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My boyfriend is having surgery. I want to get him a game. Prefereabley and RPG (he has all the EA sports stuff) would you like as a gift Fable or KOTOR better. He has neither....

I would recommend KOTOR, fable is a bit too short.

IMO Fable is a better game, but it is really short.

KOTOR is still a GREAT game, but i just liked the style of play on Fable a lot more.

when in doubt.....go with the cheapest. I think KOTOR might be a platinum hit by now. for $20, you could afford to get him a 2nd game.

Both are good, but Fable is too short. If he likes Adventure games too... get him X-Men Legends.

FABLE would be a good chocie because its got the new feel too it... plus the game is a lot of fun.

Phoenix Aska
Don't get X-men legends!!! It's boring...
Fable is to short....
he should get BloodRayne2...if he likes sports games..he should try this out....

KOTOR, it's amazing. I would have recomended Fable but it's come up short in my expectations of it

KOTOR is turn based fighting which a lot of people find very boring, if he likes a lot of ea sports games a turn based game would prolly be too slow paced for him

Phoenix Aska
I agree...too slow...BloodRayne 2 is perfect....lots of action..

KOTOR is good...can't wait till the sequel for it comes out...

KOTR owns fable in every way.

Fable was just another over hyped Xbox game.

Phoenix Aska
Heh...lots of people bought wasn't that bad....just was too short...and the kid looked really weird too....


it's longer, and has the same good/evil feel.

it got game of the year for all sorts of stuff.

and seriously why are you always hatin on the X-box? quit the bigotry and give a fair review.

Phoenix Aska
Hahahaha...why does she direct this message to guys???
Girls play video games too...

because shes buying it for a guy who likes sports games, and when making any decision you should always know your target audience

Phoenix Aska
True true....touche forumcrew

touche...hehe so ppl do know vocab here.

Phoenix Aska
Hahaha...yes to some extent we do....

Uh.. that's fair.


Fable was in production for over 5 years, the game took about 10-15 hours to finish. So, that's an average of completely 2-3 hours of the game a year.

they shoulda released fable on PC so they didnt have to restrain thier creative flow..

as for your boyfriend.. roll eyes (sarcastic) either game is equally good.. but kotor will no doubt offer more playtime

Red Superfly
Well, when I had surgery the last thing I wanted to play was a fast paced action title.

If he's into Star Wars, get him Knights Of The Old Republic for sure, its absolutely brilliant.

Phoenix Aska
Fable was very short....

But the important thing was...Did you have fun playing it?

Screw the reviews. Have you bought a game yet, by the way? Tell him, from me, that he's got a really good girl, a keeper, and he's lucky to have you. I mean, not every girl bothers to buy their man a game. Fewer still know his favourite type. Lucky him.
It's not as far as eulogies go,'s a start.


Phoenix Aska
Yeah...he is really lucky to have a girl like you...

Fable is OK, but is rather limited. If he likes Star Wars at all then go with KOTOR (its cheaper now, too).

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