A surprise at the end of the film

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My friend Matt spoke to Josh and this is what he said:

Will a suited Vader cut-down the remaining Jedi?

and josh said: Nope. But there is a surprise at the end.

I wonder that the surprise will be.
What do you guys think the suprise will be?

I think, that i dont know.


Its an obvious thing to say but.........
the movie was well directed

we don't know about that yet

montage of empire taking over that would be cool.

Who knows, but we'll see the critical link come to place where III and IV are supposed to meet.. and see if it was screwed up or not.

yes, the almighty question is not how will the movie end, but will george screw it up big time?

Sith Master X
I doubt George will screw it up. The movie looks so good right now, it's hard to imagine that he could mess up the ending.

at this point, it's kind of set up to be a success...he'd have to try hard to make it suck

yeah, but think of ep2 pre release. looked so good, turned out not so good.

NOT TRUE. Episode II was good. Every episode has it's place. Every episode has to tell you part of the story. The reason that some people don't like them is because not all the story can be 100% action. The reason that some people don't like them is because of places like this that constantly dream of the ultimate movie, from their own eyes. They ALL are great!!!

so those love scenes in ep2 are fantastic acting and are all wonderful?


I think that they will imply that anakin is dead and dooku becomes vader (he did look remeniscent of vader in episode 2 - with his black cloak). This would keep the surprise alive for episode 5 for people who dont know the true identity of vader

Or maybe the revelation that the stormtroopers are clones of anakin, just as the clonetroopers were clones of jango.

I don't think so...lol.

I say the surprise is either that he does in fact show Vader killing someone (because its in such high demand), or he shows something about the twins that we don't know. I hope he's not referring to Tarkin being near the end, thats not much of a surprise.

what about daeth star being in start of construction that could be at the end.

also not very surprising since we know it gets built at some point. A surprise needs to be something we have no knowledge of and could not figure out without the surprise revealing it.

Red Superfly
What could the ending surprise be?

Final scene: no bluescreen.

Imagine that!

This is just my theory but i think it would be pretty cool if at the end of the movie, vader kills dooku (without really having to try) to prove his loyalty to Sidious. Maybe by a lighting bolt or something but the thing is, knowone would see it coming, not even dooku.

And to add on to my theory, i just read the thread by Jedi Priestess which is entitled Plot Spoilers by Josh To Date From TFN. I read about there being a surprise in the end and right after that spoiler is says that Dooku gets owned. This might mean that the surprise in the end might have something to do with Dooku and Vader.

Possible surprises:

1. Padme's death is faked/staged.
2. Palpatine reveals that he is Anakin's "father" and is responsible for his conception, etc.
3. Palpatine and Sidious are two different people (revealing them to be the same wouldn't be much of a "surprise"wink.

I'd put money on three. I've been saying this for years, now.

its such a for sure thing that the emperoro is in fact sidious tho just think about it "the snate is under the control of a sith"

The surprise will be Jar Jar Binks being Luke and Leia''s true biological father!!

That's why Luke finds 'something familiar' about Dagobah, because it reminds his Gungan DNA of its origins on Naboo, and that's why Leia made such fast friends with the Ewoks (not to mention draws the attention of scoundrel Han Solo), because she stinks like fish all the time from her Gungan connection...

it could happen!!

Jar Jar Binks will reveal himself as Darth Muffin, the master of pastry force abilities, and in doing so begin the legendary duel between Darth Vader & Darth Sidious vs. Darth Muffin and Salacious Crumb!!

Prolly not, gonna have to wait for the movie fellas. Doubt anyone here knows.

hahahhaahhaha no. mabye the surprise is that vader has parts from another sith implanted in him

Darth Jello
well, there are long standing rumors that parts of vader a recycled from Grievous

It has been proven that Vader`s suit has parts of GG.

THey could kill anakin off, and then at the end, reveal his head on a new body formed from parts of grevious

My (original) idea:

Sidious (to anakin): I am your father

Dunno....sounds daft.....and like what parts of GG look like they end up on Vaders Suit exactly?

I reckon the last scene will have to be upbeat and offer a bit of hope
after 220 mins of death and destruction itll be needed
i dont buy into the surprise thing
The last scene will be baby luke being dropped off at the lars homestead
well thats what i reckon anyway.

