why so much hate on the xbox?

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Phoenix Aska
As long as I've been on these forums..lots of people do not like the halo game and the xbox system...what's wrong with it?

a very good question, my friend.

I have all 3 consoles, and I am just fine with them. I like my ps2 for t he few games I MUST have. I have most of the essential cube titles, and ...well yah I have almost squat for the box...(no cash...hey 3 consoles cost A TON)

I was against it at first, because I just didnt like a smart ass company coming in"you have bought the x-box..the most powerful system in the world....you are reading the instruction manuel for the X-BOX...most powerful system in the world...you are plugging in the X-box...feel the power of X.most powerful system in the world..." and then some...and I hated the old controller, but it grew on me, and Halo was a big push for me to buy it....and once i'm 18..Hehehe DOA:XBV !!!

Phoenix Aska
heh...I have all 3 systems too...the xbox is the best one so far...


...do I even need to answer that?...

...yes I do...

You said it well....THEIR FREAKIN FAT. THEIR HUGE!!.. the buttons are to spread out, the whole controller is to spread out, and so unless you have monster hands, it was uncomfortable, the joysticks werent standard, and were hard to use, one was big, while the 2nd one was smaller so the tumb didnt grip as well., their was the stupid big fat X logo, and the black and white buttons were to hard to use.

the type F(as I call it for FAT) is to large and cumbersome to have good reaction times. I mean theirs a reason the type S is packaged with all the consoles now. the type S has better thumb sticks, the black and whie buttons are slightly* easier to use, and the buttons arent so oddly placed, shapped, and streched. the controller is more comfy, and easier to hold, and not so streched out.

well most of them, not all, are Ps2 lovers who try to make their system actually seem close to matching Xbox and just can't handle it that their little system is far outmatched.

ha so true...as much as I love ace combat 4 and soon 5, and the jak, ratchet and clank, and sly cooper series, along with thug, and GTA, FF, and socom, they just kinda lack the oomf of a miyamoto game. I dont like the light weight small controller, the r2 and l2 buttons way bug me.

Phoenix Aska
Hmph...all the PS2 is good for is RPG games in my opinion....

ugh... lemme go make a 'why do people hate gamecube' thread.. j/k

That would take way too long big grin

Phoenix Aska
Damn...people hate gamecube becasue nobody likes Mario and it's too childish in most games...but gamecube has a FEW good games....

Darth Revan187
Tch, my XBOX is dying and it isn't even a year old.
And you know what I am talking about Aska. The damn thing wont even read a brand new disc.

Phoenix Aska
I know...that's why I bought a second Xbox...

Did I tell u that the first one I bought like in 2001 won't even start now?

Lots of people hate on every system, get over it.

I've had mine since 2001, no problems.

...and that's why PS2 kicked Xbox's butt in the 128bits war

I'm a PS2 fanboy, and i'm proud of it. I know Xbox is far superior, but it lacks so many things. One of them is good games. Yes I know there's HALO, and KOTOR, but that's about it. The other good games are also available for other consoles, and all (I mean ALL) are also out for PC.

the thing with the controller was already explained, and there's the MICROSOFT arrogance too: they're pretty much doing what nintendo did with N64, only Microsoft is right cuz Xbox is indeed pretty powerful (unlike nintendo).
but power has anything to do with good games, and quality, I enjoy playing tetris in a cellphone, just as I do playing it in any console.

I don't hate Xbox (or Gamecube) I just hate the company(ies) and their monopolist way of doing business.

....and if I had the money, I'd buy all 3 consoles.

Phoenix Aska
Another good thing about the xbox is that u can play your own soundtracks on some games....

Thats tight

im starting to hate my ps2 now......
ive had it since the day it came out......
and now it gives so much problems its not funny!

That's because you have the first model roll eyes (sarcastic) Answered your own question. For the disc read error, just put two pieces of scotch tape parallel to the hole, and right next to it, and most games should read better. I find that it also works better if you have your PS2 vertically.

