The Epiii Teaser For Hs Members!!

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I need a hyperspace member to pm it or email it to [email protected]

(When it comes out on nov.4) PLZ and THANKYOU

I'm sure that it will be copies and posted within a couple minutes of it's first showing

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DUDE you SO know better than to open a thread like this.

yea jp, how you doing... it's been to long

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Im fine DD are you behaving?

always...just a lot on my mind the first day. I'm getting better at this. Sorry, messed up again. All this mushyness needs to go in another thread.

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laughing good to see you've gotten the hang of posting smart! wink

third thread on this topic... at least this one had no good intentions in the first place confused

oh yeah, i'll get right on it for ya. just wait right here and i'll have it in a few. but don't go anywhere.

^^^ lol... i gotta feeling you will be gone till november

SrY bout this thread JP i was just about to p my pants when i heard about it nov.4

Here is a supposed description of the trailer

20th Century Fox

Lucasfilm Ltd. Production

The Force is what gives a jedi his power, it's an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us and penetrates binds the galaxy together.

For over a thousand Generations the Jedi knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy...before the dark times...before the empire.

A young Jedi named Darth Vader., helped the empire hunt down and destroy the jedi knights.

Vader was seduced by the Dark side of the force.


"Lord Vader..."

"Yes, master..."


Space battle
Federation Ship
Lightsaber fight
Speeder zooming

...other stuff...



sorry dude...i couldnt resist stick out tongue

old news is good news when it's not well known news. i never read that anywhere before.

sounds great.


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meh can we get yet another merge?

I'm sure someone is going to seed it for us all.



Clueless Newbie Lamer Flamer
Loser Spammer Troller
"Me too" er Pervert Geek
Freak Nerd Elvis
Racist Fed Freak
Fundamentalist Satanist Homeopath
Unbearably self-righteous person Shoko Asahara

I took exception to your recent:

Post to ________ newsgroup
Post to Episode III forum
Phone call
Telepathic message

It was:

Lame Stupid Abusive
Clueless Idiotic Brain-damaged
Imbecilic Arrogant Malevolent
Contemptible Libelous Ignorant
Stupid Fundamentalist Microsoftian
Boring Dim Cowardly
Deceitful Demented Self-righteous
Crazy Weird Hypocritical
Loathsome Satanic Despicable
Belligerent Mind-numbing Maladroit
Much longer than any worthwhile thought you may be capable of.
All of the above

Your attention is drawn to the fact that:

You posted what should have been emailed.
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You self-righteously impose your religious beliefs on others.
You self-righteously impose your racial beliefs on others.
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You don't know which group to post in.
You posted something totally uninteresting.
You crossposted to *way* too many newsgroups.
I don't like your tone of voice.
What you posted has been done before.
Not only that, it was also done better the last time.
You quoted an *entire* post in your reply.
You started a long, stupid thread.
You continued spreading a long stupid thread.
Your post is absurdly off topic for where you posted it.
You posted a followup to crossposted robot-generated spam.
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find a volcano and throw yourself in.
get a gun and shoot yourself.
Actually post something relevant.
Read the FAQ.
stick to AOL chat rooms and come back when you've grown up.
Apologize to everybody in this newsgroup.
consume excrement.
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Post your tests to misc.test.
Put your home phone number in your ads from now on.
Don't post until you have a vague idea what you're doing.
All of the above.

In Closing, I'd Like to Say:

You need to seek psychiatric help
Take your gibberish somewhere else
Learn how to post or get off the Internet.
Most of the above
All of the above
Some of the above, not including All of the above
You are so clueless that I didn't bother filling in this form.


laughing out loud the good ol' SBRF laughing out loud

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YEAH!! The return of the bonehead form! Happy Dance Happy Dance Happy Dance

but in all honesty DV did say he was sorry. sad

dude...that was totally harsh...when i saw teaser trailer on the SW site i rushed here and posted sorry that i did that without totally reading the fourm bit for the love of god u totally made your self the biggest *******..i kno everyone thinks its funny but apparentally i do kno i wonder if other people on other fourms totally trash other people that posted somthing by mistake..any way ill say im sorry once again and ill just not post anymore... sad

Someone actually typed that thing up? Wow, I think I have seen a new low in "Got way too much f-ing time on their hands".

All that to mock someone? roll eyes (sarcastic)
Mistakes happen....some people need to calm down a bit and stop taking this forum stuff so seriously.


oh please drathvader, nobody wants you to NOT post anymore.
just be mindful of the threads you post, thats all. people on this forum are very helpful, and if you PM them, i think you will be surprised with the help you recieve.

and please dont take it so damn personal, its only a furum.

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