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Heres a pic from the hordes raid on the ashen forrest. World Of Warcraft is as close as you can get to LOTR online. The background is a huge army of night elfs invaded our Barren plains. We lured them to near our crossroads where we met them in battle. After a while the elfs fled. We followed ....the first party went ahead without us. After being kill by a high level spider. I joined the second raid party as we took the fight to the purple pixes.

Phoenix Song
I'm confused laughing out loud

btw, you have a damn big sig messed

I'm totally confused too! confused laughing out loud

I bet Middle:Earth Online is more like LoTR stick out tongue

But yeah i've been hearing some good things about that game, dunno if i'll get it though =\

I'l be getting this game for sure, been waiting for years now

I've been in the Beta for this game since April, it's a great game. Gonna be awesome when it's finished.

Anywho, this belongs in the Video Game forum.

who cares about the game....where'd he get the huge sig from???

if its like lotr at all it probably would suck

I dont know much about the warcraft world so I think ill pass on this one.

heh.. if you play warcraft III the rts youll get a 90% complete idea of what WoW is about... minus the trade skills... Blizzard hasnt been known to screw a game up.. so if it shines, good for them. I , on the other hand, dont have such high hopes for it. I'll give it a try after they do 10 to 14 patches on it lol


so whens this thing coming out?

Still no release date, the rumors going around say late November, early December.

The beta is nearing completion I think, there should just be 2 or 3 more patches before it's complete.

ah thats good news smile , I was afraid that it woudint show up until someware near sommer next year

hehe.. well we all know blizz.. theres going to be many more patches after that -_-

I have like a 3 minute video of a warrior showing how stacking these certain skills makes him a chain-kill machine

Yeah, saw that video, that will probably be fixed up in one patch.

Basically, the problems that need fixing are as follows....

-Warlocks need the rest of their pets and the last talent tree

-Warriors need to be adjusted and weakened a tad

-Paladins need their talents and to be made a bit more of a necessity. They're damn near useless right now

-Mages need to be buffed a little bit.

-Priests need a bit more variety, and one of their talent trees need fixing

-Hunters need talents

-Druids need to be buffed

-Finally, server stability needs to be addressed. The severs go down regularly.

All these things are fairly minor, and could easily all be fixed in 2-3 patches. But then again, you're right. I sometimes forget it's blizzard making this game and just how anal they are about polishing their games.

Oh well, I'm in no rush for this game to leave beta, I love playing it for free.

Ugh.. amen to that..

OMG!!!!!!!! I didnt relize that is was that good.... i mite have to get that and start playing it now!! that look so cool. better then D2 LoD

Basically WoW is going to be Diablo 3. Wish Starcraft Ghost would come out soon after WoW.

pff.. it better not be a D3 replacement.. Imma start bustin some thumbz up in Blizz HQ... I'll probably be dropping FFXI to play WoW in the future.. so I really hope the quality assurance is there for the retail version.

They just added item durability to WoW. No one is happy about it.

Other then that there isn't much in common with Diablo, except the talent trees, but even that's a bit different from the skill tree in Diablo.

Open beta is coming up soon and there is still alot of stuff that needs to be fixed, hopefully they don't end up rushing the game... But even if it's current state it feels more polished and complete then any other MMOG's have on their release.

wow item durability.. damn thats good..
/bow blizzard
talk to blizz for me and get me in the open beta stick out tongue

No need, you'll be able to sign up whenever it happens. Still no word when that may be, unfortunately.

What trade skills do you recommend for a paldin-to-be? smile

Mining and Blacksmithing I guess. I haven't really bothered with tradeskills, takes to long to be worth while and they're too expensive.

Also, you may want to rethink being a pali, they're not very good in this game. They're second rate tanks, and 4th rate healers.

Supposedly they have some changes in store for them in the upcoming patch though, so we'll see what those changes do.

You were a white mage in FFXI right? You may want to consider being a Priest in WoW, priests are awesome in that game, they can deal pretty good damage witht eh right talent spec, and they are always in high demand.

it is going to be Diablo 3... it better not be or i'ma kill some people.

