Land Battles in Ep3

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Ok I'm not sure what planet Ki Adi Mundi will be fighting on but is it Utapau?

If not I think its one of the new 3 planet

i'm not sure, but in my ep 3 story ki adi is on utapau and kenobi arrives. after kenobi deals with gg he goes back to hq and the clones turn. ki adi is gunned down by commander cody and obi has to fight his way out.

that's my version. the facts are...

ki adi is in the council chamber as a hologram because he's on another world.

utapau has clones and battles

gg goes there and obi finds/fights him

commander cody/other clones turn. obi is forced to defend himself

so i put them all together. i don' remember why but their may be other spoilers that confirm this and i just forgot.

obi-wan kills commander cody because of the control over him but he does'nt really want to but has to kill his friend.

It is confirmed that Aayla Secura will be in Felucia, Lurmina Undulu, Bariss Offee,Bultar Swan might be be some Jedi in the three new planets and maybe Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon or the Eu character as well .

Also there are rumors that several council members might be in the 3 planets and Felucia, one for instance Allie Stass and Oppo Rancsis or something but most rumors leads with Allie Stass

Felucia- Aayla Secura

and this is what I think:

Cato Neimoidia- Bultar Swan, maybe Allie Stass or other cm

Mygeeto- Luminara Undulu and Bariss Offee, or other cm

saleucami- Ki Adi Mundi and Plo Koon if Utapau then maybe some cm

In a Ep3 section in a site, actors who plays the Jedi mention above not including extra cm were in the main cast and supporting cast segment but at the end though. So it is likely that we will see more of battle scenes of Felucia, cato Neimoidia, Mygeeto and Saleucami

Some rumors say that we will see one more scene of each planet other than the montage

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I'm fascinated. It looks like we'll be seeing alot of new worlds that we haven't seen before, such as Felucia, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Utapau and all the others mentioned above as well.

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