Favorite Things about all the Terminator movies

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Hi there, I'm new in this place so I was wondering... What are all your favorite things about these movies??? These are mine:

The Music

Not just the famous theme tune, but the actual soundtrack. Like the very beginning of T1 (during the "the machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire" bit) . Yes I know its synthesised, but it just FITS the movie so well, its cold, distant, dark, subtle. In T2 its continued, becomeing a bit more human (--like the T-800) but still being clever, not too intrusive. T3 I was disappointed by, because they went for the standard hollywood action movie music - huge orchestras and epic swelling music. it just didnt feel right.

and the Tone/'Feel' of the movie:

In T1, it was never meant to be a blockbuster action movie, just a small sci-fi film made very cheaply by relative unknowns. It's dark and gritty, and its also quite serious and real. And the Terminator is really pretty damn scary. T2 is excellent - it takes the ideas of the first film and multiplies by 1000 and its probably the most entertaining of the 3, but I'd say T1 was the most interesting.

I also like noticing really subtle things between the first 2 movies... like how Dr Silberman pauses a videotape of a 'crazy' person in both; Arnie is thrown through a glass window in the same way in both; John running down the corridor away from the t-800 is like how sarah and reese run from it in T1; the t-1000 and t-800 both coming out of the fire...

I could go on for years and years...
Anyway what are your thoughts?????

Who else thinks they should re-release T1 and T2?? In their special editions. I love how in T1 the deleted scene where Sarah and Reese decide to blow up cyberdyne, and thats why they make the bombs, and the factory at the end turns out to be cyberdyne!!! I think that element fits really well with T2.

Hey there.

I agree with some points back there, the theme music definately rocks. Also T1 managed to throw in a large element of suspense, T2 was simply awesome, had a huge number of good points. Its a bit of a shame that T3 kinda spoiled the party.

I completely agree with you, TP85; the music from the first two films absolutely rocks {though I'm not huge fan of the music from T3 either}, and I love the way that each film {even the unfairly maligned T3, in my view} has its own little subtleties, and its own unique tone.

Also, a bit of an obvious point, this - but there's no denying that the action and SFX for all three films are also top notch.

I completely agree with all three of you.

The terminator theme is for me the best theme for a movie EVER

the character of john is also a massive reason that i love the terminator movies. even though he didnt turn out 2b what i wanted in t3, still he will always be my favorite movie character.

sarah connor in t2 was very influential, every1 applauded her role in the movie, showed the skills of a true fighter, that woman fought her soul off for the human existance.
t1000 and t800: need i say n e more?

AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, teh storyline of the story is mind-blowing, confusin yes but yet i believe its pretty simple. the idea is to teach the value of human life, and how something we can make can turn out to be so different, amazing storyline God bless James Cameron

Yeah its not often mentioned how perfectly cast the first two movies were. Arnie, Beihn, Furlong, Linda.. all fit the bill absolutely right.

The music is a huge part of what makes those two movies. SO INCREDIBLE! My fav soundtrack for any movie is T2.

One thing I love about T2 is the suspense of not knowing T2 is the good guy. Of course, everyone knows this and I can never relive the anticipation or excitement of it, but knowing how well it was pulled off makes me squirm in my chair with excitement and glee.....mayb not but I do like it

the best thing about the terminator movies is in all 3 they had hot guys....and killings....and robots.....gore, stuff like that.

Konjammenson> Especially the bit where Arnold pulls out the gun from the bundle of roses, as both Terminators slowly enclose John, one of the best parts in the franchise.

Ignite> Hot guys?

hell yes, in the first it was the good guy, the
second it was john and
the third its john....heh and well arnold!
i love it how the evil ones just kill ppl..
its great

The third john looked like a monkey though :P

^ but he acted well.. c'mon vvv u know better than2say tht.. nick stahl did a really good job

Terminator movies... chases!

You sure alic?

I thought Eddie Furlong was far better.

And yeah, the chases really rocked, particularly the T-1000 in truck after John on his bike.

never comppared eddie wid nick. just sayin tht nick doesnt deserve 2b critisized. it should b mostow all the way

and oh ya 1 thing i forgot. i love stan winston's work on the terminator movies. he was a big factor

I agree, although unfortunately even he couldn't save T3.

Just a note also, that the theme for Terminator 2 was played for about 2 minutes during the Academy Awards as they went into commercials.



Nobody could save T3.

the second john was cute!...anyway whistle

messed Whats with that. lol.

laughing out loud

well nick did a very job, of what kind of a script he was given.

people think if eddie was playing john in t3, i am glad he didnt play john connor in t3( i know he was messed up in drugs) but i just cant imagine him running like a wuss all the time and him not shooting that h-k for that cheesy dialogue" YOU REMIND ME OF MY MOTHER"

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