Kingdom Hearts - "The Hong Key" aka "The Mysterious White Keyblade"

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Hey, I was just browsing some other boards, and I came across this... apparently in the production of Kingdom Hearts the designers were fooling around with their keyblade designs, and a few all-white ones appeared. They didn't delete them, however also didn't let them be unlocked. Action Replay, however found some hacking codes and was able to unlock them via the cheat device; there was much controversy as to if the keyblade is real or not; the link to the boards can be found by clicking here. I'll also now post and attach the images, just in case the host site is taken down. Another thread can be found here.

Codes for this can be found on most cheat sites with Action Replay Codes. They are called the "Hong Keys" and have two different versions; a small and a large one. It's also said that when you hit an enemy that a ringing sound occurs. Here are some of the codes I found, can anyone verify?

Sora - Have Big Hong Key FEBFDD0C BCA99B84

Sora - Have Small Hong Key FEBFDD0F BCA99B84

And these are apparently for Action Replay MAX:
Have Big Hong Key

Have Small Hong Key

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The Force
i don't have KH

how the hell does code hardware(i.e.gameshark) on a cd based system like ps2 work exactly?

I guess it just hacks in and finds the constant code, like all Keyblades are assigned a cetain Hex code to be found, and someone, or a computer, searches for more.

HongKey... an all white blade.... sounds a bit racist to me

Thats intresting

I think it is to do with replacing the codes in the game

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Oh, I got it. There's a cd by Code Junkies ( that has pre-installed codes. It's cool. It does do the ringing sound every time you walk, has a bit of glitter effect when hit, etc

pff.. you ff junkies take this crap too seriously

"Hong key" would be... 'Honkey'.. unless they dont have a derogatory term for white people out in the midwest... then I can forgive you for not understanding the pun

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Master Icy
that sound when sora walks is your exp going up, the hong key is the ultimate keyblade, and the big hong is the biggest keyblade in the game.

can anyone post pictures please? these keyblades sound amazing and the only reason im not playing kingdom hearts is that i got to hollow bastion AND MY MEMORY CARD DELETED ITSELF 3 months of pain down the pan sad

You refer to playing the game as "3 months of pain".

Memory cards just don't "delete themselves".

Either way you spin it, it sucks big butt.

is it comprehensible.....

i have used the action replay and this is a real blade but it is annoying! when you7 walk it makes a "bling" noise on every step!

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