Halo 2 Leaked !!!!

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awww jeah!... bring on the blank DVDz!! Happy Dance laughing out loud

Idiots need to stop stealing shit, they're ruining it for everyone and making games take longer to get released. We'd all already be playing HL2 had that dipshit not stolen the code for it.

Thats true. erm

El Toro
man this sux big time. i got my copy pre-ordered.
i watched a documentary on discovery on how Halo 2 was made. man these guys n girls work 20hour days for us to have a good product and idiots go do this. i hope they are caught and dealt harshly.

Same. Screw them, they ruin someone's work, and steal profit. They should be ashamed of themselves.

They usually end up getting caught anyways, so all they're doing is proving their idiocy.

so since the game is leaked, does anyone know anything about the campaign or any details at all?

In my opinion they teach the company not to be such cocky bastards.. next time they'll be more professional about thier security instead of pigging out on sushi and beer. In any case they claim the release date to be unaffected. erm

We know that's simply untrue, of course. Had HL2 not been pirated a year ago, we'd be playing it right now. CS Source and all.

Sure, the companies need to have top notch security for these big games, but the blame fall squarely into the losers who do this. If I ever meet one I'd like to kick his little geek nerd ass all over the place.

I can just picture one of these guys (In urkel voice "hehe, my dungeons and dragons friends will be so impressed that I stole HL2 from valve, man, hopefully when I tell the local bully about this he will be so impressed that he won't shove me into anymore lockers and take my juice money".

if its been leaked..download it...i would

y ? so you can ruin it for yourself or listen to master chief speaking french ?

Or possibly get tracked down and fined $100,000? Sorry, I'd rather pay... hmm, about $99,949 less than that.

True. If people keep on stealing games. Less amazing games will be made because of it.

Yeah and it's people like you who ruin the game and the hard work put in by the dozens of people working on the game for 3 years.

laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

Oh what the ****. Some geek douche in my school was braggin about how he was going to get the leak. I wanted to punch him in the jaw.

Ok, music is one thing, a video game is another. Why? Because Video games take more work, more money, and more everything to make than a stupid song. The sole fact that you get to interact with a game and not a song is reason enough to wait for the real version to be released.

Exactly, I would've hit him for you mad mad mad

thats the silliest comparison Ive heard... its not ok to do either because they both take a crapload of money to make. But whatever makes you feel better about downloading music wink

I think its a tad bit different. If you download one song from an artist, you're actually helping them because if you enjoy the song, most people buy that album. But if you download the whole entire album, then your doing something wrong.

Videogames are different. Download the game, the developer aint seeing shit. Its not helping them because thats what they spent 5 years to make.

Videogames do take alot more money, time and work.

comon...theres more important things goin on in the world to worry about some rich ass company losing some money......if u really wanna spend ya money on somethin importatnt then givre some money to charity....

people 'dont' buy the album after listening to one song.. they just wind up downloading the rest of the album lol.. I think you're being a little too
impulsive making a statement of that nature. You're basically demeriting music by saying it takes no work whatsoever and that video game developers pour their sweat and blood into it for years, which makes pirating music ok... which is why I think thats silly. Seeing how music and video games go quite hand-in-hand, I find it hard to think anything other than that they both take tremendous effort and talent.

lol why so they can fill thier own greedy pockets with 90% of the income?

ScarFace Clone
I agree with you 100% SaTsuJiN

you can get the leak and still buy the game when it comes out.. theres noting wrong with playing the leaked version on a modded xbox for a few weeks to check it out before you buy it

my point exactly

microsoft aint gonna lose much money cos the game is in french..
people will want it in english..so people will buy it anyway

the ppl who have the leaked game is not going to buy the english version becuse they its in french. By the time the game cums out they prolly have beatent the game already so theres no point

Again, people who know nothing assume shit about me.

I don't have any downloaded music on my computer. I did on my last computer, but I got so much spyware and so many viruses, that I got tired of it.

Of course there's an exception to every statement. You say that people just end up downloading the whole album. This isn't necessarily true, as I have downloaded a song for an artist i wasn't sure I would like, and then bought the album because I liked them(then I'd probably see them live). Now, If an artist I usually dislike makes one song I like, then they aren't seeing a penny from me, I would just DL the song I like.

Downloading a song or two that you love from an artist is A-OK by me. Downloading entire albums, entire movies, and entire video games are not exactly the same thing.

Though, the exception to the video game thing is downloading a relativly old/rare video game that you just can't seem to find anywhere else. That should be fine.

Anyway, this isn't a thread on ethics, so whatever.

man how you guys miss the bigger picture.

