Favorite Arcade Games

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Primitive Screwhead #1
Being a child of the 80's, I have fond recollections of dumping pocketfuls of quarters at a couple of the nearby arcades on the weekends. While I love my PC and consoles, I still have a place in my heart for the old-quarter munchers of yesteryear. What with the push away from arcades, it is sad that today's younger generation will miss out on what were many of the classic games of yesteryear (they're just not the same in those retro-collections... I need the standup cabinets with the wad of bubble gum stuck between the buttons).

At any rate, for those of you who have exposure to the old classics, what are some of the games you loved to play? Maybe some of you have stumbled across some of these in a local pizza parlor. Anyway, here would be a list of my 10 favorites (in no particular order):

1. Gauntlet (this one would rate as my favorite, though)
2. Ikari Warriors
3. Alien Syndrome
4. Metal Slug 2 (not quite from my teenage years, but still a good one)
5. Spy Hunter
6. Mortal Kombat II (again, a little later in life for me... but the best of the MK arcade series IMO)
7. A.P.B.
8. Alpha Mission
9. Outrun
10. X-Men (double screen version that allowed 6 players at one time)

I'd be impressed if people actually could relate to more than half of these...


I have to agree on the X-men, triple screen arcade, that was just bad asness. My other favorite has to be the afterburner , you know the contraption that you had to climb into, and you played the game using a jet fighter stick, that was bad ass. Yeah,or i would go and play dina crises, where you fly a bad ass helicopter killing dinosaurs
those were the days. Shit yeah man, the simpsons, ninja turtles, I still go to an old arcade shop where i know i can my old favorites, to play for just a quarter or two. I remeber the first time i played T-2 with the big guns, that was just a great twenty dollar exeperience.

To be more modern though , my favorite arcade is Time Crises. or tekken 4 where you can sit down and play. Nowadays though, you have to pour in the money. I mean a dollar-to two dollars. thats crazy man .. The aracde used to be a place you would go to, ti refine your gameplaying skills. but now i see that they are few and far between, atleast around where i live. You have to go to party clubs like dave and busters, and obtain a card and pay money into just so you can go scan your money away into the machines arcade,because it doesnt make you feel like your paying any money, thats how the get you. I mean where is the appeal of arcades, if you cant even waltz up to an arcade game and drop in a few quarters from some gameplay.these days are looking grim for us arcade lovers

Primitive Screwhead #1
Afterburner is another good one. So was Operation: Wolf if you remember that one.

Yeah i know have played that a few times in the aracdes,but those were the one's leaving when my generation was comming into arcades.Because they were all being transfered into a nintendo games, but yeah i rememebr playing the arcade at a young age, because i would be watching my brother play it, and i wanted to beat the level that he made it to. One thing i can tell you about operation wolf , is that This is one of the first games i remember where grenades were actually introduced in a life saving manner. Hell yeah.

I dedicated as much time as i could in the arcades. Do you ever remember how it felt, the first time you knocked someone off the roof after a brutal kill in killer instinctt? How about when you realized that you could get orchid to flash her boobs as a kill, you strived to learn that damn move. yeah those were the days.

Sorry for all the mispellings in the prior statement.

hey i remember afterburner, and the simpsons my faveroite part of the simpsons was after you beet a level you had the balloon race to pump up your balloon. the ninja turtles, hey even motal kombat.
but here were my faves old mixed in with the new.

Golden Axe
Ninja Turtles
After Burner
Pac Man
Areosmith (you know the one where your main weapons were cds and tapes were your bombs)
Inital D 2,3
DDRMaxx 2
Time Crisis 3

Primitive Screwhead #1
You mean Revolution X. Yeah, I remember that one. Very similar to Operation: Wolf and T2...

thats what it was my bad i am disgraced with presence of not knowing one of the many games i played back in the eighties

i meant nineties laughing out loud

Primitive Screwhead #1
Hey, don't feel too bad... I've got a couple that I dropped dollars worth of quarters into that I can't remember the name of anymore. I recall one game where you actually sat on some kind of makeshift helicopter cockpit and looked down at the screen as if you were strafing enemy targets from above. Can't remember the name of it, but it was it pretty fun side-scrolling shooter.

he he guess you got a point so have you played inital d yet

Primitive Screwhead #1
Nope, and until I looked it up on the net, I hadn't heard of the series. Looks like a decent racing series... who's the developer. Sega? If so, then it's worth heading out to the local Dave and Buster's for a test drive...

Aww man i think i played the exact same thing, except it wasnt side scrolling. I know you sat in a helicopter cockpit and looked down on a screen while you were fliying through cities and shit, blowing targets to afterdust. If this was the same thing, then yeah i had lost many a dollar on that one to. I remember i became addicted to virtua cop aswell, even bubble trouble is a game i would pour five dollars into, on a day at the laundary mat.

he he he i heard that man i have been playing inital d now for the past 6 months and yeah it is by sega its a damn good game either way though i pour at least 50 dollars in it a week

I really enjoyed street fighter 3 when it was out.. fighting games used to be great in the arcade. All SNK fighters were awesome (fatal fury , art of fighting , samurai showdown, world heroes) *sigh* them were the dayz

T2 , Revolution X , uhh Area 51 .. mainly the shooting games

house of the dead

i would have to say metal slug...lately ive been looking for the rom for it >_>

oh and House of the Dead ... forgot about that one

Red Superfly
Ninja Turtles, the old co-op one.

And today, the greatest has to be House Of The Dead 3 with the shotguns.

the main ones i played were street fighter II champion edition and mortal kombat. the x-men i remembered but i didn't play it as much as this two. i remembered saving my school allowance so i can play every friday right after school... straight to the arcades. those were the days...

Primitive Screwhead #1
Yup, it sounds like you're describing the same game. Damn, I wish I could remember the name of that game... it was pretty fun. Here are a couple more that I have fond memories of, but didn't quite make my top 10:

Space Ace (much better than Dragon's Lair)
Halley's Comet

what bout galactica, defender, carn evil, or wrestlemania, that had the ultimate warrior, hulk hogan, big boss man, macho man randy savage, and a few more of your old time faves.

Primitive Screwhead #1
Never heard of Galactica... I know Galaga and Galaxian quite well, though.

I never really cared for Carnevil... especially when there were much better shooters out at the same time (House of the Dead series, Time Crisis, L.A. Machine Guns).

I'm not a big wrestling fan, either. So I've pretty much passed on those games as well. Punch Out! was probably one of the only fighting/wrestling type games I've ever liked playing over the years.

Red Superfly
Man, that Wrestlemania game truly sucked.

Outrun! I just rememberred Outrun!

Primitive Screwhead #1
Yeppers... that's number 9 on my list. The option to take different paths each time you played made Outrun one of the first racers out there to up the replay factor a notch. Now they want to remake it for the consoles... I'm very nervous about this.

DdR big grin

well i guess i was the only one to really apreaciate the game

Ah... street fighter vs mortal kombat.. them were the days..

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