Novemeber 4th!

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thats when the trailer hits on the OS. I hope scramba is going to be on that like stink on shit.

it will also be on access hollywood on the 4th.

so i guess HS member's wont see it early then?
tomorrow will be the 2 week mark, so if it IS true,
it will be on HS very soon...we shall see

*rubs hands together in anticipated delight*

check out the thread i made on the HS preview...trns out its true...but....just sheck it out stick out tongue

shit..just realised i made a dupe thread...didnt realise your's was referring to HS...damn stick out tongue

oh well...perhaps a thread merge?

Sith Master X
I'm confused a bit. It says that the new Web Doc is now playing, but I can't find it?

web Doc 6 is available for non-HS users, and Web Doc 10 is available for HS members.

Sith Master X
Yes, that's what I'm talking about. Web Doc 10, and It's not on HS. At least I can't see it. The last thing there is "Pick Up's and Reshoots"

Sith Master X
lol Now I went back there and it says "Coming Soon"

First it was "Coming soon" then it was "Now Playing" and now it's back to "Coming Soon". Can't they make up their minds? lol

I didn't want to post a new thread about this, but
one of my favorite Star Wars websites has just
been sent a letter from Lucasfilm about posting
Hyperspace photos. R2D2 has
agreed to remove all the photos from its host
server. I guess it is something to remember when
sometimes we link photos to KMC.

Doc 8 is available for non HS wink

Old news sucks.

repetitive news dose

There is already another topic on this same subject. Whichever came second should be deleted.

Vanyoda, what's with the Canadian flag on the Stormtroopers head? Are you trying to imply something?

Not implying anything Hunchy smile , just showing the
country I live in.

Eöl Moriedhel
Foul! sad

I know...I was kidding...except that it looks like the stormtrooper is from Canada

"Not implying anything Hunchy , just showing the
country I live in."

will all the fake mods in here calm the f down? i already stated (if you bothered reading this thread) that i mistakenly posted a dupe thread. adobi failed to mention that the os download was for HS users and i failed to realise its basically the same news. so sue us both, and report us if you will messed roll eyes (sarcastic)

BTW mods, we could use a merge here. this thread and the "ITS TRUE..." thread. thanks wink

Darth Surgent
Ahem *cough*. I am the only fake mod. At least, that's what my paycheck says.

no, you are a retired fake mod. stick out tongue

Darth Surgent
Well then. Perhaps certain "changes" are in order.

coming out of retirement?
is the evil side of raz preparing to split from the good side
once again? laughing out loud

PVs calm down...I was just saying that there were two of the same thread...its not that big of deal unless you make it one...its just un-nessecary to have two of the same...I didn't know it was an accident that you both just happened to create the same topic forum.

i wasnt singling you out.
take your own advice and calm down

My bad. I thought you were talking to just me, not all the threads...

*mods that is.

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