mortal kombat: deception

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alright i played the game and i was excited about seeing the new fatalities but i got a problem. i got the game on xbox and for some reason its impossible to actually do a fatality. man i need some help before i break them game. has anyone been able to pull off more than one fatality?

Master Revan
yes i've done Kenshi's break fatality and sub-zero's body shatter. it was very difficult!

i havent heard a thing about this game. whats new about it? do they still have weapons?

sub-zero was the only one that i was able to do, i have tryed others but they never worked. the game does still have weapons. it is better thatn the others but it would be better if you could do the fatalities as easy as you could do them in the last game.

i checked out the site. seemed nice. i also found out that you can do hari kari!(aka suicide)big grin

do any of you know if liu kang comes back?

he is not one of the main characters but when you do konquest there is a point where you actually see lui kangs ghost and you get to learn his moves and figure out his combinations.

you can unlock lui kang to play as

i dont think lui kang is very good tho
my favorite ppl are Ermac,Baraka, and Noob-Smoke

Vash TFA
Has anyone tried to online modes yet?

I had it for Xbox and tried to play Kombat mode onlline. Unlike other online games, even fighting games that I've played.. instead of a delay from lag.. the session simply ends if the connection lags even the slightest little bit. I have a cable connection (obviously, since I connected with an Xbox) so I know lag shouldn't be a big deal here.. but I was never able to finish a single match because one split second of lag dropped the games completely.

i play it online that has happened to me a couple of times when my opponent had 1 star but never otherwise

i have a few questions if anyone could answer.

Does anyone know when MK: Deception comes out in the UK?
Can u play as the Dragon King?
What are the mini games like lol?

Oh and it looks like the Fatalitys r back to the old games where it was nigh impossible to pull em off!

I saw the commercial for it...there was someone that looked a LOT like liu kang, and was doing his trademark bycicle kick.

liu is in it
and konquests main charachter shujinko can get that move

Yes, but only with a codebreaker or gameshark
there are no minigames between battles
and puzzle and ches are very good

Revan X
have you got to the dragon king yet i havent because i work all the time.
who is your favirot charater mine is kinshi just look at my avator.

I havent gotten it yet...(reeeaallly want to)....but i think the chess looks pretty sweet. glad to hear that the classic characters are coming back too.

Oh, good. Have you guys seen MK movie before? Pretty good. Plot is same old, same old, though. Save-the-world crap is getting out of tune. What do you think is the best new feature about MK Deception? In my opinion, it's the fact that you can kick a guy into a deathtrap, off a tower, and through walls. Neat cut-scenes.

I wish there was more classic characters and deathtraps/levels

no i dont have a codebreaker or gameshark so I cant get him
PPl In my sig(Ermac,Noob, And Smoke) and baraka

Noob Saibot is the original Sub-zero, scarface/shredder is his brother

hey how do you unlock kenshi i searched c-3 earthrealm and he wasnt there can any one tell me

Revan X
i have no idea i used ActionReplay to get where i am.


lol what the.. everyone has nonsense japanese in thier sigs.. what do they say?

Revans sig : me na yo na ho nu na, ma ni ya ne na, to chi me hi, mo ra ma ne to mo he chi ho

lol.. it seems like everyone does them.. I cant read what they're supposed to say in english cuz end up reading them correctly.. >_<

hes inside the first town if you leave you have to reset profile to get bak

Fallin Angel
does anyone know how to get li mei , i'm having trouble getting her

its in a house in f7 in outworld i forget wat u have to do to get in the town

Fallin Angel
yea i know its in the house in F7 but the gate is closed and i can't get in, awww, and Li Mei is my fav character

Revan X
Mine says "Revenge of the dark swordman"

how? lol.. its mimic'ing english letters? o_O

I thought about buying MK : D but I have deadly alliance, so I dont know if its worth the price of a brand new game yet

So does Kintaro make a comeback in this game, he was the coolest boss ever, In MK 2, was only able to beat him with Scorpion and Subzero. But that was long ago,

Dont tell me none of you guys heard of the great mighty almost unstoble Kintaro??

the only thing i remember about MK2 is reptile and the bridge level

Kintaro is like Goro, but faster, meaner, the dude can fire 6 fireballs in a role,

I have beating maany fighting games, But SO far Kintaro is the hardest one of all, He was harder than Idol(Killer insaint) Harder than Khan himself, Harder than that glowing guy in Capcome vs Marvel.

Kintaro is a tough task to deal with, I was only able to get by him with Subzero and Scorpin, because of there diable movies.

Kintaro is the number one boss of all time lol.

Screw you, Dragon King rules.

i hate dragon king shao kahn rules

How can Dragon King be number one??? Look at the site of the great Kintaro and prey that he does not crush you with such ground jumping moves. lol

Revan X
i'll say that he was really hard for me to because he kept jumping on me i only beat him with Sub-zero and Raiden.

