The most realistic game ever

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whats the most realistic game ever

i say riddick

it looks like final fantasy spirts within

yep defintaly riddick

Doom 3

The Sims.... *cough* bollocks! *cough*

ATM? The game which had the most potential to be realistic was Fable, but it looks like they've messed it up slightly. Although I'm reserving judgement til I play it.

Some of the car games are pretty good.

Um Delta Force

Master Revan
I neverd played riddick so i'll say Mace Griffen Bounty Hunter.

Far Cry

What do you mean by realistic? Like physics? Story?

I would say any desktop war games or flight simulators.

Rainbow Six 3, all the way. Either that, or any other recent Tom Clancy games.

by graphics
and stuff
like riddick is like a movie

half life 2 when its out will be, but for now id say doom 3

The Ones
GTA: San Andreas. definently, definently!

I am more leaning towards counter Strike Source it's very realistic.

Ghost Recon, one shot, one kill.

yea Ghost Recon all the way .. Deus Ex games are really awesome as realisticness comes along

Shaolin Monk
I agree with The Ones in some sense. Seeing how GTA: San Andreas isn't out yet, it's hard to be sure lol. have to eat in this one...if you eat too much, you get fat...if you get fat, you have to go workout...if you workout too much and get all bulked out, you become slow. You can also swim in this one (finally) and get haircuts and tattoos.

I would say deerhunter off the top of my head, cause everything in it is real and plausible..... any simulation game actually would seem to be most realistic, the sims, sim city, roller coaster tycoon, zoo tycoon, all that stuff is the most realistic

I agree. The IL-2 series are the most realistic. Most flight simulators win the realism award. If you are looking for the most detailed an realistic tank simulation it is in HIDDEN & DANGEROUS 2, suprisingly. I recomend if you like true realism check out these games.

Counter Strike Source is the most

The 007 games

gran turismo 3 is really reallistic, physics, graphics and such. Gt4 is probably even more reallistic but it isnt out yet.

Realistic in Graphics? Or realistic in game-play?


Red Superfly
Half-Life 2. Sure, the plot is mentala and there are monsters but it's still the most realistic, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Rainbow Six 3, in terms of combat
Half-Life 2, Doom 3 and Far Cry for graphics/physics

depends on the game.

do you mean realistic as in closest to real life?

or most realistic graphics, farcry, unreal, doom, HL2

I mean you could say the sims were realistic.

DiViNe diFiNIty
i would say silent hill 4 is quite realistic
but i chose kingdom under fire the crusaders wins my vote

god number 2
grand turismo 4 is going to be insanely realistic graphix wise they have a test on website where you decide wether image in box is real or in game i sware to god that thing looks ****ing insane not to mention the sound affects and phisics take a look at one of the in game movies

The most realistic games would be Deus Ex 1 and 2 and Ghost Recon 2

Dues Ex, most releastic>

How you figure?
The Ghost Recon/Rainbow Six series are pretty releastic to a point of one shit kills. But no game thats 3d is completly releastic. Maybe if they put Rainbow Six and use the source engine withs releastic physics and graphic engine, I could see that.

How do I figure? He asked graphic's wise, so that's what I answered. When the original Deus Ex game out it was the top of the line graphics wise and still has great graphics even by todays standards.

Ghost Recon 2 is the most realistic combat simulation that still manages to be fun that I know.

I know.
Even though I loved Dues Ex. I think Half Life 2 destroys it in terms of graphic quality.

I never played Ghost Recon 2, but I heared bad things about. Defintly the original was realistic and fun.

Dont take offence man, I just want to know the reasoning because Im curious why you chose those games.

ARC Trooper 117
Unreal Tournament 2004. wink
No, probably Far Cry, or Half Life 2. wink

Half Life 2

Punk Tiger
Starfox Adventures, oh yes, graphics...drooliodrool

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