New Ani and Padme Pic on OS

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From the trailer, obviously.

Sith Master X
Yep, I just saw that. lol You beat me to it. stick out tongue

Cool! And how did you get that picture their?

OoOoO..nice pic, thanks BAILY!

She doesn't look to happy, does she?

How do you mean how I got the pic LandoSpeeder? It is on the OS. Remember where the Yoda shot was. Look there.

Like when you posted the picture up their without post a link of the whole page? I know where it is.

I tried to save the picture but It wouln't let me.

I pressed print screen and cut it out of the big image in a photo program and saved it.

One thing that I do remember reading is that after the people saw it GL said he added in some scenes to the teaser trailer . cool pic whoever posted it.

that is prolly when anakin tells her something about the dark side, or she notices something has changed in him.

this is the part of the movie where anakin tells padme hes ghey and likes to play with other jedis lightsabers...

but overall this movie should rule! stick out tongue

hahahahaha funny

other's lightsabers?....

Bad image...

Really... Bad image....


Lord Darth Gabe
I love that pic...mostly because the background is CG...did you notice how digital effects improved since AOTC???

...I consider this movies (Star Wars) to be CG updates for every other movie everytime one comes out...don`t you think?

I know I do

Where is the link to the pictures??
I am new here, so sorry, but I don't know
where the OS is.
Can you help?

thanks, LANAKINSmom

Richard FilmFre


El Toro
OS = official site.

:.Space Opera.:
stop- posting- supershadow. -before---you die

Dear El Toro,

Thanks so much.....duh, can you tell I am basically new at this?
Up until now I was just an ebay nerd...then I surfed here after aol showed the teaser trailer!

Take care,'ll are like kindred spirits to me...-I never knew there was a place like this.....

LANAKINSmom, super shadow is full of crap, dont listen to him.

:.Space Opera.:
yeah that is the dark wait the dumb side. hahaha...oh i dumb.

El Toro
yea didnt know how to take your post but if there's any confusion, don't listen to supershadow yada yada yada he full of gungan doodoo. welcome here and enjoy ur stay.

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