Halo and KOTOR are on PC, and Halo 2 will make it to PC probably after its Xbox debut. There's no reason to waste my money on such a paperweight, maybe if their sophomore consule is better, I might think about buying it. But for now, I'm set with my PS2 and Gamecube

my first PS2 died but my Xbox and Gcube have been running perfectly

Phoenix Aska
My xbox won't turn on....anybody know what the problem is???

And yes it is plugged in...to all the smart-asses out there

What about the Red/Yellow/White video input TV tags? Maybe its the disc reader. Is it just the power,(no video at all) or is it the performance(freezes two seconds after turning it on)?

Phoenix Aska
It used to be the couldn't read disc error and now it just won't turn on...I think it died....
I had it ever since the xbox came out....
yes the cable jacks are all plugged in....

Throw it in the trash where it belongs smile

yep, just like your bigotry jkozzy

Too bad it's filled up with all the PS2s already big grin big grin big grin

ugh... system bashing... so old.. bashers usually wind up buying the systems they hate, just adding to the hippocracy of thier bigotry..

Phoenix Aska
There aren't really any systems that I hate....each one came out with a couple of good games....

Darth Revan187
same here, xbox is my favorite console
but it does not need to start dying when it isnt even a year old

Phoenix Aska
Hahaha...you should get it cleaned Darth Revan....

About yer' faulty Xbox....give it a crisp salute, and chuck it in the Trash. Still saluting. It's what I do if something screws up.

I think thats the bigest flaw...glitches...the company is so new, it doesnt handle glitches well. mine sometimes has a disc read error...and freezes my morrowind.

Phoenix Aska
hopefully the X2 won't have that fault...

I have an X-Box, and personally I think it is fantastic.

I love the hard drive concept... and the burning music onto it.

yah, but get this...I HEAR THE X2 WONT HAVE A HARD DRIVE. that was the only really cool thing that helped it stand out. I mean, the graohics are good, and 4 controllers help, but the hard drive really is the soul of the x-box.

also, Microsoft only made 1 model series of glitch free x-boxes.

the first release ones, would crash and freeze.
2nd variety was perfect.
3rd variety- the holiday bonus package- disc read error

That is also why Microsoft loses $100 on every Xbox though, they view it as the price they have to pay to try and take away the console leader title from PS2. I don't think it will be that big of problem without a Xbox because I'm sure they'll come out with a new Memory card that is much bigger than previous ones.

Phoenix Aska
My first gamecube was a piece of shit...it over-heated or something and then would automatically turn off!!!

it was only on for like 3 hours wen I was playing pikmin....which is why the Gamecube sucks and the Xbox is way better!!!

I loved my PS 2, Soul Weaver lol fun game.

And I getting Mortal Kombat 2 on PS 2 soon, thinks to Midways putting a bunch of old games in one CD lol. the down side is Mortal Kombat 3 is in it, and not MK 1. Maybe Mortal Kombat 1 will be on the PS2 soon. I can hope can I?

I think MK 3 is better than MK1. Lot more characters. Lot more fun. More fatalities.

Phoenix Aska
MK 3 was the best because that is when they didn't introduce gay weapons and different fighting stances and styles...

If microsoft changes the X2 and doesn't put in a harddrive they will lose customer support because that is what made the xbox great was the fact that you didn't need a memory card....

YES!!!If what you say is true...

My first Xbox-died and passed away
I have the 2nd version-running just fine and dandy
My friend has the 3rd version and it has disc read errors....

I can support that comment made by caboose

How can you say MK3 the best??? It had the dumb Anmail deaths, and sloppy Finshing movies. Like Jax just turns into a gaint and steps on his foe. Weak, Even Kao loung;s HAt death was week.

MK2 had the best movies, cool graphs, cool bosses. I even put 1 over 3.

3 was okay, but it just did very little to refine the series. it did have some cool characters I must say that.

which one is it with noob saibot, the colored ninja bots, and stuff?

and which is the one with sheba? i am a little rusty.

Phoenix Aska

MK3 is the one with all the charecters and fatalities, animalities, and the other friend thingy...

