The WoW factor...

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what are your top 5 (one for each bond) sequences or moments that makes you think wow even when you see it now?

Sean Connery: Fight on the train in FRWL

George Lazenby: Opening sequence fight on the beach in OHMSS

Roger Moore: opening sequence skydiving piece in Moonraker

Timothy Dalton: Fight on the back of the plane at the end of TLD

Pierce Brosnan: The car chase sequence in TND

of those 5... my favourite is the last one on this list, the TND one.

indeed WoW;... cause it's a big thing to compile...
and I'm out of it for a bit, so I can't say it just like out of the top of my head

Kalsolar - I'd agree with your first four choices, but in regards to Brosnan, you just can't beat that dive off the damn at the start of "GE" ...

Erm, that should be dam, sorry ...

The dam dive
The sky dive
The car chase in TND

I can't think of any others right now, but mine are all Brosnan as you can see embarrasment

the chase over the thames?

Yes big grin oh and the tank in goldeneye laughing out loud

the tank was su funny big grin

the one over the thames was named the best promotional stunt in a british movie eek!

I read your thread about that big grin
And yea, the tank was great, even in the game it was great thumb up

really? that's like... diving into the archives of this section messed

I don't even remember it being in there sad I think it was one of the most memorable things in the entire franchise even eek!

I was bored one night, I went through all 4 pages and dug out threads embarrasment

You don't remember him chasing the car in the tank in the game, and you have to steer and avoid civilians? confused

really? that must have been one long night for ya messed

the only times I played the game were the multis, paintbal mode and getting killed by my friend who owned the game sad
oh and played the first two levels or something messed

Not really, i was studying for something I think embarrasment

The multis arent as good in goldeneye as in perfect dark though big grin
And you really should play the other levels.

hehe, and you accidently found yourself on the internet? wink hope that it didn't cause you to fail or something messed

yeah, I had fun killing off every guard in that dam level thing, but against friends it's more fun to me... when do you play it? eek!
I don't think they have the N64 still sad

I wouldn't, the only one I think I did bad on is French, and that's partly because I screwed myself up big grin no worries

The dam is the facility level genius stick out tongue
and I haven't in a long time, maybe last time was 6 months ago

I loved N64 cry

(isn't the expression "to screw something up"? messed)
what did you do wrong then? studied it wrong? messed

really? I thought the first level was to get in and the second was in the facility? messed
so now you're rusty, you can start all over again wink

did you ever play Mario 64?

No, I was nervous and mixed up things like conditionel and imparfait and such even though they are two different things embarrasment I'm an idiot!
And it can be, also I screwed myself up stick out tongue

Actually if I remember right, the facility is the first level, and the dam jump is how you escape from the facility. big grin
I could, but no time wink

I have just recently actually eek!
I love Mario embarrasment

yeah... if you missed the past tense it would have made more sense, but the prof would see that you did it cause you were nervous and perhaps they'll keep it in mind ? messed
I understand the meaning of it now big grin

well, I have to bow to your wisdom in this, you played it much more times than me big grin
you are always short on time sad

I had it on emulator, did you finish that game too?
he's THE face of nintendo of course, about time they made a game about him

Our professor is really great, she'll give me an 85 and nothing less anyways laughing out loud
Plus I had a 90 going in, it won't hurt my average at all.

I havent in a while, but I'm pretty sure that's how it begins big grin
And yes, most of the time I am, hopefully with my new semester, I'll have more time, I have less challenging classes.

I did at one point, and they really should make a new one, although I think one came out not too long ago? confused

really? why would she do that? cause you're such a good student? big grin
well, everyone can have bad luck of course and it's good it won't hurt it!

see! then you are right, perhaps I can get the emulator again and play it fully this time big grin
less maths or something then?

the last one I can remember is mario sunshine or something, and that's long ago already ; but I'm not on top of these things anymore sad haven't been that since the first nintendo

Cause there's like 8 of us in my grade taking French laughing out loud it's great we have an easy class, we do our own work, and thenr eport back to her...

I have law and religion and english and math, all easy for me big grin

Mario Sunshine, that's the one I was thinking of, but yea, that was awhile ago erm

how come there is so little interest in the second national language of your country? messed

sounds like fun, what will you see with law? the basics?

2 years already I believe; I think they just keep mario behind locks till they need to regain leadership or something and make a game about him cause he boosts sales

It's not mandatory sad
So after grade 9, when it still is, people drop it because they think it's too difficult, ****in idiots!

I believe it's the history of canadian law, we have a mock trial and everything big grin

He really does though, like personally I love almost all the Marios, even mario party big grin

it should be though, it's nice to know the language of your country messed
THAT is difficult? do they even know how german works ? blink

really? then you can sign up to be the lawyer big grin

I haven't played that one, say, have you played Super Mario Bros 3??? on the nintendo 8 bit? I absolutely LOVED that one!!

Well you don't need it really unless you go to Quebec stick out tongue
No, stupid ignorant morons.....

I might be still big grin

Omg yes eek is that the one with the hats that make the fly?

