Half Life 2 Review.

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Check out the new PC Gamer magazine.

It gave the score of 98% and has called it, " arguably the best game ever made.

Hopefully he aint wrong.

.... and how did they do that when the game hasnt really been given "Gold" status...?

Actually, the game was completed a couple of months ago, and was just recently given the gold status. PC Gamer said that they were there to review the game as soon as it recieved gold status.

Red Superfly
Wow, looks like fun.

I think I'll get a new PC for such a gem.

Mmmmm, gems.......midget gems...........

thats....thats crazy talk1!!.... @[email protected] ahh! hl2!... : faint:

Just wait till you read the review. you'll die.

i need that game, but i dont think my comp will run it *crying quitely*

Have you seen the HL2 video/gameplay 8min preview? It kicks so much....maybe even better than Halo 2's E3 2003 trailer. I saw it at Radioshack. Then the only parts I remember are...

Some zombie dudes are walking slowly towards you. You're surrounded. And then, you crouch, and punch a button on some threshing machine. You stay crouching, and let the thresher whip the zombies down. Some more appear from an alley, and ONE shot to a car explodes the car, creating a makeshift blcokage.

You're the "bad guy", and you summon these things that look like they're from Starship Troopers. Blah blah blah, Marines do a crossfire on you, but you throw this "Signal ball", and the little Starship Troopers bug things rush in and whip them to peices.

Yeah, but the Gravity Gun will be the greatest. Pick up saw blades and shoot them at zombies to tear them in half. Pick up some metal sheet and use it for a makeshift shield. That's what i want to use haha.

Gravity gun does sound pretty sweet. 98% is a sick review score, gonna have to get this game

It is. Anyways, the game went gold and is coming out on Nov 16th. SO thats 29 days from now.

Wolf Dog
HL2 is the Star Wars of our time. Even the struggles they had making the game is similiar to the struggles they had making the flim. I hate games now. HL2 is all u need. except for Donkey Konga big grin big grin big grin


yep, this year is a blessed year for us gamers.

Halo 2 will keep me goin on my console..


the new counter srike is what I'm lookin forward 2....oh wait...awww f***

my comp crashed when I just looked at the review...I guess it's time to upgrade...

I thought Halo 2 hasn't even been coded for PC yet....erm


Halo 2. Half-Life 2. Those 2 are the best. And now, I'm getting some weird message to stop watching gay porn. Semantics. THIS AINT GAY PORN! OPEN YER FRICKIN EYES. UNLESS YER BLIND OR SOMETHING. Yep, their spying on me. Sorry for the burst, y'all. Okay. Cut it out. I swear, man. I'm in the Library. I'm looking for ya. And when I find you....you really don't want to find out. I'm pissed off now. Don't mess with me when I'm angry.

go get em tiger.

(five hours later)
Didn't find whoever it was. They kept bugging me...."hEy me baCk"......"I sAid stOp watching Gay PoRN..OmG."
Yeah, yeah. Very funny, you crazy dutch bastard. Sick sense of humor.

Its actully cuming out pretty soon the date is nov. 16 incase u guys dont know.

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