That was the best one damnit!!!!


* me mocking the dozens of street fighter 2 versions.

Phoenix Aska
I liked Marvel vs capcom 2 for the sega dreamcast but later got it for the Xbox....

Since we are speaking of fighting games...DOA 3 is the best!!!

In second place comes Soul Calibur 2...but unfortunately for the gamecube becuse of Link who rules over gay old man stump heihachi and Spawn!!!

dont forget killer instinct, that was a cool fighting game, not as good as the early Mortal Kombats, but great

Street fighter is great, but after a while it got to easy to beat with the computer(I played many humans too, and of couse they were a bit more challageing, but I won most times.

In the early 90's there was 2 fighing games that stood out, Mortal Kombat and Street fighter, and the sales at the time was going back and forth(I was in that era lol)

I was on the Mortal Kombat side, with some freinds, and other freinds were on Street Fighter, It was that fun fighing over who would win, Ryu vs SubZero or Jonny Cage vs Ken, there were many rumors at the time of a cross over, but the cross over never came.

I would have loved a street fighter Mortal Kombat cross over lol.

But the main problem among fans though was how should we do the art???

The cartoon way of street fighter?? Or the real life actors of Mortal Kombat(The early Mortal Kombat games had real people model for the fighters, So Park was Kang ete.)

But it might have been a cross over for the ages lol.

Street Fighter 2 turpo was a very good fighing game, I had it on the SUPER NES.
I sold the NES, but hey, maybe if we pray they might put that out on Playstation 1 or 2 just like Mortal Kombat 2 and 3.

Like I said we can hope they can put these old fighing games into some sort of pack. Pac Man made it to the Playstation for crying out loud.

Phoenix Aska
yeah...killer instinct gold was great..only because you can do like a fatality on your enemy when there health bar dropped to the second color....

The Xbox still rules over all the other systems....

Especially because of its online games!

I dont like the X-Box, all it is is a Computer, what is the point of buying it. Why not just go and buy a computer, I think that it is retarded for the people that take money and go and spend it on that. What a waste. There is no point and will never be, all it is is a computer...

wacko wacko wacko

Phoenix Aska
The Xbox is more of a cheaper computer then.....

The computer can't compare with all the games that microsoft is spitting out.....

Red Superfly
Is this because of the hard drive? It is isn't it?


Ok, let me explain something

*Get's out pointy stick*

OK, see this graph correlating the XBox and the PC - notice that the ONLY similarities are the hard drive and internet ready capabilities.

The Xbox is internet ready and has a hard drive INSIDE IT WHEN YOU BUY IT.

The PS2, doesn't even have that - and if you did, say, buy the PS2 Hard Drive, and the network adapter - you could easily say that it looks a heckuva lot more like a PC (a very square one at that).

XBox = games console.

Better/more capabilities than the existing consoles does NOT equal a PC.

*smacks Sarah_angel666 on the head with pointy stick*

Phoenix Aska

Good job Red Superfly

I think that Xbox has the best online capabilities too!!!

*smacks pheonix with pointy stick*

hey, dont ever dis the cube....Period.

also, soul caliber 2 is way better than dead or alive.

Phoenix Aska
I think that Soul Calibur is great....

Just that DOA has faster fighting styles and easy controls...

(stupid stick)

Jackie Malfoy
I don't hate the x-box I think it is pretty cool my boyfriend got one just yesterday.It is a christmas gift from me.I payed for it.I do for some reason like my game cub for no reason!JM

SC2 is awesome. The Xbox version... the special character is Spawn. End of discussion sick The cube, AND PS2 have established characters that could appear, Xbox clearly does not. And that says something right there.

X-Box is a Microsoft product, so therefore you will easily find people hating it for just that reason. I personally have little experience with the system, so I couldn't just hate it for the name myself.

MC Mike
Nothing. Halo is overrated, that's all. I can name over 20 games that came out BEFORE and after it that are much better. X-Box is fine.

Red Superfly
That says NOTHING at all.