Maybe Bobba is the one who kills padme (under orders from dooku/sidious), as revenge for his father dying

I think that Vader's suit was made by the same people that saved GG with his robotic body parts. I'm not sure that GG's actual parts will be used in Vader's rescue.

unknown hero
Boba Fett will not be old enough in this episode to avenge his fathers death. The suit just wouldn't fit. I think we'll see Han as a young man. e must have already been born, think about it, he's older than Luke and Luke will be born in Ep III. Why not maybe Chewbacca is saved by him or something?

what about han solo that would be surprise but think it would have something to do with empire.

Red Superfly
These surprises you guys are coming up with are hilarious.........

If a youg Han Solo makes it into this film I will be very upset.

My take on the surprise, it's gonna be something none of us could even guess, otherwise it wouldn't still be being billed as a "surprise."

Now that's a surprise I'd love to see.

Oh, wait, blah blah blah.


This has DEFINITELY been debunked. According to Josh:

"1/1. And Sidious=Palpatine will be cemented once and for all ... by Yoda of all people."

Let's put this theory to rest, ok?

Oh, wait, blah blah blah.


Sith Master X
Interesting that is.

Maybe Lucas is hyping this up to be a surprise, when the surprise will turn out that there is in fact NO surprise. We wouldn't see that coming if we keep thinking of things...cept me.

Sith Master X
Hmm, I doubt they'd do that knowing how much that would piss the fans off, but you never know.

Maybe the surprise is not so much a surprise concerning the plot, but a nice surprise for the fans. A scene were Anakin / Vader kills Jar Jar.

If Padme survived then this would be much of a surprise for me.. stick out tongue

That wouldn't be much of a surprise, but more of a GREATLY appreciated thing. I've always thought it would be so awesome if Jar Jar steps in front of Anakin and he Force Chokes him to death with ease. Jar Jar is a horrible, horrible waste of a good character design. If he had made Jar Jar and the Gungans skilled warriors or something that would've been awesome, instead of a bumbling idiot that makes too many jokes that don't make anybody laugh...ever....and if they do they're sick.

Man I'm souped, I wanna kill Jar Jar myself now.

Surprise = C-3PO gets his memory erased, but R2-D2 doesn't.

what if its boba fett in armor that would be nice. Sidious being anakins father, i think that would cause some problems. One thing for damn sure, it would change the way i look at those 2 and the trilogy as a whole.

will it be a surprise just for fans or a surprise for the casual viewer??

Maybe the surprise is that it will show palpy and annie standing next to each other at the end of the movie, and palpy says "i am your master" and he leans over and grabs annies butt, and annie is like "what have i got myself into sad "

I dont know. He was about 10 years old in episode 2, and episode 3 is 10 years later than that, so he might be old enough.

Remember vader saying to bobba "I want them alive. No disintegration."

Quote- Remember vader saying to bobba "I want them alive. No disintegration."

I wish i could disintergrate people who still think Boba will be in EP3

Some of the postings on the "surprise" at the end of Episode3 leave me thinking this forum isnt the sanest of places.

alien Padme survives she gets taken to alderaan with senator Bail organa and his wife and leia is raised on alderaan well thats what i read anyway.

palpy comes out of the closet

What the f**k?

Well those robes are kind of colourful and camp
check that look Maul gives SIDEOUS when he says "yes my master"
I dread to think what they might have got up too with that double ended lightsabre.

Come to think of it sw is kind of gay
Jar Jar
Admiral Ozzels bitchy look at Piett upon being corrected
Wickett humping Hans leg
Chewies very girly look at Han whilst 3p0 tells the ewoks about the carbonite freezing moment
Billie Dees Blue Oyster Bar Moustache

"I thought that hairy beast would be the end of me."
"And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!"
"Grab me, Chewie. I'm slipping -- hold on. Grab it, almost...
you almost got it. Gently now, all right, easy, easy,
hold me Chewie."
"Hey, Luke, thanks for coming after me -- now I owe you one."
. "Back door, huh? Good idea!"


So on the basis of the above i reckon the surprise ending will be a big Judy Garland musical finale with a tapdancing Vader.

the suprise is................................................. darth vader is really star wars kid laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud


/\ lol laughing out loud laughing out loud laughing out loud

Seriously, C3po is totally homo camp.

unknown hero
10 years later, where on earth did you hear that. I was under the impression it was about 3 - 5 days later.

