Need Help Which Computer Should I Choose?

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hey guys i am thinking about getting a computer
and i dont know ir i should get a dell or a e machine
well the dell costs $500 and the e machine costs $500 . which one should i get ?


Emachines are pretty decent these days....

That being said, Dell is pretty reliable, too.

Either one should be fine.

Dell will replace your harddrive even if you personally take it out and break it over your kneecaps (dont hold me to that statement o,o). So I'd recommend dell.. just make sure you delete all the trash that it comes pre-installed with sick

Just get a gaming rig for a budget. It's possible to get a half decent computer these days for cheap, providing you don't need a monitor. But it's still your call whatever you do.

Don't no but watever you do dont get a mac there crap in my opinion.

Dont get an e machine my mum and sis work in PC world and they are known as the boomerang pcs because they allways come back. I fixed one for someone once and they r trully shit lol. Dell is ok but some parts on some of them u can only replace / upgrade with Dell parts. Advent are good. Personaly I'd build 1 me self but u could get a build to order 1 then u can pick all the bits u want

If u have the money got wit Alienware

I have a toshiba laptop- (with the wireless internet) I love it

in the past I have had a gateway, apple, HP- and this is the best computer I have had- it's awesome stick out tongue

I hear Dell's are good puters too

No offence but my old dear has a tosh craptop and it is shockingly shite lol

ive always built my computers, that way you know exactly what your getting in your case, and its more fun, in a geeky sorta way!

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