In fact I prefer the fact XBox doesn't have a Mario, Sonic or Link to it's name.

Have you seen the constant franchising on Nintendos part? Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Party, Mario Gangbang, Mario this, Mario that. Donkey Kong this, Donkey Kong that.

I dunno about you but I've been waiting forever for a decent game on my Gamecube. It looked like we were gonna get it with Resident EVil 4 but seeing as that's gone to PS2 I don't care anymore.

I have all 3 systems, and I'd honestly say Gamecube hasn't been doing ANYTHING of merit for a long while. A sequel to Metroid is not good enough, even though the game rocks.

XBox is truly only worth botherring with if you want online modes. To be honest without XBox Live, my XBox wouldn't be doing much either.

The PS2 has a constant stream of titles - I'm a sucker for Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear Solid. I consider those games to be true videogames in that they hold substantial single-player appeal.

Trouble is, EVERY console game now looks rubbish in comparison to the God of games known as Half-Life 2, which comes with the 'should-be-sold-separate-but-isn't' Counterstrike Source. The best single player and best multiplayer game all rolled into one. Most console games, ESPECIALLY shooting games, now look amateurish in comparison.

start naming...

X-box is by far the best console when it comes to multi-platform games.

the EA games, the Ubi Soft games, some fighting games. Xbox has faster internet capabilities, 4 controller ports, and a hard drive.

PS2 and Gamecube are only good for console specific titles. PS2 being the king because they have so many awesome PS2 only titles.

Took the words right out of my mouth...

I have a PS2 and an X-Box, I love them both, but I love my X-Box so much more, the games are finally getting decent (Halo 2,Thief 3, Chronicles of Riddick, KOTOR 2, Unreal Championship 2, Doom 3 etc..), but theres nothing out at the minute so I've been buying PS2 games.

I'm currently hammering Killzone and The Getaway: Black Monday, pretty damn good games! big grin

I have KOTOR2 and Need for Speed Underground.

KOTOR2 kicks ass.

Red Superfly
Have you played Project Gotham Racing 2? Easily better than ANY racing game out there apart from say, Burnout 3.

I still have Gran Turismo on my PS2, but Project Gotham is just ten times better.

I'm currently playing Half-Life 2/Counterstrike the most, with GTA San Andreas coming a close second.

ive played gotham racing 2 and it is a great game but there is a better one out now called outrun 2 its a classic need for speed underground 2 looks pretty good too but havent played it yet.

this is my order of the best consoles
xbox>>>gamecube>>>>ps2 and dreamcast are about even i think but they are both outclassed by the xbox and gamecube.i dont like the ps2 its got a built in dvd player thats no good most dvds jump in it.i bought a ps2 last year kept it for a week then sold it for an xbox

i never heard of that game.

Two words. Forza and Motorsport. big grin

Two words. Screw and You. stick out tongue

Wolf Dog
The Halo-Player sucks. Get over it.

Why so much hate, hmmm....., lemme think, maybe it's because the system has almost no library and also because it would fall through the floor if it fell, and just because it plainly sucks. There's no other way around it.

Lord Ryugen
I own a PS2, PS2 slim, Gamecube and an X-Box and I've got to the only thing really wrong with the X-Box is its size and weight. While the other consloe keep a medium of smallness the X-Box can deflect artillary fire without much damage

Wow, how ignorant can one dumbass be?

All I have to say, is Legend of Zelda. You won't find those games on a PS2 or XBox will you?

hey, the xbox is way better than the kiddy cube.

Not really, gamecube has numerous exclusive games that are worth playing, Xbox does not.

Wow, so your saying that out of the about 600 games available for Xbox, not one of them is worth playing? If that isn't an overstatement, I don't know what is.

True, but that, Mario games, and Metroid Prime games are all it has.

Not what I said, I said exclusive titles, not every title. There are plenty of good games on the Xbox, problem is all of them are also available, or will be, on another system.

That's the main reason I don't own an xbox.

RE remake. Rogue Squadron games. Super Smash Brothers Melee.

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