Lets hope the surprise is that it all works and has the old magic

SW is like a girl u met in 77
she was hot and you had a great time right up til 1983 when SHE DUMPED YOU
You bump into her again in 1997,shes changed a little but basically the magic is still there THEN SHE DUMPS YOU
Then in 1999 u go on a date,shes got a new look , basically a few things irritate you but you put up with em
Things pick up in 2002 but your still feeling a little unfullfilled so u go casual

Your meeting her next fri nov5th for a brief date
u seen pics
shes looking darn hot
lets hope shes like her old self


maybe the suprise is that C3PO is gay laughing out loud laughing out loud


Jedi Priestess
He was 10 in episode 1
20 in EP 2
and 23 in ROTS

rots is like three years after ep 2, because i remember reading an article where mccallum i think it was, said that the clone wars are three years long and that its kinda like the clone wars are happening right now. so when you watch the movie youre thrown right into the very instance of things. about that whole sidious being ani's father thing and how it wouldnt go over well with the public, well, neither did the fact that leia was lukes sister and that they made out maybe even screwed (EU). People felt uncomfortable by that but soon excepted it. i think that it would make alot of sense to do that. the discription of how ani was conceaved was very vague.

geeze whats with all the gay jokes.

Oh I'm allowed the odd joke as I have a close family member who is gay. Actually that line about 3po was their idea..LOL


Jar Jar will NOT be killed. He's in ROTJ now for Pete's sake screaming "Wesa Freee!" So give up that false hope, however comforting it might be.

Surpirse will be------- Yoda trained Sidious waaaay back when.

Ok maybe not. But ideas too close to the surface aren't gonna be it either. So might as well make them outlandish.

Oh wait. I've got another.

Evan Sleazabgano(OR WHATEVER HIS NAME IS) is REALLY Obi-Wan's little brother. And seeing him in the bar on Coruscant sets him off and he destroys the Jedi as payback to Obi for ruining his life's career as a Death Stick salesman!

Maybe sidious and yoda are long lost cousins

Maybe Yoda is Chewbacca's son, and maybe R2-D2 is really a human...

In all seriousness I think there is no surprise.

I like the idea of Padme not being dead, after all, myself. Didn't this supposed reviewer say that Boba isn't in the movie? And it shouldn't have anything to do with Dooku because he's a part of galactic history by then.

Unless Lucas is in a crowd shot at the end giving the audience the finger and holding a sign that reads "Thanks for your money".

^^ LOL ^^

Theer are quite possibly more than one sith, and they're primary directive is to kill each other, so it seems logical that a sidious-y character would try to take over, sense another sith, than plan a larger-scale attack.

but palpatine and Sidious ar ethe same person. They're both played by the same guy.

It was a fun theory for awhile.

Does anyone know if Kyle Katarn is in episode 3 and if so, could that be a possible surprise?

Well, he'd only be a teenager, btu I haven't heared anything about him. I doubt that's going to be it.

I think that since it's a surprise, we probably won't be able to anticipate it.

Perhaps it'll be some futile attempt at tying the Star Wars universe to ours, thus ruining it.

the only logical surprise would be that vader does something at the end. there would be no other point in introducing vader so late in the film if he doesnt do anything cool in the final minutes. (didnt they say vader was on screen for like 10mins, and the surprise is at the end?)

I know james earl jones voice over suppose to be 5 minutes so he might be on for ten minutes.

it wouldnt matter how long he speaks for, cause he doesnt have to say much while fighting.

or maybe sidious tells him something about the sith or something. tfn said that the last ten minutes will be a dream come true for fans, so what could they give us?

Maybe the surprise is that there IS no surprise

let's just hope that it's not a 'relative' thing. It's gonna get confusing as it is!

Vader is married to padme, who produces Luke and Leia.

'Aunt Buru' isn't really Luke's aunt (Not by blood)

Same goes for 'uncle' Owen.

Anakins is the produce of the force allegedly.. thus making the force Luke and Leia's uncle laughing out loud

for a while people thought that Owen and Ben were brothers...thank god that wasn't true..imagine how complex it would already be!


Ben is really anakins half brothers nephews mother's cousin twice removed.

Grievous is going to say '...No I am your father' to C3PO

Sidious is related to EVERYONE! Thus explaining why he ended up a sith (Coz' he couldn't keep up with who was on his Xmas card list!)

Padme put on a lot of weight and turned into jabba the hutt.

