x-men legends (hints @ tips)

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hey have u played x legends if so give hints or ask questions on wat u need help with.

i had an easier time on the second level throwing people over the edge rather than fighting them

If you trow people over the edge you'll lose the health or energy they leave behind when defeated.

Mace Skywalker
thats true, you really do have to watch yourself especially when playing with 3 human players. you can fall down cliffs you cant even see. Plus once were going down in antartica lavel and there was that bridge with the 3 barrells on it. I told my brother cyclopse not to shoot em, cuz i thought it was a trap. needless to say we ended up dying. Anyway, i just wanna say that in the indoor level right after. Wolverine, jean, iceman and cyclopse are the best team.

i havent played it yet but i plan on playng it very soon

I bought it friday and beat it EARLY sunday morning...like 3 am.

It's really fun. i just try to bust the 6 hit combo as much as possible.

I recommend using Nimrods arm on any sentinals. It made Master Mold much...much easier.

Oh, and for long fights like that room where you fight all the little sentinals, then the spider-like sentinals, and then Mastermold....buy Super Tissue Regenerators (atleast 2)

Then you can hide behind the little power consoles while all your guys get beefed up.

Otherwise stick by the team swapper and just bash at him until he's done.

against the sentinels at the end (the huge group of em) i found beasts orbital bombardment and gambits staff slam (R2 and circle on ps2) to be very effective. my best team was cyclops, storm wolverine and colossus for everything else though.

is that a person or some ones tech

my bad. It's the Hammer of Nimrod and it's an unique item you can buy from Forge.

and i've picked up a few things since my first post. It's good to get all your melee stuff taken care of early. Magma, Iceman, Jean, Storm, Gambit, and a couple others can all can charge their melee with their type of power permanently and it greatly affects the damage you do during combinations and stuff.

hey guys i'm thinking of buting this game but i want to know something. This is an RPG game but i see a lot of co-op where i find info for this game. I want to know if you can still play this game on your own. And is the game play like Final fantasy or More like tomb raidder?? What i mean in Final Fantasy whenever you get ready to fight you get options to hit or kick (i think) but in tomb raider you can just move freely to do anything. If it's like Final fantasy i won't buy it. Thanks

buffy its 1-4 player, so yes you can play on your own. its more like tomb raider, its not turn based.

any you guys get mask of xorn? you have to finish the legends challenge in the danger room, but it kicks ass, if u have it equipped your character wont use any energy on a mutant attack, making people like cyclops and storm even better than before.

i did it.

I had to beat the game a 2nd time through to get up to legends. the first time i just flew through the game.

i used the Mask with Colossus and his big fist and that was like chopping lumber against Master Mold. I could just sit there decking him for all he's worth then i'd heal and do it again...cake walk

which move with colossus? the punch or clap?

the punch.

that and i've been maxing out his strength with just about ever point available.

laughing out loud sounds good, ill give it a go, thx link

Thanks PR1983

it was good, but way to short and got repetitive, different characters need to have totaly different styles and you should of been able to max out your characters experience

How do you beat toad on the first meeting.We can get rid of the ships but he is annoying...

I went into one of the danger room levels...i think it was on X-Man skill level and I just kept replaying a survival mission using Jean Grey and the other teammates.

her Psychic Scream will trash just about anyone...especially up at Legend.

I gained like 6 levels for my whole team doing this. Only beat the game at level 39 though. sad

is gambit a playable character in this game?

askani' son
Overall I LOVED the game,but only played it after I saw my little younger playing & then I got addicted.Played for hours on end & finished it,but was also dissapointed that it seemed a little short & the teaser bit at the end made me think it was gonna continue til I saw the credits roll.

Anyway,got a quick question,Who's the 15 character & how do you play with him ???? I was presuming it was Havoc,especially after you free him on the last stage (so hope I didn't just ruin it for anyone),but even after that & you go to a save point,you can't use him any more,but then if you start from the beginning he ain't there either.What's the deal,has anyone figured out how to unlock & use him at all ????

Anyone know if thgere' is gonna be an X legends 2 ??? Happy Dance

alien In answer to your question yes gambit is a playable character in the game. And I'm up to the second fight with marrow and I got owned but I have figured out how to beat her and am looking forward to getting the last two characters in the game.

the game was far to repetitive. i thought we had entered an era of video games where we could finally say goodbye to arcade button mashers. step in the right direction though. it was also entirely to easy, but i guess that comes with repitition.

alien Its so sweet I've just gotten psylocke andI kicked the living hell out of dark avalanche and now I'm attacking the sentinal main headquarters.

I am the second fight with Marrow and I can not get past this point!! I have killed her numerous times but she keeps coming back alive. There must be something I am not aware of. Any tips? Please post if you know how to get past this point!

killer her with storms chain lightning when she goes down go to thcorners of the stage they will be morlocks that revives her knock them out and repeat the prosses with the other corners

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