I could not beat him with Raiden, I try, but evey time I did the superman flying movie, Kintaro would pick me up and thown me in mid air lol.

Goro could not do that to Raiden, but boy Kintaro had a answer for that.

The shocks were my best hope, but than again, it was weak vs Kintaro;s 6 hit fireball thing.

The biggest problem with him is his jump. If you get out of the way and hopely he misses you(There has been times I though I was out of the way but nooo, He still landed on me)

That was his best move, A good player could uppercutt Kintaro when he jump, BUT you need good timing, and you need to take a big risk to do it, I got him once in a while with the uppercut, but most often than not the Jump beat the uppercut. But I perfer not to do that tactic.

My best fighter is Jonnny Cage, I was better with Cage than Subzero ete. And not even he could have beaten Kintaro, I try to out fireball him nope, I did get him when his misses when he jumps, with the Shadow kick, But it did not change the outcome, because the Shadow kick did not do that much damage. It look cool but once Kintaro got going Cage was beaten and badly, the best I did was win ONE round. but he took over the next 2 rounds. I only beat him with Subzero and Scorpin, not on skills mind you, but because of the spear and deep freeze, Kintaro seem to have no answer to thsos.

Revan X
i just kept teleporting and uppercutting him. My best was Baraka i never could beat him with him with baraka i was undefeatable

That would be "Hara Kiri" (stomach cut) aka suicide stick out tongue

ScarFace Clone
yeah thats sweet

finally got this game last night and like it a lot. havent played an MK game in a long time....not even this is just a blast. tho i am having trouble catching up on the storyline.....

Red Superfly
I hate these new MK games, they try too much to be like the newer beat em ups like SOul Caliber and Tekken, and it ruins it.

For me, every character in MK should have the same movelists for basic moves - every character should be able to do that iconic MK uppercut - WTF are they playing at?

It's good to see the storylines progressing, but it seems as though they forgot to actually CARE about the balance of the fighting, and decided to switch to chess, and tetris.

MK Dveloper #1: "I'm bored of this game, it sucks"

MK Developer #2: "Fancy working on it some more, make it better?"

MK Developer #1: "Nah, it sucks, you can't polish a turd.............I know, lets make Mortal Kombat chess! And, Tetris!"

MK Developer #2: "That'll definitely take the focus away from the fact this game sucks!"

MK Developer #1: "Screw hard work - we'll just rehash old games and stick them into MKDA, and pretend its a new game, lets re-use some of the older characters cos my w*nking hand is sore and can't draw any new characters. The fans like Kabal, and everyone loves Noob and Smoke."

MK Developer #2: "Be sure to include Tanya, the Jar Jar Binks of MK, and lets come up with some truly awful new characters just for the fun of it"

MK4 was the last good MK game.

MK4? Whattya talkin' about? Look what they did to Reptile! He was better as a ninja!

ya he was

Revan X
I agree.

Red Superfly
Did you even PLAY MK4? You could get Reptile in his ninja outfit you know. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Oh, thats right, MK4 WAS an inferior game because Reptile looked slightly different. MK Deception is obviously a much better game because Reptile wears a better outfit.


roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic) roll eyes (sarcastic)

4 started the coming of a bad fighting system

I did not think 4 was all that bad, They did bring back Goro, and he was a little be harder to beat than Goro from MK1. I guess Kintaro was giving Goro prviate lessons on being a fighter or something like that lol.

But they did impove the death scenes, Yes my favor green nija change for the worse I migh add.

HAving his face not cover with a mask, when he does his tough death, it does not have the same affect as he did it in 2 or 3.

Red Superfly
You aren't related to Asian Hulk are you? Nevermind.....

No, MK4 was the LAST of the good fighting system.

MK4 had almost IDENTICAL gameplay to the previous games - therefore it was the LAST of the good MK.

MK Deadly Alliance was utter garbage, and they didn't even TRY making it better for Deception.

Big deal, MK4 changed the appearances slightly, the gameplay was still the same, if not ten times better.

The newer MK's have rediculous blood spillage, yet try and make the game more realistic by toning down the fighters powers, which is hypocritical to say the least.

Oh yeah....I forgot about the "Great" one. Lord of the Underworld. Bastard brother of Rayden. The neck-breaker. Yep, Shao Kahn was good. They screwed him up in the second movie, because they rarely showed him with his trademark skull headgear.
Still, Dragon King is pretty cool.

Aren't you the fussy lil' pessimist. If you're going to diss MK Deception, I think you'll find that a lot of people will be against you.

Screw the petty "realism"...lots of blood rocks.