R2D2 turns out to be an 'extra' sith lord who is sidious's boss thus explaining his bad temper.


a dream come true??? luke says his first word:"dada"!loll

i kinda like the idea of palps being anakin's father. it might be hard to explain, but it would make sense. i thought it was sorta vague how ani was born without a father. either way it works out i guess, concieved by palps or concieved by the force

That would totally suck IMHO. George Lucas has followed the story of how Jesus was conceived.... roll eyes (sarcastic) no seriously! Anakin had no father and was concieved by the force (God) and Shmi fell pregnant(Mary) i remember Pernilla August played Mary in a story about christ, so George obviously saw her performance, and thats where he got the idea.

Like i said IMHOwink

p.s - so your wandering who the joseph figure is? ...... um..................Qui-Gon? laughing laughing

Actually i just remembered GL confirmed this in an interview a few years backwink

we will most likley see the completion of the Death Star with Vader and Sidious looking out of it.

But how come it would take a full 19 years to build the Death Star, and it only took 1 year to build the second confused

maybe they had to work out prototypes or something, testing it and whatnot

alien Can some one tell me how chewbacca is in ROTS and how old does anyone think he is.

I have to agree with previous posts, the surprise will be if GL doesn't screw the whole thing up like the other 2.

Chewies in it because they're attacking his home world, so he's going to be there to fight it out....
Say he's quite young, 30? in epIII, that makes him roughly 70 in epIV?
I'm guessing wookies live for a couple of hundred years at least?

Someone earlier brought up the idea of the "surprise" being that the Stormtroopers are actually clones of Anakin, whereas the Clonetroopers are clones of Jango Fett. You know, I'm going to have to say that I believe this could be it.

Before the OT DVD's came out, I had been reading everywhere that the stormtrooper dialog had been replaced with the voice of Tameura Morrison <sp?>, because he played Jango Fett, and the Clonetroopers were clones of Jango, and since the Stormtroopers are what the Clonetroopers eventually become, then the Stormtroopers would also be clones of Jango.

But since watching the OT DVD, it is obvious that the Stormtrooper's dialog is completely the same as it has always been. Now, if the Stormtroopers are clones of Jango, then (in Lucas Logic) they would have Jango's accent, just like Boba does in the OT DVD (which was changed to match Jango). So why don't the Stormtroopers sound like Jango?

The answer is simple: the Stormtroopers are clones of someone other than Jango. I say it's Anakin


trouble with that theory is the small fact that they sound nothing like anakin laughing out loud Otherwise a decent hypothesis.


chewbacca is around 200 at the time of the OT, so he's probably around 160 in ROTS (wookies have long lifespans)

right you are.

that would be pretty dumb. besides, george already said the reason the voices are different is because they've used lots of diff people with political persuasions ect as clones... the storm troopers are sucky because some people get cloned due to their status in the empire as opposed to their physical prowess.

also, palps is the bad father and obi wan is the good father (or vice versa). it harkens back to Lucas's original story where obi-wan was luke's good father and Vader was the bad father.

can't remember ever reading about that gang...... got any furthur details or links?


I just heard some spoilers for the end of the film:

1. Anakin IS Darth Vader

2. Palpatine IS Darth Sidious

Wow. I didn't see that coming.

How about this suprise ending: Maybe Padme dresses up in disguise (like she always does to avoid Anakin because she finds out that he has been turned to evil, but doesn't know that he is dressed in the Vader suit) and Vader accidently kills her...her face revealed when she turns over in one of George's classic death scenes....spurs Vader on to take out the rest of the Jedi perhaps???

And also about Tewera Morrison re-dubbing the Stormtroopers...being a kiwi (New Zealander) I'd hate to admit it but I feel he did a SHIT job at replacing the orginal Boba voice...sounds to distant to the original diologue, and really bugs me! some of lines aren't really emphasised as much either!

Maybe Either Luke or Leah are Obi-Wans child

The suprise could be that there is no suprise other than GL finally gets the formula right, he answers all the major questions and all the fans are 100% content with the outcome.

let us bow our heads and pray

I was thinking of this what if qui gonn spirit shows up in the desert as obi-wan walks off says to his master told you master was to old for the training then disapears as obi-wan vanishish into desert dunes.

I think the suprise is Qui Gonn

Jar Jar finally realized how stupid and annoying he is and decides to commit suicide.

Darth Subjekt
we can only wish he'd kill himself.

