Vaders Sith Robes!!!

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Hey all this is just a nitpick but in episode 4 Vader's robes are on top of his armor, Dont you think they should have done this for episode 3?

When you go from ep3 to ep4 is is going to look off, Your thoughts?


Yup...I'd agree.

I'm also not digging the frankenstein thing either.

Darth Subjekt
he might not have put it on til he gets off the table. i like how hes on the table. like since he's not used to being in the shape thats he's in, he cant yet stand on his own two. just my thoughts

Ya but how cool is the Riseeeeeee makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

Sith Master X
I know, that part is just so creepy! I love it.

Darth Subjekt
thats the best part of the the trailor!....i had all kinds of chills watching it!

Sith Master X
I agree. That was my favorite part as well, that and the part where Anakin has Obi-Wan pinned on the floor as he forces his saber down on him. Looks so awesome!

My fav was the Wookies in the boat that made me feel like a kid againsmile

Darth Subjekt
even though i know whats going to happen in the end, i cant help feeling like, "GO ANI....F**K HIS A** UP! YOU CAN DO IT!" i hate ob1....least favorite character...besides that little ugly bastard that watches Jabba's tail move in ROTJ. HATE that little thing!

laughing Ya I hate that in the new Ot dvd's they didnt make him blink mad

I think that sequence will change when the real movie comes out they probibley still have to add to the back ground.

:.Space Opera.:
dont you dare diss ewan/ob1

Darth Subjekt
are you in love with ob1? do you all go out and party on the weekends? dont, he's a character who SUCKS! Almost his entie being in SW is as a liar. "a certain point of view" my a$$, he's whiney(yes i know anakin is in ep2), he's borderline village people, and it comes out when he walks and talks.....all in all, he sucks.....sorry man, i just wish Anakin would have killed him.


it's strange, because his costume in ROTS is the same as his in ESB and ROTJ, but not in ANH. I was always under the imprssion that he needed the extended chestplate after being injured hurling through space. Perhaps he needs the extra chestplate (Thus the cape falling as it does) in order to recover immediately after, then replaces it with the ANH one, and after that injury, using the old costume again.

Darth Subjekt
no i think that as GL made new and shinier uniforms for him, he realizes that the one from ROTJ ws in fact the best uniform and voice(as the voice is different in the three) and thats how he's doing it now. and i think for the ultra edition he will fix the ep4 outfit.

This suit came ten years before episode IV. Vader could of gotten new stuff and changed his suit.

this is a bit off topic in this discussion but has anyone else noticed that sidious's robe apears amost Jedi like in colour? Ie. a brown colour instead of traditional 'sith black'.
Is that just the lighting in the trailer or what?


I have noticed it also looks like a jedi robe all right, I think hes tricksie.

i bet you'll see him from behind thinking he's a jedi, then he'll pop out and turn on his saber with that insanely scary face!

that still seriously freaks me out every time i see it
wacko messed

Well isn't it just whatever position it is in? Can't it go back or over? Also, if you want to think of other things that won't flow...Look at Vader's chest plate...its small and only covers the middle of his chest...the one in episode 3 is based off the Empire Strikes Back/Return of the Jedi one which goes across his whole chest. I still think the new costume looks good though.

Obi-Wan kicks a** ! cool how could ya not like him? confused

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