The Official Suggested Buying Thread

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Samurai Guy
Post games that you think are good to play. Post the genre, what they are available for, and why you think they are good.


Ask for suggestions on good games to play.

I need a good RPG for X-boX.

RPG huh?

There are three big grin

Star Wars KOTOR (i like it a lot and 3 million say so to stick out tongue )

Fable (haven't played it yet cry ) ( suppose to be short erm )

Morrowind (my favorite but VERY long (i hven't finished it yet after 2 years embarrasment ) VERY in depth )

Samurai Guy
I have KoToR, and I have beaten it light and dark with a male and female.

Heard about Fable, but heard it is really short.

MorrowWind, huh? I will look into that.

its better on comp i'm told but simpler on x-box big grin its about 200+ hours long messed

Samurai Guy
I need something like that.

Primitive Screwhead
Avoid Sudeki if you want a lengthy RPG then. Way too short, and horribly annoying voice acting as well.

Recommended titles:

RPG/Action: Baldur's Gate- Dark Alliance I & II (multiplatform)
Very good hack-and-slash with character stat build-up, and now at very affordable prices (29.99 for II, less than 19.99 for I)

Racing/Arcade: Burnout 3- Takedown (multiplatform)
Two words: Road Rage. This is just a freaking blast to play.

FPS: Doom 3 (Prepare to upgrade your computer)
It's Doom! Nothing innovative in terms of plotline, but they've brought the series to the next level fairly well.

I wouldn't mind a decent flight combat game for the ps2, but not an Ace Combat one...I never liked that series messed any suggestions would be appreciated smile

To anyone, The Sims 2 is amazing big grin

MC Mike
Recent Great Titles:

Doom 3
Star Wars: Battlefront
Call Of Duty (Expansion)
The Sims 2

the game i'd recomend to anyone would be:

Deus Ex

its an FPSRPG, for those who dont know what it is, and its one of the greatest games ive played.

Samurai Guy
Im not a fan of First Person Shooter games. Just not my thing.

Hmmm, just going off the last games i've gotten i'd reccomend

Rpg - if you've got an xbox, fable is worth a go, its kind of short, but def replayable

xmen legends and demon stone are two good action rpgs

simulation - If you're into simulation type games you can't go wrong with sims 2. Locomotion is pretty good too if you liked Transport Tycoon. Personally, I find these games so addicting and can't wait for RCT3

Samurai Guy
Tried it, RTO. It re-affirmed my hatred towards First-Person Shooter games.

Id reccomend Battlefield 1942 if ur into either Flight sims, naval combat, tank sims, FPS or WW2. Its from 2002 so youll find it online for cheap.

Samurai Guy
I am not much for that. I am more an Adventure/Action/RPG kind of guy. Solving riddles and puzzles and what have you

For X-Box try the newest RPG called Fable! Just try it! Rent it first and if you like it buy it!

For PS2 I suggest GTA San Andreas. Haven't played it but most defenetly looking forward to it!

For PC......Doom III. What more can I say? play it!

For Game idea, Kiddie system. stick out tongue

I need a new pc a hardcore CS fan (not as much since Steam), and i like mmorpgs like Lineage II and Everquest, I have a brand new comp, but a shitty internet connection (better than dial up, but I cant run Linneage on it cause its too slow.) So I guess I need something thats single player or doesnt eat much bandwith.... Ive been told to get battlefield vietnam, but I almost dont want another fps, unless its amazing....

PC - FFXI, Doom 3, FarCry, Rome: Total War, Warcraft 3

PS2 - GTA, FFX, FFX-2,

X-Box - Fable, Ridick

GCube - Zelda, Resident Evil

X-box - Guilty Gear XX #Reload... it costs 20 dollars for a brand new copy.. how can you go wrong with that? (Genre : 1 on 1 2D Fighting)

Samurai Guy
I have heard enough about Fable from Linkalicious...I am trying, but the local Blockbuster is always out. ranting

True... but kids games are fun. I had a blast with Luigi's Mansion.

Zone of the Enders - The Second Runner for PS2 yes

Samurai Guy
Has anyone tried the new X-Men game? Legends I believe it is called.

Yeah! I played last sunday is pretty cool! I'm up to the part in which you rescue the girl and take her to meet Professor X. I already did the mansion tour I like it! Might be the best X-men video game ever!

Samurai Guy you gotta get your hands on Fable! Play it. But like I said is better to rent it first.

Samurai Guy
Thanks, WindDancer. I saw a preview for it yesterday on TV and it looked really good.

I have heard nothing but good about Fable so far (aside from it is kind of short)

There doesn't seem to be much that is interesting coming out for X-boX. The only thing I am waiting for is KoToR 2.

If you loved the original KOTOR then you gotta try Jade Empire! Is coming out somewhere in Dec/Jan. Is made by the same team that made KOTOR (Bioware) KOTOR 2 is made by obsidian so I'm kinda undecided.

Samurai Guy
Tell me you have seen the screen shots and such of KoToR.... It looks incredible. Plus I loved the first one... maybe a little too much.

I beat it with a male and female character both light and dark side with each. embarrasment

Samurai Guy
What is it coming out for? Everything?

I just checked and it has been re-schedule for March 2005. sad


Samurai Guy
What is it coming out for? Do you have a link your could post?

Samurai Guy
Well I rented Fable. It is pretty good so far.

Samurai Girl
i soo want to get that game...but i got project zero and im hooked

if anyone could make a top 5 list for each console- I would appreciate it.

top 3 pC games
the sims 2
Half life 2(I know it isnt out yet but so sue me)
Doom 3

Phoenix Aska
Top 5 Xbox Games
no order just best 5 in my opinion

Fable, Halo, Prince of Persia, Sudeki, DOA Ultimate

Maybe so, but you have to give Nintendo credit. They've made some of the best games ever in my opinion, and most of their games are completely origional and fun to play. As far as RPGs for the Gamecube...go with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It might not be very long or difficult, but it's the most fun I've had playing a Nintendo game in awhile.

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