Maybe the surprise is that instead of twins being born its triplets. And one is somehow taken by the empire and raised secretly by Palpatine. If lucas does do episodes 7 8 9 they would need a credible villian to go up against the Skywalker-solo family . The line "there is another" always came off wrong to me when watching ESB almost like Yoda is telling Obi wan something he didnt know . Obi Wan obviously knew about Leia so perhaps Yoda knew about another Skywalker altogether.. Far fetched i know but shocking and could work if they plan on another Trilogy.

or maybe padme and obi-wan develop a kind of love affair while anakin is gone for so long.... however i don't think it's likely.

maybe padme is NOT killed, but goes to live elsewhere in the galaxy away from luke and leia

yeah... THAT would be a great example of complete crap as far as writing is concerned with tying up loose ends.

Darth Subjekt
look, in order for it to be a surprise, it would have to be something that we would want to see, or something that he thought we want to see. personally, i dont give a wookie's nutsack if Padme lives or dies. the other triplet thing would be cool, but not if Sidious rasied it. He said, "that boy is our last hope." then he said "no there is another" so if Sidious raised him, then he really wouldnt be "another" hope, know what im saying?

Hell, it might just be a marekting scheme to get people to go see it.

Sith Master X
I don't think they're really in need of any schemes to get people to see SW. wink

Force ghost baby......

Darth Subjekt
oh i understand that X, just a suggestion....im thinking ghosts too a little.

Maybe the surprise is that both luke and leah are stillborn, and that they are really just ghosts in the original trillogy

triplets...... it would make Yoda's "There is another" line make sense now wouldn't it. However I doubt it.
I'm still siding with Sidious somehow being connected with Anakin's birth.

Count Doodoo
I was just thinking about how the Jango clones fly fighters that are similar to Rebel Alliance fighters in the OT, and I thought this:

What if One of the good guys was able to turn the clones away from serving Palpatine or release them from the mind control in time for them to come and save Obi, Bail, Yoda, etc. at the end of the movie?

Then maybe another clone war would be fought right after Episode III (hence clone warS -- plural) between Rebel Alliance Jango clones and new clones or recruits of the Empire. Could make a good TV show. smile

id rather see C3Po and r2 in the forthcoming tv series trying to recover their lost memories in a "hey dude wheres my car type scenario"
i feel for people in this forum who make mistakes cause they dont read every post or have forgot and repeated.....or put up old news
i aint been here since the day of the teaser trailer and ive been on for 3 hours and still aint ..nor will i ..read everything
i got a fricking headache
i have opinions but theyve probably been discussed done and dusted
its tough even when u do search

Luke and Leia are only half brother and sister.

Perhaps either:
anakin had an affair with another woman.


leia is really obi-wans child.

Or, maybe it's anakin that kills padme (to stop her telling obiwan about their relationship).
That would really make him think that there is no going back and that he cant turn away from the dark side.

if there is a suprise in the end - dont ruin it - dont want to read this thread either


just want to go see the movie in my princess leia shirt

I've considered the notion that Luke and Leia could be the result of an illicet(sp) affair of Anakins. Though GL's put a lot of work into Padme I can't see it happening.

Has it even been confirmed that she was the mother of either luke or leia?

Palpatine knows about Luke.

Darth Subjekt
how ould she not be their mpther? shes pregnant, and i dont think Anakin would do anything to hurt her such as cheating, until he turns to the sith. And i think he'd be a little too busy killing jedi to go get some tail from another chick.

although now that i think about it, no one would expect it, so it would be a suprise...

I think i heard somewhere that "palpatine reveals to anakin the mysteries surrounding his origin... i hope that doesn't mean that palpatine will be all "Anakin.... i am your father" because that would kill star wars forever and for always.

Darth Subjekt
yea they already did the "i am your father" thing.....besides that would just be another way to convince luke to join the darkside...."Luke, i am your father, as the Emporer is mine....you see son, the Darkside flows through your blood...it is your destiny." So i dont think that would be it.

maybe the jedi wern't all killed, but were detained and kept for cloning new stormtroopers

Do you think that the episode 4 galactic empire was even aware of the fact that the first clonetroopers were clones of jango, as they refer to bounty hunters as 'scum'

I don't think the origins of the Clones will be revealed to the public.