How would you have felt if say...you spent YEARs writing the 5th Harry potter book, working your butt of just to maintain TOTAL plot secrecy, when some idiot goes and post the plot on the internet? The whole book is generally ruined. Halo 2's plot is one of the most well kept secrets in the industry right now. all they will tell us is the covenant invade earth...thats it....keeping the rest a mystery.

It still ruins the general WOW factor of playing a new game.

I agree with you alot!! thumb up

the game also has almost 2 million copies already sold..

how would you feel if you pre-ordered it then had to wait a year cause of delays to get it.. youd take a chance to play a copy for a few weeks. and halo is about multiplayer so theyd still wanna own it and load it up on xbox live

k so you say I'm assuming things but you say clearly in each post that you have had downloaded music before (something you're against by the way laughing out loud ) , but then you try to sugar coat it by playing the good samaritan and buying the album after listening to 'just one song'... and then there are people who 'dont deserve' your money because they only have one song you like (of whose music you download freely as well).. Also I never said they are the same thing, but I was mentioning that they both take time and talent to create. To put it metaphorically, I suppose your outlook on things would be "Meh, its ok to cut someone and make em bleed.. as long as you dont kill em.. its clearly not the same thing." Maybe you 'are' the good samaritan, but you shouldnt expect people to buy (or maybe even download roll eyes (sarcastic) ) your story. I also want to make clear that I'm not attacking you.. Im just highlighting a piece of the discussion that I found to be invalid.. thats all.

I'd also love to know how this thread is 'not' about ethics.. Im pretty sure this thread was made for us to go "Ohh! bad illegal pirate downloading thugs!".. or am I wrong?. I think code leaks/master copy leaks is an issue that has been troubling gamers more and more as games take longer to develop.

hey yah, great idea, downloading an illegal copy, right up their with paying off a 100,000 dollar fine.

(and ruining the completely awsome story halo 2 has)

also can we PLZ stop talking about music, this isnt the thread to do so.(this is the thread, to mock the stupid french people....who downloaded it)

People 're just gonna think: "Oh WOW...I don't care if Halo 2 is in FRENCH...I just want to PLAY it!."
So yes, that would be one helluva big dissapointment for Bungie/Microsoft.
Bungie:"How did they get that in the first place?"
Bungie Worker:"Here, guys.(Hands out games) Don't tell boss. I'll have my head handed to me if someone fines out."

I refere you to my previous statement...

I think we can all agree rightn now...TO BLAME THE FRENCH!! evil face

well maybe microsoft should be more careful who they employ next time.

I have to rent it when it comes out to see if I will buy it, the first game of Halo gives me motion sickness. sad

Shame to hear it got leaked though.

No, it isn't invalid. It's just something you don't understand, because I'm a little twisted(to some people), and so are my morals.
Yes, cut someone, make them bleed, give them a band aid, but don't kill them. Exactly.

Anyway, I used downloading music as a way to sample an album before I bought it. Yes, if I liked the artist I bought the album. The way I see it is, their whole job depends on people like me. If I like them, then they get my money. If I don't then, they don't see shit from me. I suppose you buy albums you don't like just for one song?

"k so you say I'm assuming things but you say clearly in each post that you have had downloaded music before (something you're against by the way laughing out loud )"

I like this part here. You've never heard of anyone changing their minds before, huh? Odd. People do it all the time. I italicized where you use different tenses. Past tense, as in I USED to be ok with downloading music, and then present tense, where you see I'm against it now.

And no, this isn't a thread on ethics. it's about how Halo 2 got leaked, and now the fun is spoiled.

Oh...I was just kidding. And I have no doubt that Bungie's employees took an oath not to leak information. Yep, I can just imagine it now.

(All standing in front of the Master Chief's statue in cafeteria...it's true.)

CEO:"Hold up yer' right hands....that's yer' left, Simmons."
Simmons:"Oops...sorry, sir."
CEO:"Repeat after me. I hereby solemley swear not to leak any relevant information directly related to the Halo games, unless my superiors allow me to with written confirmation."
(All repeat except for Simmons)
Simmons:"Wait, wait....what was that again, sir?"

Sarge: ... the powers that be have seen fit to inform you about the upcoming campaign.

Simmons: finally some information

church: great whats the big scoop?

Sarge: that the campaign is going to be great, and that your really going to enjoy it.
*Screen looks at all the speechless men*
Sarge: that..is all. thank you for your ti-

Church: wait, thats it? that were going to enjoy it?

Sarge: No, that your REAAAALLLY going to enjoy it..oh and a part about it being great.

Tucker: what about the other stuff, like who are we fighting?

Sarge: I'm sorry, everything else is classified.