I think they should make it an obligated trip to go there, really nice place with lots of green, though I was never sure they spoke french there stick out tongue
well, they are right ofcourse, it's another language and english is the worldlanguage now messed

so you can practice there then eek!

yeah! with the racoontail on the head and all big grin and you had this map so you could see where you went to and all big grin

ok, on topic, since I'm gonna try and see goldfinger tomorrow, I'll say what Wowed me there wink

They speak a different dialect it's a variation of french, and did you see Old Quebec? or just the newer area?
And yea, some people are so ignorant, my children will be forced to speak at least 3 languages, if I ever have any children messed yuck

I could, but it's more history than anything else stick out tongue

I love that one, I love being the green one cry and I love the little turtles and the little mushrooms, although the 2nd Mario Brothers wasnt bad either! big grin

oh and I liked James' fight with Alec on that drop thing too eek

yeah, I was hoping something along those lines cause I thought I would fail french if that was the real deal. knowing I was there with my dad? I probably saw every spot in Quebec that he could see in one week...

but history is so fun! you should still go for it happy

when did you turn green? or do you mean you were Luigi? messed oh yeah! I even have that game still on my old nintendo, I was so happy when I finally beated it, I liked it much more than that silly number one, I never beated that one actually sad

did y'know that in germany they didn't show the entire fall of him? eek!

It's not stick out tongue It's like a mix of English and French from what I remember. I haven't been there in 3 years or so. But old Quebec is so much more beautiful by the river. It's like 3 or so levels. The newer area is just like Toronto.

I am, in fact that class starts tomorrow big grin

I meant Luigi embarrasment I haven't done anything mario related in ages, I think I need to break out the nintendo one of these days stick out tongue

What happens to him then? confused

and luckily it's not and I didn't fail big grin then I think we actually had the most time with the old place cause I don't remember something like a toronto-thing there messed

so how did the trial go? did you win? wink

I disliked that guy, cause in Super Mario Brothers 2 he always jumped too high sad well, leave it in one piece please stick out tongue

he still got the thing on him, you just didn't saw him fall down all the way messed

If you failed, I'd lose all respect for you cry
I hated new quebec, the only place to go is the old.

It just started, our trial is in May stick out tongue

I like him on super nintendo embarrasment

That's kinda pointless confused

me failing french? that's impossible eek! I even passed it in uni
perhaps it's just not your cup of tea you seek in a city somehow?

so you signed up to be the lawyer? big grin

super nintendo? which games did he got out there? blink

yeah, don't ask me why they did that, it makes more sense with what they did in LTK: cut down some scene of Felix being halfly eaten by sharks messed

*respect grows* eyes
I prefer the city actually, but the type of city you see in Europe, the old styled.

No, not yet stick out tongue

The Super Mario Land one confused I don't know the number or whatever.

That's even better laughing out loud

wait till you hear how I'm helping someone out for french now wink
the one that won't go over 10 million and where it's save to cross the streets?

so when will you do that then? messed

I think I got the second one on gameboy, do you mean that one? eek! was it called "Six golden Coins"? then it's number three.

or the one where they cut Dalton in LTK where he uses a rug to go from one rooftop to another as a flying carpet stick out tongue

French is so sexy love
Yep, that's the kind of city for me.

In like another 6 years stick out tongue

I have no clue, I'm sorry.

That's just dumb no expression

wait till I'll start talking with a french accent wink
then you should go visit europe, almost all the cities besides Paris, London, ... are like that!

you sure are taking your sweet time! what if someone beats you to it? sad

well, you can make it up shifty

it was actually funny to see him do that cause he didn't had the right face for it laughing out loud

*melts* love
I am going to go visit Europe, I'm all excited and everything!

I'm sure I'll make it stick out tongue

How so eyes

What kind of an actor is that then? stick out tongue

"I didz not indend zo make eu melt" wink
already? but you don't know yet the exact details!

cause you'll shoot down the competitors? eek!

there are certain ways of course wink

one that not much people thought was that suited although the stories were very good big grin

How stereotypical laughing out loud
But do you really speak with a french accent?
And actually I know all that I need to know, it's next summer eek!

I don't do dirty work, there's people for that eyes

I think I'm gonna need details ninja

I was watching a trailer for one of his movies, I don't know which, and he actually looked pretty good embarrasment

be happy I didn't quote the Merovingian in the Matrix wink
no, ... it depends to who I speak with, if it's a brit, I mind the pronunciation, if american "I'm like so totally ... like... talking like him, y'know", same goes for dutch and french messed
but what about hotels and such ?

and they even do it for free wink

I'm not sure if that's a good thing shifty

hmmm, what did the story tell? did it had Jeroen Krabbe in it? if so it was TLD

I love him laughing out loud
Well I like accents anyways stick out tongue
Well we're not gonna be staying in many hotels, it's me and my friends going right, alot of them have family all over the place, one girl in England, another in Italy, etc etc. plus some youth hostels I've looked at are relitively cheap and quite nice. And since my trip to New Orleans is cancelled, thats more money for me to spend, and I'm going to Quebec instead, but thats nowhere near as expensive.

Well there's a little bit of compensation involved ninja

You're mean stick out tongue

All I remember was he was wearing this like light brown jacket over a green shirt, and a building blew up in it, I'm sorry for the uselessness embarrasment

it's been too long ago for me to remember that geezer messed
I'll always use a fake accent around you then wink
yeah, but having one place in England to crash, you're very limited into what you'll be able to visit though. have you been to quebec a lot lately or is it just a schooltrip?

what compensation is that? eek!

that's me, wait till I get rough eek!

blink I have absolutly no idea what movie you refer to now... a building blowing up might be LTK when he's taken by the Hong Kong Narcotics

People are always welcome to crash at my place - I might not always be there but the offer is open for 'most' people.

to see the bond movies or to get the WOW factor of you? wink


I have that effect on people wink

Ay Caramba!

Don't have a cow eek! ... have a chicken

Cow? Chicken? huh? eek!

It is me or that smiley has the mouth more open than before? ----> eek!

blink I think it's cause you have left for so long stick out tongue

I think so too eek!

so return more often eek!

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