MK3 was the last good MK, until Deception came out.
MK4 was okay...but got old pretty fast.
MK DA " "...." " " " ".

yep, IF you get the bouns CD you get Mortal Kombat 1. you get MK DA and MK 1.

Now I have the first 3 games on Playstation 2 lol.

These games are harder to beat on playstation.

The foes had a flaw in the Super NEs or Sega Gen, but they fix it on the playstation, Kintaro is harder than ever to beat. and getting to Kintaro is not what it use to be.

Also would like to say they made a few changes in the games I played.

MK 1 changes, Computer is a lot harder to beat, I have not seen any repile tips, so he might not be in this one. Goro is a bit better, but still is no problem to deal with.

And Shange Shan is tough to beat, He is hard.

The monks also clap at the end of a round, And in the thorn room, The evil guy himself is clapping after the round is over.

Before your about to fight Goro, in the END match, the last one the ground shanks, meaning Goro is up there shaking the ground, I lost the End match the first time because it took me by surpise. Having to fight and deal with the shanking of Goro,

Mortal Kombat 2, Computer is hard to beat,

Evey time Kintaro lands a uppercut or a fire ball the fans clap. Same with Shal Khan,

Revan X
when did they make it for PS1?

they made trilogy on the ps1 i know kuz i own it
~unknown rocker on someone elses pc~

Red Superfly
As if I care if a lot of people will be against me? And it's not "a lot" - but "some".

I agree, screw the realism, but they made it more realistic! Reduced special moves and more boring punching combos.

When I buy Mortal Kombat, I want over the top stupidity, with the characters teleporting off the screen, jumping twice the height they should do, firing crazy fireballs everywhere, doing THOSE uppercuts and sweeps, while NOT pretending to be Soul Caliber rejects.

I'm a bit of a traditionalist - I prefer the old MK games - they never took themselves seriously (and part of the reason as to why they were so successful despite being technically CRAP games) and were above all else FUN.

The fact that they've not improved an awful lot (or anything at all) and try to blag MK Tetris and MK chess as "Features" (actual FEATURES! such BS) leads me to be highly pessimistic about MK as it stands today.

And the reviews for this game were crap-to-average so obviously not everyone disagress with me.

not for ps1 ps2.

I got Mortal Kombat 2 and 3 on Midway treasues 2. with a bout 38 games incuding MK2 and MK3

I got 1 from MK deception

IF you buy the one with bouns disk, On disk 2 you can play MK 1, but like I said they made a few imprivsse changes to MK 1

Red Superfly
Yeah I've still got the old ones, they're good.

I just wish they had stuck with the old retro style - the only people who would buy Mortal kombat today would be the Mortal Kombat fans - so why didn't they just improve on the older classic formula?

The one old-school thing they haven't changed is the CHEESE FACTOR!

There are STILL characters that have lame attacks that can be spammed to oblivion, and there will be no or a very small chance to dodge/counter said attack. There are also simple to do, high damage attacks, and hard to do but very weak attacks - WHY? This encourages spamming.

Now I admit, even great games like Soul Caliber have spammable attacks - but where this game excels over MK is being designed in such a way that you CAN AVOID spamming. MK Deception doesn't cater for this, and it's clear the moves were just "written" as opposed to "designed". If the design was balanced then spam attacks would be reduced, and combos encouraged, and every character would balance out. Why is there always a "cheap" character with easy combos in these games? Bad design.

The ONE great thing about Mortal Kombat is that it has a brilliant story. I love the Mortal Kombat story, and the characters are very impressive. I mean, Sub-Zero is a classic, Scorpion has to be the COOLEST fighting game character EVER. Those two are right up there with Solid Snake and Link in my opinion.

So it's not all bad - but it's a game, not a movie, and it's a crap game. Sorry.

its not a bad game,

MK 1 was a quickie, 4 guys made it. I saw how they made it on the bouns disk, Mk1-Dec

But it was a good fighing game, I still enoy it to this day.

MK2 might be the greatness fighting game ever, Cool Bosses(Shall Khan, Kintaro and hard to beat to boot.)

cool fighters, JAx, Scorpin, Subzero Bralcka. They must be the coolness fighters to ever be on a game lol.

Great back grounds, impved the pit, and many ways to die on the back grounds, Acid, Spikes, cliff. It a very fun game, even if the techs are a bit out of date, rember it was 1993 when it came out, so they were still sealing the old NES. Fun game all the way

MK3 was a little disspointed, It was not as good as 1 or 2, and Motoro suck as a boss, If Goro and Kintaro were cool, Motoro would make you upset. Good ideal I suppose for the sub boss, But he lack the coolness of Goro Kintaro.

Khan was eaiser to beat, but he was still cool.