CHurch: what about weapons?

Sarge: ...weapons..theeiirrrr gona be GREAT.

Church: great, what are they?

Sarge: that information is only given out to people with the proper clearence.

Church: whats the proper clearence

Sarge: that information is only given on a need to know basis.
Church: do I need to know?
Sarge: thats top secret.

Weren't they showing that when you leave yer' Xbox alone with a demo disc in? The RvB thing.

u dont wear sarcasm very well...how long did it take u to write that??

if it gets leaked then tough shit.....i aint gonna lose any sleep over it
its called security...if it gets leaked then who's fault is that
and if i had the chance to download it then i would ...
Happy Dance

Sure people change thier mind.. just like crackheads 'decide' they'll never smoke crack again... but then when you turn your back they're smokin it.. anyways I'll just take your word for it.. and rather than saying 'invalid' I suppose I should have said 'faulty'. Also, again this thread may not be 'based' on ethics.. however, this subject's backbone consists very heavily of moral/ethical reasoning. Regardless if the thread poses the question of the actual downloading of the game being bad, people will bring it up because thats the next feeling after reading that it was leaked.
As for buying an entire album just for one song.. I stopped doing that crap years ago. Anyways Im not the one preaching anti-file-share

This is about Halo 2 anywayz not about dowloading music.

We were just discussing music because it relates to file sharing and it being illegal. It can easily become exemplary of the Halo 2 leak (artists songs being downloaded before they've been manufactured onto cd's and such).

Personally Im going to wind up buying the game anyway because I dont feel like modding my xbox and voiding my warranty. Especially with how sensitive the inside is.. (I had a lil irregularity in my first copy of halo that prevented level 2 from loading.)

About thirty seconds.

look at it economically...

halo 2 DOESN'T get released online

1million real halo fans by it
0 others buy it
profit: 1 million sales

halo 2 IS leaked
0.2 million download it
0.9 real halo fans buy it
0.1 million real halo fans who downloaded it ALSO buy it in English
profit: 1 million sales

conclusion: people get to try before they buy, microsoft doesn't lose money, and a few thousand people are happy with their free copy of H2, but that doesn't matter, since they wouldn't buy it anyway big grin

if only that was true..id be proud of ya

well said
i hope this calms a few people down who are moaning about it beaing leaked..microsoft wont lose money..u can have a good nights sleep now wink

so would it be the same issue if say the new zelda got leaked a year or 2 from now?

while I think dave has made a good example, I think its also a hasty generalization. You cant exactly guarantee that someone who's downloaded the game will buy it when release comes. All in all good stuff tho smile

you are quite right, but think of it like this.... my local game shop has a 14 day return policy

anyone who would settle for a french copy, obviously would just return the game before the 14 days, so they still don't lose money smile

i played it and its pretty awesome, a guy at my school had it set up in the main campus center running it, which is pretty stupid of him considering the illegealness but not my problem it was pretty cool to play a little early

a friend of mine has downloaded it too

yeah, it's a pretty good game single player/co-operative

it's not all that fancy on multi-player... i'm disappointed

what do u mean by " not all that fancy " ?

omg..have you all no morals...

waiting til Nov 5th to fork over 50 bux.. VS t3h big download... which side will 'you' choose~?

yes but not then it comes to video games

Ooookay.... smokin' roll eyes (sarcastic)

hm yah pay 50 bucks for Halo 2 on Nov. 9th(NINE NOT FIVE)

or pay 100,000 dollars by downloading an illegal game and getting your ass sued

woops!... guess I made a HUGE typo on the halo 2 release date.. sue me.... and who's going to get sued and they cant even find the downloaders?... I guess you feed too much into the "click and go to jail" ad campaign

yea notice all the lawsuits against 12 and 13 year old kids, because they dont know what they are doing.. people that know what to do and how to not get caught are the same people that will be able to access such things as H2

damn right I "feed into" it. I dont mod consoles, or use things that could trash it. I respect the game producers, and respect their products. I have respect for the people at bungie studios, who spent many weekends away from friends, families, loved ones for an entire 3 years.

these people gave their sweat and blood, their very souls, just so you could play this game. and you repay them by acting a like a bunch of jackasses, basicly say F*** you, and download the game for free.

that aint right.

for those of you not down in the pirating scene, there's an English release of Halo 2 on the net wink

sorry i can't post any details, because I lost the link embarrasment

NOTE: I do not own, have never owned, and am not currently downloading Halo 2... I'm just keeping you folks up to date yes

son of a B****. Will evil do-ers never learn....

Their just overly ambitious fanatics. I somewhat pity them a little.

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