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Had Maul merely left Obi-Wan to die, and left the scene, it's possible he could have survived longer. Had he been in Episode 2, he would have had a much more spectacular fight against both Obi-Wan and Anakin. Argueably, even Yoda. Do you think it was wise to introduce Tyrannus, or should they have kept Maul?

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See I disagree. I believe Dooku put up a better fight then Maul would have. But that's my opinion.

I think it was the right thing to introduce Tyrannus. Maul's role was complete after Episode 1. There was no need for him in Episode 2.

How could he just have left?
There was only one exit (if I remember correctly), and there was Obi-wan.

And shouldn't thsi be in the Episode 1 and 2 section?

maul was just an attack dog.
dooku had the influence of being a jedi, the intelligence to plan along with sidious, and the ability to manipulate the federation to bend to his/palps will.

I would agree that Maul was cool, to bad that he had to go so early. I don't think that Tyrannus would have taken his place. A master and a apprentice. Tyrannus is a master, Maul was a apprentice. The sith was just starting to come back into play, so sooner or later there would be more. Tyrannus would have come into play even if Maul was still around. But it would have been a cool fight scene.

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I think that Maul, while cool in his demeanor and style, would've been all wrong for what Sidious needed from a Sith in Ep. II. He needed someone of note...someone that could openly earn the trust of various systems without calling immediate attention to himself. If Maul had tried to play the role of Dooku, the Jedi would've immediately known the Separatists were Sith-ruled to begin with. The Count gave this ambiguousness...and even a sense of benign-ness, since the Jedi only looked at him as a radical idealist.

I've even thought that had Maul lived, Sidious--when his plans grew to need a more public and dignified Sith partner--might have even had Maul killed to have Dooku (or someone else) take his place. There is no honor amongst the Sith, afterall. smile

So in that case, while on one level it was sad to lose such a cool villain as Maul, it would've required a completely different approach in Clones....and I very much like how that story developed. Plus it makes sense that Dooku would be a former Jedi. For one it foreshadows the idea that Jedi can go bad.....and it also serves the ambiguous nature of the Separtists well and helps the Jedi stay in the dark a while longer.

I think they all have their own place. Tyrannus has his place and so would have Maul. Maul is more of the head hunter, the fighter. While Tyrannus is more of the brains behind the scenes, like Palpy. Maul would have gone and done some of the dirty work the Tyrannus couldn't because would have brought him out.

The EP 1 duel in my opinion is the greatest of them all... they coulnt have done it any better.

Dooku would have been much better if he was seen in Ep 1 as a respected Jedi... the Dooku duels were horrible not because of his charachter but because of GL

GL had to bring an older actor, like an Alec, to show that side that Dooku has. It wouldn't have worked with a younger actor. Trying to get someone of that age to fight like the younger guys is asking for the impossible. He did a great job for what he had to deal with. You can do all the fancy flips and turns like Obi and Ani. but if your that good like Dooku is then it's all just for show. Yoda's fighting style is that so it was natural for him to do all the jumping around.

OH, and I think that EP1's duel was great, it will be 2nd next to the "the duel" in EP3.

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laughing you'll notice the closer we get to trailer reveal there has been more and more of this stuff........and its only going to get worse peeps.

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Yeah, come Thursday and Friday, god only knows how bad it may get. sad

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I'm thinking nobody should publically post the Teaser... to avoid trouble, and to avoid noobs yes

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maul would have been cooler had he lived longer, killed more jedi and then died somewhere between ep1 and 2. i doubt he would have fared well against anakin and obi wan and yoda.

when we will see episode 3 we will not care about maul leaving the prequels so early...i think dookus role will be explained more in ep3...ep2 was just introducing him...even if you see dooku for 10 minutes that 10 minutes is gonna make you remember him even if you are watching episode 6(thats my opinion)

Personally, I wished to see a more trained Maul vs. Dark Anakin. With Maul's training and Anakin's raw power it would have been epic.

why does palpatine want the seperatists removed anyway? they would have helped his jedi purge. and strengthened his empire.

The Separatists from Episode 1 know of his Sith powers/religion. The Sith are able to rule like they do because no one believes that Palpatine has force powers. In ANH, Tarkin tells Vader that he's all that is left of the force.
Besides, destroying the Seperatists was a way of helping Palpatine deceive the galaxy into believing he is great.

aaahhh.. yes....i see......but who cares if they know hes a sith? what are they gonna do about it?

Well it's not that they are going to do anything, but the Emperor wants everyone to believe he is extremely weak and powerless. That way if Vader isn't around and someone attempts to start some sh*t, he can dispatch them with ease.

What I always thought was in each Episode a Sith is revealed and they last till the next Episode.
So in EpIII, Maul - Vader - Tyranus (Dooku) battle out to be Sidious's apprentice.
I think that would have been kick arse.

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