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I'm Not to sure where to put this so what the heck...


Writter: George Orwell
Published: 1946 ( ? )

Setting: Airstrip One (England) In Oceania Year 1984 (D'UH!)

Year 1984, "The Party" Or, a form of government that controls 1/3 of the world is constently earasing the past, making them onipowerful, and brainwashing its citizens to love There Father Image of "Big Brother" (Middle aged man with a mustach) They are Constently at war with either one of the other 2 world powers (Eurasia, or EastAsia, even they don't know...) There system of viewing into people's privates lives using telescreens (televison for you, remote camera spotlighting you for them) makes it impssible to have a though of uor own, anything sad wrong about Big BRotehr or the party will render you into non - existance. They not only kill you, they re-write history so you never existed.

It is ehre that we find Smith, conscience of what the Party is doing (unlike others who just accept it) and will stop at nothing to break down the system, even if it is joining the resistance...


Devloper: Bungie (in association with Rockstar)
Release Date: Janurary 29th 2001

Setting: Oceania, Year 2032

Year 2032, and a Government Party, establish under Big Brother, Has Conquired 80% of the world, the rest will be Squashed in a matter of Months.

The Party has set up a system where private life has been abolished by two way video moduels. Any move against the Party / Governemnt is considered to be unpatriotic... they kill you.

The Party's Main aim is to abolish the Syndicate, which traffics highly technological bioweapons.

You Are Konoko, agent of the Techology Crimes Task Force (TCTF) and bla bla bla...


What Do you think? Seems to me that the writters continued George Orwell's Novel, and if they did that, I find that pretty cool.

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