Gamers wackiness!

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do you do anything odd or weird while playing video games? my one friend always wears a asian rice picking hat whenever he plays dynasty warriors...

i on the other hand wear a white bandanna whenever i play starcraft...

what kinda wacky stuff do you do? smile

I drink endless amounts of green tea while playing ffxi.. o_O

I usually turn on the TV before I begin playing World of Warcraft, or any other MMOG for that matter.

That's about it...

Samurai Guy
RPG's... I need the right music to play. That is really all.

When I was playing FF7 for the first time, I had the OK Computer (Radiohead) CD on repeat.

I drink a lot of Mountain Dew when playing Warcraft III. Dunno why.

If i'm playing a first person shooter on my PC....i take my watch off of my left hand and sometimes I'll take my wallet out of my pocket...but aside from just trying to get comfortable....then i dunno. huh

I know everyone has THIS kind of friend...or atleast knows someone like this...

My friend tends to move the controller to the left or right when he is playing games as if moving the controller, and not the stick on the controller will actually help his guy move. It's kind of funny...

well whenever I play video games I slowely scoot towards the screen until I'm one foot away. Thanks to that habit, i now need long distance glasses.

i often wear my jv hockey hat--backwards--whenever I play real reason, it just helps me get in the zen, I s'pose

I take off my watch and anything out of my pockets, like Link pointed out... other than that, there's just the struggle between me lying down to be comfortable, and sitting up so I can hear all the speakers in surround. Hmph, decisions decisions.. stick out tongue

El Toro
i do this as well but i move my head as well stick out tongue but only on driving games. i also like playing shirtless....wierd aye embarrasment ....... big grin

For fighting games I like to drink beer.

I like starting out Soul Caliber 2 all sober, and then eventually I find myself getting drunker and drunker as the night goes on. At one point, you reach this zen-like moment where you're all in-tune with the game. But another drink later and your skills go to sh!t. embarrasment

Samurai Guy
I know people that steer the controller too. I laugh my ass off so much.

I just need the fitting music to play. Also, like Koz said, I debate about comfort and sound quality.

It is an eternal struggle.

I remember a time when I was playing Tonk Hawk's Underground..I kept refilling my glass with Barg's. Guess the bite helped, 'cause i got one helluve big combo. It was like, manual, flatland, grind, ramp, special, revert, back to manual, etc, etc. Very good.

I dunno, I don't think I have any unusual habbits, what do you think trance, do I?

When Sonic 2 and 3 came out on sega genesis, I used to record some of the level music on my stereo since I loved the beats

I play games on a recliner love seat.

All my life, without realizing it, I've kinda sat with a foot under my leg so both legs together create a 4.

As of this past week, I can only sit like that for a few minutes before I start feeling things in my knee stretch. I'm worried I'm going to hurt myself sitting down playing video games. embarrasment

I dont know, I usualy just drink alot of coffe before i go kick everyones ass in CS stick out tongue and when I play a slow game like Heroes or Delta force, i just like having a pack of hard sweets around, but thats it

i try to fart in my computer chair when i play games. Not everytime i play a game but occasionaly when i have diheara, i try to fart as many times as possible to make my chair smell like buritos LOL (seriously)

That's the grossest thing i have ever read.

I always have to play games with storylines with lights out. A game like Pirates or RTS i play with the light on.
Me and my friend use to drink beer while playing TFC a long time ago. When i die i had to take a shot, if i killed somebody i would have to 2 shots.
And im real stickler for audio (wonder why, i just bought Sound Blaster Augigy Blah blah blah Platinum.

I always eat the puffy kind of cheese doodles when I play shooting games.

lol i sit in my executive chair and play indian cross legged laughing out loud

I drink a crapload Coca Cola when playing shooters. (dont want to say coke because you people will the wrong impressions) hahaha.
I'll also say, " good play" to the football players in Madden when they get sacked.

i always completly darken the room i am playing in, prepare a bowl of munchies and about 3 bottles of water, then i continue to play the game., which at the moment is Prince Of Persia Warrior Within.

I have a West Coast Choppers scretchfit hat I wear backwards when I'm either playing a game or IMing my friends. That and I take my watch, my ring off and take my wallet out of my pocket, just for comfort sakes, 'cause when you play a game of UT2004 LAN for 5 straight hours your ass starts to get sore in a hurry. God love leather executvie chairs.

I find I do better when my cat is sleeping on my bed. Weird, no?

And I find myself having to wear my Callaway hat now. I cannot play without it.

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