how do you feel that ep3 is the last film?

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im sad its all coming to an end.

mad no sad no expression thumb down thumb down thumb down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I DON'T WANT IT TO END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ask me again when it comes out

i feel great about the fact that the saga will be complete and i will be able to watch the movies as one

I me a big dumb fool, but I can see at least one EU Star Wars movie in the far future. It doesn't seem as far-fetched as an actual continuation of the OT storyline...or maybe it does? *confused* sick

As you can obviously tell by my above statement, I really don't want the Star Wars phenomina to end. I'll most certainly have a (moderately) hard time coping with it. stick out tongue

Jackie Malfoy
I feel fine that it is the last one!Sure it will be sad but makes sence the other star wars movies must match the last one through.
Or the one goods would not make any sence.Making any others would ruin the others and as a fan I am going to do anything to make it not happen!
How you ask?By useing the force acouse!JM laughing

Cant you guys just accept the fact that GL is through with Star Wars? He said it himself. He will most likely let someone else move it into TV.

yes, we will have the tv series, and i would not be
surprised if we eventually see more films, not by GL.
anything is possible. so long as there is money to be made,
i assure you that star wars will never fade away

Jedi Priestess
how do I feel about it coming to an end?

crybaby crybaby crybaby crybaby

Sith Master X
I'll be sad when Episode 3 is over knowing that we don't have anymore Episodes to look forward to. However, as I've stated before, I think it's appropriate that Episode 3 is the last of the movies. The story will be balanced with a beginning and an end after 6 movies.

if that hypothetical EU movie has one shot...just one shot of an Interdictor Cruiser in use, I can die happily...

yes, I have no ambitions, why do you ask stick out tongue

I think it will be an end to era in the movie industry knowing that GL started the ball rolling on some of the advances we see in film today. I just hope the tv series is great to can't wait to see the film and see the saga complete.

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