Rare GOD Armor

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Admin Emp
Hi, My Runescape Former Account Was , was Mod Emp
I just came to say that i have quit runescape. i was lvl 126, lvl 99 stats
and had all quest done (admin, mod names arent detectable in high scores etc etc) People always wonder if there is a jagex server.
yes there is. only 1 atm. and you CANNOT hack into a jagex server
so all of the scams are viruses. dont meddle with them. Its world 63
for any rs freaks who were intersted. ok now lets say your a member and you go into a free member world and they dont beileve in dragon,carnillean,granite, or khazard armor. they'll laugh and call you a noob right? well you know. unlike jagex servers. we get paid. + we only have one more armor. and its only a plate. (i wish they had a set)
its a Zaros Platebody. you get it from the jagex server quest called
Zaros vs Zamorak. its about his revenge/vengeance. very hard quest.
you have to defeat Lord Zamorak lvl ??? and it does 70-80s, no lies
i dont care if you dont beileve me. cause you can act like a f2p or a p2p for all i care. im j2p. i even got proof. i copied the picture from my inventory. its stats is 5+ more than a dragon chain. here is the link
that is the link that shows the platebody. the rarest 35m (Tradable) piece. (only tradable in j2p servers) if you got nothing nice to say about this then dont. cause the only person here who flames is a sad noob who doesnt beileve. just a like a f2p to a member smile ...........J00r GOD

-Admin Emp

this sounds like a scam...



ya i believe u cuz i had it 2 once Happy Dance big grin n i sold it 4 5 mil sad u tink tat was a bad idea?

What language is being written here??

it does sound like a scam but if u really did that its very impressive. HOw do u become a mod and do u have to be a member?? ive been trying for a year or so to be one but im a poor fool though so tell me how please and thanks for listening

(if u do)

wait it said fake armour onn ur website..??

lol, gayness.

Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links.