TFN'S Star wars review

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Does anyone know when TFN is posting its Star Wars review? I thought it was supposed to be today...but so far, no news of it...I know this thread won't last long, but I'm very interested in reading it, and I'm sure others are too. In case you didn't know, the guy who runs the site at saw a cut of Star Wars and was supposed to post a review of it on his website today...If you have any news on this, please inform me. Thanks.

Jedi Priestess
A. If you looked at other sites namely MF you'll find that this review will prolly not happen at all.

b. Josh himself posted something that alluded to that earlier this afternoon at TFN.

C. This doesnt need its own thread when you could have just as easily pmed someone about it.

or a. you answered his question
b. you could've stopped talking and not have to ***** about it
c. but you didn't.

Jedi Priestess
*sigh* another **** heard from~funny coming from you when you posted this reply earlier in another section
if that isnt the pot calling the kettle black I dont know what is eek!

Heres the answer direct from TFN

Joshua Griffin Resigns as Editor
Mon, Nov 01, 04 11:59:59 PM EST

My commitment to TheForce.Net has grown to accommodate the size of the site - which has been far greater than I ever imagined back in 1998. But after six years I think its time for a change. Today will mark my last day as chief editor of TFN. My strongest motivation behind this decision is my family. I don't want my kids only memory of their father being the back of his head. I'm looking for margin, and this juncture in the life of TFN provides a great chance for me to step away from the site.

I had planned to do a "review of sorts" of Episode III, but in the end maybe it's better to let the movie speak for itself. I'll be right in line with you to see the movie for the very first time, and have to say much of what hasn't yet hit the internet looks really, really promising. The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones are merely the dominos being set up - Episode III knocks them all down and then breaks them in half.

I'm sure I'll pop into the forums from time to time, and I wish you all a great rest of the journey to Star Wars future. May the Force be with you!

Joshua Griffin
November 1st, 2004

good for you josh! thinkin' of the kids!
clapping clap cheers

Yes, I said there was another thread about it. I did not continue on about it and be all high and mighty about it as you were saying he should've done this or that.

Jedi Priestess
Cal there was no high and mighty about it except in your brain. It was like the 7th redundant thread today. That gets OLD.

Come on.....calm down priestess. I've seen you act supercilious on more than 10 occasions.

Sit down for a sec and look at your own backyard before you criticize others.

Jedi Priestess
ok lets look at my backyard shall we? Do I open countless new threads about topics already covered? NO!!! I use the search button thats why it EXISTS. You need to go back over my posting pattern BEFORE you accuse me. I ALWAYS use the search button. When I was new here a made errors but unlike some of these people I LEARNED from them. Apparently we need to juts let peeps post like complete fools. But whatever as soon as the script leaks I'm out of here anyway.

these pointless threads suck ass in that
they clog the front page of the forum and knock all
the cool discussions back to page 2, just to say

i think some people here are trying to win some nonexistant popularity contest,
as if creating a thread is like being awarded a freaking medal.

oh well...*ending rant*

so why don't you let them die instead of bumping them by bitching and complaining about them?

Jedi Priestess
prolly for the same reason you dont STFU.

Lord Darth Gabe
Man...don`t u just love useless threads?

I do...sometimes

because the damage is done. the interesting threads have already been bumped down another notch. that wont change due to a reply or several replies. you can bump this thread up, down, or sideways and it doesnt matter.
plus, by bumping threads such as this, they stay at the top, so the mods will notice and hopefully close them.

and why are you complaining about me complaining about a pointless thread?

dont you know that it will just force me to complain about you complaining about me complaining about a pointless thread?

then, you'll complain about me complaining about you complaining about me complaining about a pointless thread.

and so on and so forth...and we'll never get over it.
we'll just go back and forth complaining until we are 105, have long gray beards and hunched backs from sitting at the computer too you really want it to come to this?

laughing out loud

Redundant threads definitely get old....but I agree that when that does happen people don't need to take it upon themselves to make people feel like idiots. You seem really jaded by the whole thing, Jedi Priestess. I am fairly new here, but I notice that you are pretty much rude and condescending to every single person that makes a redundant thread. I mean are you even a mod? I don't know, since I am pretty new, but if you aren't, then why do you take it upon yourself to do a mods job, and if you are...why aren't you nicer about it and do your job properly?

I'm really not trying to be all in your face about it, cuz who am I, you know? I'm just saying.....what's the point of constantly being sarcastic and rude to people when they are just excited about something? I mean we are all fans here.

I see your side of the fence too. I think people definitely need to be notified of the search feature in a polite, helpful manner. But geez there's no reason to berate someone just because they make a mistake. Thats not going to really make them want to come back and join the discussion again, you know?

Just have fun big grin


preistess i have never seen you this mad. im kinda disstresed about it actually. please dont lose your hotness and just relax, be sexy momma.

actually, if she cooled then she WOULD lose her hotness laughing out loud

maybe you want her to warm up so she doesnt lose her hotness?
or you want her to chill out so she doesnt lose her coolness?

Jedi Priestess
sweetheart any new person who does this gets a "It's ok it happens to all of us" for making a redundant thread. The peeps I have problems with are people that know better. wink there were no less than 5 threads about the teaser trailer for goodness sakes. messed That's just silly.

and DA you are right, lotsa personal stuff going on as well, hence the serious low patience quota lately.

Sith Master X
Yeah, well just wait till Thursday when the trailer comes out. I bet we'll be attacked with threads asking for it. I'm guessing it'll be a nightmare.

Jedi Priestess
Not if you are in the happy zone wink wink

Oh okay, sorry about that then big grin
Like I said, I'm fairly new to the board so I'm a little ignorant on that whole aspect of who knows who and whatnot.

Certainly didn't mean to step on any toes with my reply...I didn't mean to suggest you are always mean to people. I was just noticing it with the redundant thread posts.

big grin


Jedi Priestess
Meh no offense taken. big grin wink

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