Yoda Vs Sidious: CONFIRMED by Joshua Griffin

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"did you get a confirmation of the duel between yoda and sidious?

JG: "they duel, yes."


hmmm.... do you guys believe him? confused i wish i could

Richard FilmFre
It was mentioned before... so... smile

im not saying this is NEW. of course it has been mentioned before, but has never been confirmed by a reliable source.

or...? embarrasment

whats the deal with that guy... not doubting him, people seem to have a pretty good trust in him... I know hes over at TFN... but someone said he is leaving or something, whats the story... and does he ever hint as to how he gets his info?

Jedi Priestess
He doesnt work at TFN but he does have access to good spoilers. Josh was one of the founding members of TFN I believe.

J.M FcThumbs-Up
I agree NoMed, it has been mentioned before and never before really been confirmed( let's say by Lucasfilm or the official site)!
But if it's there I hope it's gonna be Clash of Titans!!!!

Sith Master X
As far as I knew, this duel was confirmed long ago.

so has it been said how long the duel wil be? as long as the one in AOTC

Sith Master X
I heard it was going to be a bit longer then the one in AOTC. You see, Yoda vs. Dooku in AOTC was even longer, but Lucas cut alot of that duel out to keep some exciting new things fresh for Yoda's duel in ROTS.

Red Superfly
I for one hope that we have seen the LAST of "lightsabre Yoda".

I seriously hope they DO duel, but with FORCE ONLY.

The duel between Dooku and Yoda was looking promising until Yoda started his stupid lightsaber stunts.

And seeing as how Yoda says "do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor" - here's hoping Sidious whoops him so bad that he doesn't even have time to grab his saber.

It would be absolutely awesome to see Yoda crack under the pain of sidious' lightning.

If Sidious whups Yoda with Force lightning, it would add to the end of ROTJ scene where Luke is getting shocked by the Emperor - we would fully understand the sheer pain he must have been in, and how strong he has become to withstand it for so long, when even Master Yoda couldn't hack it.

I totally disagree. I think that it was awesome. Everyone has a different fighting style. For how old Yoda lived to be, it kept him from ever losing. I think it also showed us how great he was in his younger years.

Sith Master X
I agree, Yoda vs. Dooku was great.

Master Kadub
I will not change my mind on this issue....
Yoda putting the smack down on Sidious
would be truely awesome.....

But something tells me that Sidious will pull
some darkside trick to keep himself from
being whooped by the 1/2 sized green guy.....
and that is where we get the famous 'dont
underestimate the powers of the darkside'

Yoda is one tough muffin

Red Superfly
Go watch it again - and watch Dooku, never take your eyes off him. There's a bit where Yoda jumps away, and Dooku isn't even looking in his direction.

Seriously, I thought the duel was cool at first, but after a while you realise that it was really, really stupid. It's supposed to be Anakin and Obi-Wan getting the spotlight - you need to sow the seeds of their characters. We really didn't need to see Yoda fight, much like how we don't need to see Sidious fight.

It should have just been Dooku having a duel with Kenobi, then Anakin, making the two characters involved look more special.

They really should have saved Yoda for the Emperor.

It's so sad you're right sad

i would have to agree that they should have saved yoda for the duel with the emperor and had obiwan and anakin go to town on dooku in ep 2 , oh well whats done is done eh

Sith Master X
I've watched thid duel about 1,000 times. laughing

But yeah, it's not a duel without flaws. As much as I like it, there were a couple of errors, one noticably where their blades never make contact, yet you hear the impact.

The part about Dooku looking in the other direction, perhaps that error was made when they cut part of the duel out of the film?

Red Superfly
I don't know, but I just don't like that fight in general. The three stages were badly done:

Obi-Wan vs Dooku: "Oh wow this'll be amazing it's just Obi-Wan and Dooku, Obi-Wans gonna kick so much a....wha? He's down already? WTF?"

Anakin vs Dooku: "Ok I get it, I see the Vader tie in there, saving his master, pretty cool, I bet this is where it kicks off an....wha? What are they DOING? Why are they dancing in the dark? Their sabres are moving but I don't hear ANY clashing noises! Ben Burtt f**cked this up big style. Oh hang on they're back in the open maybe some action will.......wha? Anakin don't leave your arm out like a retard! Anakin YOU SUCK!"

Yoda vs Dooku: "Oh, OK, I give up. Lucas has forsaken the credibility of his two most important characters in order to put Yoda over as a bad ass. What is he doing? He did NOT just do a kung fu pose! Now what? No....don't you dare. He did. He only just pulled out his mini lightsaber. Stop cheering you morons! Look! he just looks like a rotating CGI blob! He's made Dooku look like a tool, which makes Obi-Wan and Darth Vader over there even bigger tools! You and your freakin muppets George"

Jedi Priestess
oh my god......Red and I actually agree on something blink

bunch of whiners stick out tongue

here here

Jedi Priestess

Sith Master X

Jedi Priestess
laugh it up fuzzball evil face

laughing out loud

Yoda's kung fu pose. It's so ridiculous, I have to turn away every time it comes up.

The main problem with the Yoda and Dooku duel was they were trying to make Yoda look to agile, majority of his swings are flare and aren't aimed at anything.
With the way I've heard Sidious described, and with how powerful he must be, I think this fight will be more technical. Yoda will definately flip around and whatnot, but that's because he'll be fighting a Sith Master. I'm betting he'll hardly even move his feet and one hand Master Yoda out of the temple.

laughing what about the useless cutting in (oh sweet, anakins got 2 sabers hes gonna fight co.....GET OFF THE SCREEN OBI WAN....ahh...back to anak.....DAMMIT he lost the second saber...)

chilled monkey
Personally I think this is a mistake. I've always thought Sidious isn't the type to get his hands dirty and fight anyone himself. Also, if he does win, why wouldn't he have killed Yoda? I know Sith have ego problems, but still...

It could be good if done properly though. It would be good if Yoda was really kicking his arse, forcing him to give in completely to the Dark Side to win, losing whatever humanity he had left. This would cause him to change into how he looks in RotJ.

J.M FcThumbs-Up
Obi-Wan lost because he underestimated Dooku, he thought he could simply open up a kan o' bantha-poodoo on this one! He forgot that this was a double-dealing MASTER of the Force, he was the padawan of Yoda and the guy who turned his own master Qui-Gon into a Jedi!

Anakin lost his duel because of his arrogance and his inexperience against a lightsabre-master( Ani WILL get his revenge).

With the Yoda-Dooku duel Lucas' probably could have done a better job!
The start-off was good, but the rest...no comment.
Would have been much more mystical if he had let Yoda sit it out untill Episode3 and THEN show why he's called the master.....

Although Yoda get's out to be a loser, I think it's unfair to let him go down like a punk! Yoda is still my personal favorite since I saw him for the first time in ESB, when I was 5.

Lucas will be punished with Sith-lightning if that ONE sweet battle turns out to be schoolboy stuff........argggggg.
Please George don't make us cry, PLEASEEEEEEE?!

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