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Sorry im more exited than a 36 year old male should be......but yknow
After a year of disapointing movies and sitting in movie theatres wishing i was watching Ep3 and ho humming at various trailers its almost here
one of those xmas 4 grown ups type moments is upon us.

ANY WORD ON UK PREMIER????????????????????????????????

I am also from the UK, and although a lot lot younger (16), i am also really really excited about the trailer. I know it will eb released for HS members quite late GMT but i am prepared to stay up till the dawn, or at least i would if it wasnt for stupid AS Levels

Scramba will be the saviour and the bringer of magical gifts

dam my ranting

nice one
but im after a date for a trailer release on the BIG screen as we dont get THE INCREDIBLES in uk til 20th NOV

Than it will probably be on Nov. 20

well if we are getting it with The Incredibles as you are and that is the case can my American friends tell me something
did you get the forbidden love trailer with HARRY POTTER?
im curious.

I never saw Harry Potter in theaters but other people I've talked to in America said it was with that movie but that was the third trailer. The teaser trailer for episode II was with Monsters inc. So if you saw that and the teaser trailer was in the trailers before the movie than I would definitely say that it will be on the 20th. But have you tried searching with google?

any info on a leaked copy of that teaser trailer? there has to be 1 somewhere!

messed no fair, Australia doesn't get The Incredibles 'till Dec 26 sad

Hehehehe Yes us Americans will be the first to see the Trailer on big Screen...BUT ITS ON A DAMN THURSDAY!! I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL ON THURSDAY!! but nothing will stop me!! muhahahahaha!! any for u!

But the Australians get to see the movie first stick out tongue

i can get into hyperspace....but all the movies are do i download a streamed movie and save it to my HD? i post it or pm it to people

OHHHH. Total diss DarthVader Huh. To bad I live in America to.

I am also from the UK, and was wandering the same thing. But if HS members get the trailer on the 4th, I'd rather wait to see it first in the theaters, so for the first time i feel HS member's miss outstick out tongue, because we get it on da big screen first!big grin

Dont worry all u UK fans out there, scramba will provide when the day comesbig grin

Jedi Priestess
You have to have QuickTime Pro in order to save HS vids.

there is no "UK" when it's released "online"...

For all UK members i would watch GMTV on friday morning.They had all the other trailers.

Scramba rocks!

GMTV ROCKS big grin

but i have hyperspace so ill be seeing it before eamon holmes gets his greasy mits on it!

"The teaser trailer for episode II was with Monsters inc"

-im pretty sure the teaser was connected to ICE AGE. i remember it specifically

try for the information

The Ones
lol. that was the theratrical trailer (i.e: trailer 4)

To all uk male sw fans who actually have a sex life we can impress our other halves by offering to take em to see Bridget Jones Diary 2 this wknd WHERE THE TRAILER FOR EP3 WILL BE SHOWING!!!!!
Plus GMTV will be broadcasting it between 7-9 a.m

we got a look in!

Apparently the above comment features sexist comments....i apologise.
I opened a thread with the same info titled BRIDGET JONES FAT ARSE!
Its now CLOSED
Been told it aint star wars related
Well seeing as Bridget Jones is the only flick in the uk showing the Episode 3 Trailer this weekend i guess its very much Star wars related.....for us uk fans .
NOT every one wants to experiance the trailer on the web first
No we want to experiance it on the big screen accompanied by a chick flick about a chick with a VERY FAT ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And i gotta say this
Just because some of us are getting exited about the forthcoming trailer it doesnt make us "crazy" to quote a certain "senior member"
we are all Star Wars fans
the attitude of some kind of superiority on here from certain members stinks!
You are no bigger fans than the rest of us.

awwwww i dunno embarrasment i could take my girlfriend to see it i suppose, then ill make a quick exit after the trailer is overstick out tongue just kiddingstick out tongue

thx for the info cylobwink

p.s - are we the only UK fans on this forum? confused
EDIT: /\ /\ sorry, didnt realise how many of us there were. But dont worrybig grin we should get the trailer on the 4th like the yanks, if scramba can get hold of itbig grin

i'm from the UK i live in manchester

If it's on gmtv in 1 hours why worry about the yanks. Won't we be seeing it before them?
Besides, they're all still upset about living in a dictatorship.

any word on the trailer from the u.k. front?.....

the triler was on GMTV at 9:10 and it was awesome!!!!

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