What happen?!

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Master Revan
This morning i was playing Halo on the level Two betrayals and every were i went there were dead enemies every where like i already passed through but i was a new game. Can all you Halo Fans/Players Explain what the hell happen? i was kind of angry because i couldn't kill any one. miffed

wow thats strange ive played throw the game lots and lots of times and ive never seen or heard of this

sounds like microsoft's incompetence....or it could be just a bug or glitch...

Master Revan
It was weird it looks like every one was hit a few times when already killed. it was probably a replay of what i did before but that could never happen could it.

well.. if they all spawned like 100 feet above the map and then were dropped they probably all died that way... so it could be a spawning error, or they just spawned dead already.. who knows. In any case its a bug that doesnt happen often

Hmmm... Have you tried cleaning the drive or the laser? What about the disk.

Master Revan
i checked that and it was a bit dusty but i don't think that was the problem.and the disk is always spotless.

ScarFace Clone
Probabley just one of those glitches.

hey so here's a question? when did you first get halo? i mean, i bought a recent ver, so i dont have any glitches like the 3 weapon glitch. I did however figure some stuff out. whenever you move on from an area, and then backtrack, the stuff and bodies is gone, all it does is warp strait up as in it just shoots of into the sky...and in the mission keyes, while fighitng towards the gravity lift, where the first plasma turret you run across is, after the gun fight ended, and i had killed everything, i noticed 3 flood jelly fish, all standing around in a triangle shape, FLOATING IN THE AIR, they couldnt move, and when i hsot htem,nothing happened, and then after a few seconds, they warped strait up into the air at the speed of light. anyway so AS long as it's not reoccering, i dont see it as a problem...i mean, its kinda like the glitch on the assualt on the control room level, where you use the rocket launcher on the one platform, and you get a banshee. you can skip an entire part of the level..and then theirs the one part where you see the control room, and the 2 parked banshees, and you can hop in one and skip another part of the level.

Master Revan
It was probably just a glitch just like you said you can find the hidden banshee and the rest of the level is empty i did that be for and whats funny is that the marines that fallow you are frozen. have you ever made them fly really High?

it was the flood and covenant fighting each other to death yes

Master Revan
one time i seen them fighting is the air like they were on the bridge

Master Revan
I called Micosoft and they said it happens to the old release it was just a big ugly glitch.

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