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i did a quick search and could not find a thread on

how many times will u watch the last star wars movie in the theaters and who will u watch it with the first time? the second? third?

i wanted to watch episode 1 and 2 multiple times but i ended up only watchint episode 1 twice and episode 2 only once...but episode 3...i will wanna watch it with everyone! my parents... friends...other group of friends... etc. etc....Happy Dance

so that means multiple viewing for me...better start saving some money. sad

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ummm any1 tell ya its like 7 months away.....u dont need 2 save for it (unless you're po...) work a weeks shift and u'll have plenty to watch it multiple times.

§pearhead often I see it depends greatly on how good it is

watched Ep 1 about 10 times in the theater... i was 17 and knew kids at the theater so got in free... Ep 2 3 times and i fell asleep the second time... Ep 3 I plan on seeing any time I have free time and im gonna force everyone i know to go with me at least once

I saw TPM once in the theatre a few weeks after it opened. I saw AOTC opening night and a month later. With Episode 3. I will definitely see it probably three times. Or more, depending on if I have time to make the trip to the theatre. If it is going to be as good as I think it will. I will try and see it as many times as possible.

My friends aren't really into Star Wars at all, so I'll most likely be taking my two little bros to see it with me. Maybe I'll even get to see it with a date...who knows? *crosses fingers* smile

Seeing it twice is suffice enough for me. Once on a regular screen and again at an IMAX screen.

theshakl too! i'm hoping to go with a date...

and i know someone who looks almost identical to natalie portman in this picture

edit: not almost, EXACTLY

and she likes Lord of the rings so shes gotta like star wars right? right?

Hmm...she resembles Natalie AND enjoys fantasy/adventure? Wow. Good fr!ckin' luck dude! Hope it works out...

We must keep our fingers crossed until the movie is released! sick

shes beautiful...and her older sister (who is 22) knows i like her....

she tricked me on the internet....


(but this is not for this thread)

ok since this is the last star wars movie i am planning on going to the midnight showing....even though i have i have deviced a plan....

the week before the movie comes out...i will sleep at 3 p.m (the time i get out of school) and wake up at 11 p.m..then i will be awake from 11 to 3. pm....that gives me 8 hours of sleep... so i will become a noctornal person.... and i will watch in midnight and not fall asleep during the movie lol

that first viewing i plan to watch with my sister... and thats it..cause no one else is going to do that...i might even end up going by myself..which will be ok for me

second time i will watch with my friends..probably the friday when the week it premiers...with my sister, and friends that live here...

saturday i will try to get the watch it with me.....

fourth time...some friends from school i guess....

sounds like a plan to me..

(by the way i think i am the reason that the matrix reloaded wasn't as good as it could have been) cause i told my friend that no matter what that movie was going to be sooo cool....and i think God punished me for being so sure about that...

so i better not think that about this movie...

well my girlfriend has never seen a star this might be a good one to get her watching lol. she would be SO confused, but other than that ihave about 15 im going with at the midnight showing. 2 days before my graduation, damn thats a good gift hunh?

I already have plans with a friend to see Episode III at least 3 times on opening day. After that, I can't say for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if I see it once or twice more.

I saw both episodes I and II 2 or 3 times each, but not in the same day. This one is special! :P

I saw Episode I twice, Episode II four times, and perhaps I'll double that for III.

How can one process the movie more than once in a day. I will see ROTS several times, just not in the same day or even week! The excitement of seeing it once is going to give me a heart attack probably. I couldnt see it again after the fact for at least a few days, a week maybe. When I went to see AOTC on opening night. There was this loser in front of me, who had a cardboard sheet with all his ticket stubs glued onto it. He saw that movie about 6 times that day. I went to the 7:30pm showing on opening night. This guy must have had no job or life. Star Wars are cool movies, but they dont constitute spending an entire day and lord knows how much on tickets to see the same movie over and over in one day! I dont get it. My brain will not be able to process anything for at least a day or two after seeing ROTS just once.

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I saw Episode 1 and Episode 2 both 3 times at the theaters, so I'm guessing it'll be 3 times for Episode 3 as well.

For me its more of an issue of having others watch the movie..i could care less how many times i watch it as long as my friends watch it.... but i might as well watch it with them to see their reactions big grin

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