Darth Plagueis

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The Ones
sorry if this has been posted before, the search button isnt working for me. this is what ive covered about the new sith lord:

In one message, it was revealed that a new Sith Lord will be briefly mentioned. During a conversation between Palpatine and Anakin, the following character is mentioned:

DARTH PLAGUEIS - there are scores of legends about this Sith. But was he was powerful enough to cheat death? Certainly he could at least use the power of the Force to lengthen his life.

again sorry if its posted, please merge or delete this or close this if it has been posted before

yeah, well.... old news from Josh. not sure if i can trust that guy

Darth Surgent
Josh never lies, but you should only expect about 90% of what he says to come to pass. Leave 10% skepticism in place, due to editing changes and new additions that GL is making.

GÚnÚral Grievou
Personnaly i've a theory.

Do you remember the BTH where we seen Palpatine and Anakin looking a picture who remember to Palpatine the old and glorious days, this one:


I supposed that the "old and glorious days" are the time where the sith were the masters of the universe and this picture could be a drawing or 3d image (like in the AOTC deleted scene in the padme room) of Darth Plagueis.

What do you think about this ?

I think you've probably got it, general grievou. wink

PS cool signature.


I don't think Darth Plagueis sounds that cool...Darth Venge would be cool if they didn't use "Revenge" in the title...but even so, there are other Darth names that would sound cool. I think it would've been awesome if it were "Darth Grievous" but we can't all have our wishes.

yes. plagueis is lame.

how the hell is that supposed to sound rolled off the almighty tongue??

Darth Surgent
The CQ of this character is going to depend entirely on how it should to be pronounced.


etc, etc.

I think that GL could have done better, but seeing how unimportant this character is going to be, I don't really care that much.

I initially read it as play-giss. All the others I think sound even worse than Plagueis is already. Whatever happened to Darth Bane/Rage/whatnot?

maybe plageuis is a code word - the real name might not be released until the actual movie?

Yeah, Dooku was called something else for a long time before the release of AOTC, some darth that wasn't Tyrannous.

plagueis sounds cool to me....dunno.....a plague is more serious and far reaching than a maul....

Darth Hate, Darth Pain, Darth Bad, Darth Injury, Darth Unhappiness...

^ Hey at least he could do worse right? lol

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