Phantasy Star Online

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Just wondering have any of you played it, and whether or not you liked it. Feel free to share online experiences as well.. oh and for the PSO fans who havent bought the gamecube version yet.. check this out PSO EpI and II Plus for 30 bucks big grin

I played it for the DC back when it came out. I never played it online though. Fun game.

ive gotta say this has to be by far the greatest game ive ever played! me and my friends would always hang out and play all the time.

These days all we ever do is play FFXI but thats nowhere as fun as this game because you can play up to four people at a time!

Just make sure you dont bring any whiners because they spoiled much our experience.

you know Ive made 3 great friends from PSO version 1 that I still talk to to this day... I wouldve never met them if it wasnt for PSO.. I got version 2 with them and we moved on to playing PC games together... I think its been like 3 or 4 years we know eachother now big grin

I Played alot on the Gamecube version since you can play for as long as you want with 4 people without gettin dc'ed and all that junk. Just make sure one of your friends arent one of those kinds that waits for the item to drop , takes it and says "Look what I found" -,-
I still have my characters on the dreamcast versions.. but they got hacked items.. (you gotta admit.. version 2 ultimate ruins was rediculously hard -_-) the gamecube version though, Im totally Legit... Lv 129 HUmar / Apsarus Mag / Demolition Comet

i have part 2 on xbox and played it online for a while, but the game really wasn't that much fun.

I would rather play KoToR or something with a similar battle system...atleast it had a good plot, and decent looking enemies.

what i meant was dont have friends over to play it when all they will do is whine when they have their entire mesetta bank wiped out because they forgot to deposit it when before they got killed in battle...or when their mags go down synchro goes down because they died so much...or when they will whine that they hate rangers because they do crap you can tell ive had such a friend over and leeched out ll the fun of this make sure you heed my warning!

i have pso for dreamcast and gamecube

i currently have a lvl 59 mage on gamecube

i played it for gc

fun game!!

The game gets alot easier when you get an Episode II mag.. they act much more frequently upon thier special assistances. Im hoping to get a Dark Flow sword ( Olga DNA + Perfect flowen sword) sometime in the future.

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i love this game , i still play it on the xbox, i started over all my characters so they can be legit cause hacking spoils the game for me

i know this is a supid question but im gonna ask it anyway...does anyone know the duplicating item/armor/weapon trick? if you do please tell me!

I'm with you Trance, its by FAR one of the best games ever.

DEFENATLY with you on this one, if you have everything in the game, there is no point to it, I have the GC version,

Version 2 was so hard that you almost needed hacked weapons to finish ruins sad (I could never find a solid group to do those missions with, to get the S-rank weapon)

PSO is really cool. My character is something like level 25 or something. She knows almost all forms of Force power

Mine is a level 129 or 130 HUmar.. I really need God/Battle -_-..

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