come up here unless they see or hear some reason to. Your guards out in the street won't bother coming in-- they know there's no way out except by the front or side doors, and they checked those long ago. No, we'll just have a lovely evening together. The longest one of your life."

Next Venom_girl
(Eddie Brock before he became Venom (ifrom "Seed of Darkness"wink)
"Sooner or later I'm bound to strike oil."

"yummy. carnage brains"

Next Venom_girl
(Ambushes Spidey while riding on top of the subway.) "Ticket please."

"Hits carnage"

Make that the obituary page!!

Spideys Sister
Spidey:Ed you need help.
Venom:We're just fine Parker.
Spidey:Why don't you care?
Venom:You do that for us.

Knocks spidey off a train.

"You've got to stop FALLING for us parker!!!"

Next Venom_girl
Venom wants to play!

Venom: Come out come out whereever you are! We promise to kill you nice.
Spidey (hiding behind the meat): Just a little closer and...
Venom: Ha! (Wacks the meat, which hits Spidey) We knew you would be there!

"Let me introduce you to our better half. We call ourselves...Venom!" Thats a classic.

Next Venom_girl
My my my said the Spider to the... SMALLER SPIDER!""


"It's hard, but there comes a time when you really have to let go. Let the little ones stand on their own two pods and find their own way in the world. We cannot watch over them forever."

Next Venom_girl
"Look, Streamers! Now it really is a party!"

Next Venom_girl
laughing out loud

Which quote are we supposed to look for? wacko messed

Next Venom_girl
"Ooh, look at the big brain on Spidey!"

Next Venom_girl
(weight lifting) "While your strength is inherant my muscles must be earned. And we must both be at our best... so that we may rip Spiderman into the smallest possible pieces!"

Next Venom_girl
"Heh heh. Help! Save me Spider-man." stick out tongue

"Tell him again, you know how we were right that's our favourite part"

"ooooooo aren't you the sassy pussycat, We almost regret breaking your nose...almost"

"carnage Brains Yum"

Spidey " Ok the imposter was a shape shifter so that either means it was mysterio or the chameleon"

Venom"Hey Chameleon was our idea we thought of that"

Spidey"Well sone Einstein, who would have wanted to steal octavious's technology?"

Venom"oooo oooo We know, The submariner"

Spidey "the submariner? get real will ya"

Venom "The mighty Thor"

Spidey "Are you out of you mind? don't answer that"


Spidey "forget it Eddie"

Venom "Gotta stop Fallin for us parker"

Venom "Hey where'd Spider wuss go, Spider wuss come out and Play"

Woman in locker room "AGHHHHH"

Venom "ooo sorry lady didnt see a thing"

Venom "hey wanna race ha ha ha parker hates it when I get the drop on him

Spidey "argg I hate it when he gets the drop on me"

Venom " Surf the web surf the web"

Venom " ooo we smell bad symbiote and it aint me"

Venom: you and your wide are inocent parker, our bad"

Spidey"our bad?! our bad im gonna kill you

MJ "Peter Parker just get me out of here now"

Venom: "oooo your in the dog house now dude"

Spidey "ok we are partners but only for now after this its payback time for kidnapping my wife"

Venom "Jeese one little mistake we siad we're sorry"

Venom "hey spidey can you get us Captain America's autograpgh"

Venom "he's going to die o happy happy happy"

Venom "at your service Mashed brains and scrambled faces are our specialty, in your case we are willing to throw in a shatterd vertebrae but thats only if you supply the spine"

venom "top o the mornin"

Aint realy a quote from venom but I think its funny
Spidey "Maybe I can throw him offguard by doin the unexpected <<lunges into venom>> on the other hand predictabilty is a lot less painful"

lol most of those are from the game.

"You Black Cat! Come to play?"

Next Venom_girl
Pete: Do you think our parents were murdered?
Eddie: What?
Pete: The other night you insinuaded...
Eddie: Do I think the timing is a bit suspect, yes. But dude, it was a whole plane, it was a huge tragedy. Was that because of us? Because of our parents.. I can't even think of someone so full of evil-- I can't even imagine something as horrible as that.

(To Patricia Robertson) "C'mon Sweetie, you can't give us a taste and then take it back."

Spider-man: Okay Eddie, where are you? This is ridiculous. Maybe I should go to the bathroom or something--he always catches me with my pants down, anyway--
Venom: Parker! (Grabs Spider-man)... 3 seconds Parker-- if you're lying-- you're dying.
Spider-man: Get out of town, Eddie-- go somewhere, anywhere I need time to gigure this all out. You're better off-- hwuk!
Venom: You do not tell us anything about being 'better-off' Parker!
Spider-man: But the other symbiote-- she wants to kill you.
Venom: Heh... You don't know anything, do you Parker?

Carnage: Get real, Brock in our cell all you could talk about was filleting the Spider-dude. So let's do 'im together, I'll help.
Venom: A tempting offer but business before pleasure.

"Carnage, as my own father always said, I brought you into this world, so I can take you out of it."


Next Venom_girl
"Do they have white phosphorous grenades on your planet?" BOOM! "I guess not." (After tricking the xenophage to eat a grenade)

Neo Darkhalen
"Strangers in the niiiiight."

Almost everything Venom says is either cool or funny.