I've always thought that Palpy could have had something to do with Ani's birth. Maybe he experimented on Shemi or something so he could be "Anakins Father from a certain point of view" A genetically concieved Force Sensative baby. Shemi learns of the experiments, and escapes to Tatoine.
It would sorta explain the interest Palpy has in Anakin in EPI

Ofcoursre Padme not being Luke and Leia's mother would be the sort of twist GL would put in and the rich old man would would find it very amusing.
"I set you all up and you fell for it" he would say and then charge re-release an updated version in 20 years where Padme is their mother

one of the twins is not anakins child (could be obiwan's??)
one of the twins is not padmes child

either way they wouldn't be twins.... if Luke and Leia arn't twins I swear to god I'll shoot myself .

half twins.

Darth Subjekt
you cant have half twins.....

yeah. sorry. well, what if they have different fathers, but the same mother?

Darth Subjekt
theyd be half brother and sister, but still not twins...twins have to be from the same egg......it splits up to create 2 embryos...hence twins.

but i see what youre saying about them not being both anakins....but if different dads...they still wouldnt be born at the same time either.

do you think padme will have yet another human decoy in episode 3 (she had them in eps 1 and 2).
Maybe anakin finds the decoy, who he thinks is padme and tries to get it on with her. She refuses, and he thinks shes had an affair, and then palpy walks in, and anakin has to choose between them, and kills the decoy thinking that it was padme. Meanwhile the real padme is giving birth.

Darth Subjekt

Sith Master X
Whatever the surprise is, I hope it's a good one.

thought you all might aprreciate this poster i designed inspired by Revenge of the Jedi before its name change.... Anyway Enjoy, Rgds, Arnie

That's not a poster...

THIS is a poster.

Jedi Priestess
and they are both in the wrong thread

It seems likely that it will have more info on Anakin's birth, but I don't know if that will be the final surprise. If they don't explain the primary character (or next to primary) of the whole damn series' birth other than "he was concieved by teh force" I'm gonna be pissed.


Last time I checked Luke came from Anakin and Padme gettin' it on.

i dont know if ur talkin about luke being born at the end, or more info about anikan being released

Darth Subjekt
i think he means exactly what he said, "more info on ANAKIN'S birth", he wants to know if was in fact an "immaculate conception" like Jesus, or if someone was in fact his father, maybe along the lines of Sidious.

maybe after dooku is out of the way, the emperor manipluates anakins/vaders mind creating the most fearful paranoia that Padme had betrayed his loyalty and trust with Obi Wan, thus knowing Anakin's anger would get the better of him and make him go back after Obi Wan only to find Padme, and then we see him strike her down, that would be a pretty dark ending showing the truest and darkest moment, But again would be contradictory to Return Of The Jedi, where it shoes his weakness for his son, bu there again, perhaps his love for his son is unconditional where as the love for his wife, is not.

Actually I hope this isnt the ending come to hink of it.... It would probally scare the sh*t out of the little new generation SW fans that Lucas films has created and slow down the rate of purchases on Anankin And vader dolls and memrobillia!!!

jango fatt
Could be possible;


A surprise maybe they show us Palpatine proclaming himself the Emperor in the Senate Headquarters, and all the senators are ashamed from that.Then he says and only one will dominate at my side.Then the doors of the SH opens, the Imperial March starts, and Darth Vader enters in, and after him, hundred of clone troopers starts to kill the Senators who don't want to surrend to the Empire.Then they'll show us the Emperor and Vader looking through a window in the Royal Palace, Vader lefting him cause they perceive there are some low level Jedi survived in the Republic, and Vader goes to slay them.Then Emperor, alone, will look at his new empire.Sayin it's all mine now, mine, now nothing can stop me.Star Wars principal theme starts and after a crossfade we'll see Tatooine, and a child in the arms of his mother.

Red Superfly
I doubt we will see any Senators get killed.

The Emperor doesn't gain complete control until ANH - it's done out of view and behind the scenes.

Jedi-Knight 8k2
Anakin is NOT the chosen one!!!!!


as far as the surprise... i really dont want to know.. DUHHHH

^^^ IMO Episode 1 was a great movie with horrible casting of Anakin and of course the unfortunate antics of Jar Jar... Episode 2 on the other hand was one big pile of crap with almost nothing redemable in it except for the corusant chase and cantina scenes and Obi Wan vs Jango was cool

All questions will be answered on May 19 2005...

Red Superfly
I also like Episode I more than II.