Best GTA so far

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The Ones
What is the best GTA so far in the series

I think it must be just GTA. I prefer to play GTA in 2D, not 3D.

San Andreas by far... this game is great

has to be SA....its pretty much flawless, almost the perfect game, still a few glitches but its amazing neway

only bit that pisses me off is they still havent fixed the police....if u get shot at and u fight back, the police still go after u

well they should, your still fighting, they will go after the others too.. i knocked a lady off her bike and she punched me and a cop got out shot her in the face then drove off left me alone

GTA.....2d baby

The missions were great! I remember the days were you worked for El Burro, A crooked cop in Vice City and the rasta em.

But the magic disappeared when they made wasn't the same and well,GTA3 and Vice City aren't that great.

As for San Andreas being the greatest...i can understand why most people think that way. Because they give a real portret how LA is. I mean the use of language,the N word,F word etc....that's being real.

BUT the thing i HATe is that the missions aren't that NEW. Stealing weapons from the army,chasing someone on a all sounds too familiar. Rockstar did a great job on the voices but the missions are all the for the graphics,they suck.

A lot of people wanted to see something NEW. They wanted to taste "real life"..going to gyms,etc.. But in the end it's just a normal game.

Anyways GTA for me...long live PSX

The Ones
me San Andreas, it may seem a let down at first, but when u do loads of missions all kinds of things open up ( eg: burgle houses, jack trains and planes, have a girlfriend called denise , eat, get huge muscles etc) and its one of the Funniest games ive seen (OG trying to sing in the bathroom and australians trying to speak)

GTA 2 and 3 are my favorites, SA i only like the fact that you could kill people (which you could do in any gta) but all these extra things like building muscle and gaining weight is a waste of time imo, i think they should've took that time to concentrate on more cityscape and fixing a few targeting and bike glitches

i skipped that OG scene when he sang like two lines, that was funny in '92 but not now imo

At this point I'd say San Andreas because of all the things in it and the size. I also liked Vice City for the 80s nostalgia.

The Ones
incase it skipped your key notice, SA is about 3-6 times bigger than VC

not trying to be "1337" or anything like that, but i liked the original best, its the one i spent the most time playing out of all of them, so thats why i gave the vote to it.

ive yet to play san andreas, supposedly it redifines the GTA series, or so my friends have told me!

The Ones
You are not bieng 1337. your -1331

it does. its better than every other gta game put together. ive just got 4 more missions to do then im in san ferrieo (2nd city)

So is San Andreas out on PC yet? Or only PS2?

The Ones
it PS2 exclusive until mid 2005 when its released on PC and X-BOX

it isn't really that much bigger, the cities are about the same size as GTA3, its just that they put mostly country side on the map, the only cities are san fierro las venturas and los santos, the rest is alot of grass and road and then small little redneck cities, so when you compare the cities to the other games it's really the same size

SA is so amazing. I'm in the badlands now and even though constant driving gets repetetive it doesn't matter because the game is so fun, and the grass looks sweet btw.

The Ones
im in san ferreio. im stuck on the misson: 555-we-tip. i cant get the car back because some idiot comes and crashes into my car

I liked Vice City for the theme. San Andreas is really up my alley and I found myself annoyed a lot when I tried playing it for a little while last week.

ScarFace Clone
It dose not come out for xbox till like 2006 maybe even longer because of the contract they have with rockstar

ScarFace Clone
lol the ones i just beat the we tip mission the next mission there are these constrution guys talking to your sister so you destyr the porable and you push this port-o-podiy down in a ditch and fill it will cement it is funny!

ScarFace Clone
the ones wanna make me a SA sig please!

Hah...thats what I want to do. The coolest part I got to was the car-dancing part... it was just funny to play with the hydraulics. Sucks that I blew up the car afterwards...

Gta 3.. introduced alot of new things.. the ones that came after are just expansion packs.. they should only be charging 20 to 30 dollars for em

I'd prefer Vice City..perfer the game set in the 80s

I think San Andreas is the best Grand Theft Auto in the series. It captures that rugged, real, Tarantino slash Mobster slash Ghetto look that they've kinda been shooting at. The characters are well developed, you hate the cops (you're a criminal, go figure) because they are friggin' annoying like they are in real life to gang members. The visuals are spectacular, and you can use a camera to capture them.

Red Superfly
San Andreas all the way. Sure, the ghetto hood style thing is surely to appeal to the hordes of gangster 13 year old wannabes, but I just can't deny the greatness.

No loading times, massive expansive city, and the best soundtrack so far (Radio X, K-DST, WCTR and Master Sounds make up for the durge stations like Radio Los Santos, man that's bad music - and the songs on a whole are way better than even Vice Citys Soundtrack).

The Ones
right on

Phoenix Aska
Oye...Who would consider GTA 1,2, and London good?

You were a freakin dot

Obviously the GTA series is just going to get better and better as time goes by...

Shaolin Monk
The fact of no loading times when goin from place to place is what I'm stoked on in SA...don't have to wait for areas to load like you used to have to wait for when going over bridges. Also, that you can swim...I always hated the fact that you would die when landing in water no expression

I liked the soundtrack from Vice City though...I'll prolly end up liking this one more and more as I play

I Agree with you, the soundtrack from Vice City is the best from the seriers

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