MK 4 Goro was brought back, and Subby got his neck rip back, Better death scenes, and its a pretty fun game. Not up there with 2, but better than 1, and of couse better than 3

Mortal Kombat 5, I played it on game boy ad, It seem preey cool, I did like the ideal were you had to fight 2 bosses one after the other, ahh the good old days of the end matchs. But its a good thing that you did not have to fight Goro and Kintaro after each other, No one can beat that combo. So Shang and Qui al though a bit hard, were beatble.

MK 6 I played it, I like it, and still working on a way to defeat the Dragon King, I think Dragon King is unbeatble lol. I hit him and he does not take any damage. So what must I do??

El Toro
hit him again

[]D o o []D
personally, i use liu kang for all his kick specials for the death great!

wat the hell is that?lol Happy Dance

[]D o o []D
how do u get and put on avatars?

[]D o o []D
Happy Dance

Revan X
you Don't know? just go here

So I just unlock of the fighters, And I hate Kensi's training, I spend over 3 days on his combos, they were hard to pull off. But I got by his training,

So I have unlock all the fighters, and When I unlock Liu Kang, He was a dead body.

Does that mean he will look that way for ever?? I dont want Liu to look like that forever lol.

Well anyway I like the game, and I enjoy to see the old death pool back in action lol. IT the MK 2 Deathpool if you guys did not know.

so whos all the unlockable characters in the game? i don't have it yet so i'm left in the dust...

unlockable charachters




liu kang



noob-smoke combo

That is right, I unlock all of them, but IF I LISt them I sure I would have left one or 2 off the list lol.

Sindel looks better in this game than in MK3

You forgot Le Mi, Jade And Karia

I can pull them all off. You'll probably find the the distance is wrong, which is why they arent working.

You don't have to be super fast with the pad either.

Is there any way to play as Shang Tsung or Jax in the game? I know you fight against them in Konquest, so I assumed they were unlockable, but, unfortunately it doesn't look like they are... cry

No, they aren't playable characters.

Unless there is a cheat I am not aware of.

I just played it at my friend's house for the first time. He dominated.
Kicked me so many times off whatever in the stages. For example:
A)Off the upper tier in the Nethership(which I like to call Netherbelly)
B) Off the edge in The Pit. Landed on a very large spike. Ouch.
C)Through the wall in some other stage(probably Slaughterhouse or the Beetle Place), and I(scorpion)fell down, got up, and picked up this huge scythe bladed thing. Whaled him with it. He still beat me.

D)Off Sky Temple. (Ouch!)

I like the Death Pool best, I rember it back in MK2, And now MK2 is on playstation.

I pull off the death moves, Kiras a bit hard to pull off, but I can do it after a few trys.

For the new comers I think Kira is the best. She is sexy, cute, cool, and has a bit of a evil side, my kind of girl lol.

Noob-Smoke sucks, I prefer Noob on his own.

Does anyone else think Deadly Alliance was better. (I thought it was more fluid and had better characters!)

Konquest was so annoying...I was so happy when I beat that damn game...

i only played it on ps2 and think that deadly alliance seemed like faster and as someone said more fluid ..... but the chess was cool

Living Forest and Dead Pool are back! Yeaaah!

Can't find Ermac's second costume! cry

Shujinko kicks ass once you unlock all his special moves!

Shujinko is cheap.

Red Superfly
Agree on the Smoke-Noob thing. Should be separate. I don't like how Smoke is Noobs b!tch now either.

But the game is far superioir to DA.

I bought DA, I tried so hard to like it, but it was cheap, the fighting was stupid. Easy combos were most of the time the most powerful, whereas the hardest to pull off were a series of weak punches and kicks, lame.

DA was also infuriating, and a lot of the MK charm was lost. No signature uppercuts or chin kicks for every character. Specials were crap, Fatalities were also very very poor.

Deception is what Deadly Alliance should have been. They shouldn't have botherred with DA.



I love MK Deadly Alliance. The intro into the game with Raiden, Shang Sung and Quan Chi fighting is amazaing. I love the new Konquest mode. It may be limited but it is great meeting all the mk characters, getting older and when u meet Shinok lol "it feels different" (the amulet coz its fake stick out tongue ) The arcade is better than DA but it could be improved, Dragon king isnt that hard to beat. I think its an improvement to DA and it can only get better from here.

lol i love mortal kombat deception not alliance wink

Yeah, the intro is amazing. Shang Tsung loses to Quan Chi, getting his wrist broken in the process.
My favourite ones are: the one on the lowel level in Slaughterhouse, and the very large piston crusher thingy in Hell's Foundry.

I love it in the intro when Raiden makes that energy with his godly essence.

I dont think ive come accros any death traps, i have realy only been playing konquest lol. I love the level thats like entirely made of glass and u can uppurcut them down and back up and down through the glass, hillarious.

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