PS2 UK/NZ Game Compatability Question

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This may be counted as a stupid question by most, but its something i just wanted to get checked over by people.

i live in the UK now, and in october i will be moving over the pond to NZ, and i was just wondering if games bought in NZ will run on a UK PS2? im geussing not, which is my worry, so should i stock up with games before i go, or will there be no problems?

cheers for any help!

well Ive been trying to look for some stuff for ya..
it seems games in UK are PAL , and in america they're NTSC..cant seem to find the NZ one though sad

but first understanding what the whole mess is we have this definition :

Color TV standard developed in the U.S. in 1953 by National Television System Committee. NTSC is used in United States, Canada, Japan, in most of the American continent countries and in various Asian countries. Rest of the world uses either some variety of PAL or SECAM standards.

NTSC runs on 525 lines/frame and it's vertical frequency is 60Hz. NTSC's framerate is 29,97 frames/sec.

There are various versions of PAL, most commonly used method is called PAL B/G, but others include PAL I (used in the UK and in Ireland) and PAL M (weird hybrid standard, which has the same resolution as NTSC has, but uses PAL transmission and color coding technology anyway). All of these standards normally work nicely together, but audio frequencies might vary and therefor you should check that your appliances work in the country you're planning to use them (older PAL B/G TVs can't decode UK's PAL I audio transmissions even that the picture works nicely).

for some reason I cant seem to find the NZ (new zealand?) code.. perhaps if you're feeling brave you can ask PS2 technical support line what format the NZ ps2's use

PS2 Support line, i do believe not my friend! i am not brave enough a man to take on this task.

but i shall attempt to find an e-mail address for it, and ive never heard of SECAM, where uses that exactly?

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.