Rules --- Please Read --- (note regarding Runescape threads)

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Before opening a thread please use the feature to ensure that a thread on your subject does not already exist.

Please also report any inappropriate posts using the "Report" option (located at the bottom right hand corner of every post).

Note regarding Runescape

If you're retiring and want to give away your stuff, then feel free to. However, most people that claim this are scammers, so it is recommended that any member that agrees to this sets up a new account, for the person retiring to send their goods to.

Anyone requesting items should obviously not hand out their password, and all trading should be done in-game.

And, most importantly, don't open a new thread, use THIS ONE

Okay, just a couple notes from me.

I'm stressing the importance of the search and report functions. Please search to see if a thread you want to make already exists, and please report any duplicate threads, inappropriate posts/threads, etc. This will make them much easier to find and deal with.

For discussions of the next-gen consoles, please use the official thread that I have created; this will cut down on duplicate threads and clutter.

All Runescape scam/hacks threads WILL BE CLOSED.

Also, there's been a bit of hostility lately between fans of the different systems and the new next-gen systems coming out. You can dislike other systems all you want, but DO NOT bring it to personal attacks on people who like that system. I don't want any open hostility on here.

Do not PM me to report things. Simply use the report function. I do not appreciate recieving PMs for things that can and should have been taken care of another way.

And as always, please report any bashing or trolling you see.

Due to the recent complaining, I am spelling out what has always been the case and should be rather obvious.

This is the Computer/Video Games forum. Not Computers and Video Games. What does this mean? It's for discussion of computer games and video games. Video game consoles fall into this as games are their sole function. Computers, however, do not; they are not primarily for gaming and thus do not count as a gaming discussion.

ROMs, emulators, torrents, etc. are illegal and thus discussion of them is not allowed! No if, ands, or buts about it. The legal usage of these things is very narrow and restricted, and thus we're just going to cut the entire argument short and disallow any such discussion.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.