But arent the priest character models like all bony and skinny sorta? or do you pick a character model and then choose profession?
I was thinking about priest to be honest but when I was looking at blizz website they only show like 3 spells from each priest didnt look too appealing at that point. Do they charge for extra characters (or will they if they dont now?) cuz if thats the case I'll make a few characters big grin

No, you choose the character model and then the class. The model does not change. for a complete list of spells for every class. (keep in mind that there will be many new high level spells by the time the game comes out)

Finally, they do not charge you for extra characters, you can have a total of 10 characters on each server, so a total of about.....god knows how many. Multiple characters is a must in this game.

I dunno... one of my buddies got in on Private Beta too. I've seen it, but I dont like it all that much... Id much rather see a D3. But, I guess I havent really seen all that much of it so I dont know a whole lot about it, other than I prolly wont buy it.

Can you guys pvp other characters?

Yes, it's a PVP based game.

Druid seems extremely appealing.. but you have to be orc or nightelf right?

Tauren or Nightelf actually.

Also, I'm playing a Druid right now, it's a very disapointing class. It has so much potential but it has some major problems that will keep me from playing it come release if they aren't fixed.

The forms are extremely flawed right now. It costs way to much mana to switch forms, and they simply aren't that useful, especially Cat form.

Druid is basically a decent priest, a gimped rogue, and a 3rd rate warrior all rolled into one. They can do everything, but they also suck at everything.

I'm hoping they fix up the druid before release. It's a fun class, just needs major work to make it balanced.

I hope they dont do that whole deal where they patch the game once and your characters are worthless.
but yeah priest sounds great. I wonder why paladins are 2nd rate tanks.. arent they supposedto have more defense than a warrior?

They don't have a taunt ability...yet.

Palidins are supposedly getting a major overhaul this next patch that improves them greatly.

Yo BF There are a few quastions I hava about WoW, so here we go, lets say your playing human right,Warrior lets say, is it then possible to go to Stormwind and join the human army there? lets say your a freelancer is it sometimes possible to come acros a major battle between lets say orc and humans now I'm thinking of a large battle 500 on each side, how about sleep is it like in Morrowind? like you deside to sleep for 8hours and then you wake up after 8hours and its all dark?

For your first question - You can't really join the SW army, but there are certain quests that you can do later levels that have you defending a certain point along side the SW army. I doubt the battles have 500 people on each side though. If you want massive battles then you'll have to take part in the battlefields fighting, which is where massive groups of players (I'm not sure, but their may be some NPC characters fighting as well) fighting against eachother for control of certain points.

Second question - Rest is in the game, but it's a bit more simplified then what you described. To rest, when you log out simply do so in one of the major cities or in an inn in one of the smaller towns, as you're logged off in an innn, you're considered resting. When you come back you will have a certain amount of rest bonus (depending on how long you stayed in the inn) and for a short period of time you will gain more experience from fighting then if you weren't rested.

And there is a day and night cycle. It's based on real time, pacific standard time. So when it's midnight in california, it's midnight in the game and it's dark.

ah thx for clearing that up smile

In Neverwinter Druids are rather powerless against wizards, and are simply overpowered rangers without the use of a bow messed but the nature spells they cast are very dangerous yes the shapeshifting is pointless sometimes, unless its like a dragon or something and even then a wizard can trun into unatural things.

I also wanted to ask (and thanks for answering all these questions btw), is the skill point system like Lineage 2 (where you can Learn ALL the skills as long as you put the time into it), or is it like Diablo 2 (where if you put the skillpoint into the wrong area you gotta remake O_O)?

It's more like Diablo, you have to pick and choose what specific area of the talent tree you want to specialize in. (For instance - A mages talent tree has a Frost section, a Fire section, and an Arcane section, you have to choose if you want to be a fire mage, a frost mage, or an arcane mage). You can put a few points in each section, but then you won't get to learn the cool abilities that come later with pure specialization.

However, in WoW if you screw up there is going to be a way that you can redistribute your talent points, so you won't be completely screwed.

Ah thats a good thing, I just can't wait for that game, btw I have another quastion, what are the gnoomes or something like that?


ah thx

Closed beta is coming to an end tommorow, and open beta should be starting up after the weekend. For those who care.

This is horrible timing for me personally, I'm having a lan party this weekend and was planning on playing it the whole time, however, now it will be down for most of the party....bah.

Good thing I have GTA: SA and Dawn of War.

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