PS2 FPS love and hate them(killzone thread)....

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please take time too think about what you post in this thread, KMC has changed a little since I used to regular here.

First off Halo 2, well I was impressed from what I have seen thus far. Halo was a solid game. most people (PC and old school gamers) say that Goldeneye or Half life are still the greatest fps out there but Halo is well......Halo. Far be it from me to claim Halo dosent deserve its immense following. and Halo 2 will probably double the iron clad grip on X-box owners everywhere.

Now I do have my gripes about the supposed "Halo Killer" Killzone, manufactured by a relatively small company the early screen's shown gritty pictures of dark figures with orange eyes holding big guns and of course people had too say its going against Halo, I mean you have guns...thats about all you need for a comparision.

I Purchased killzone today even though Ive read some negative reviews, and was suprised. Killzone is not like Halo. I played the first Halo threw multiple times and understand what all the fuss was about.

first the cons

I took the liberty of using IGN's review as my basis
visually stunning for a Plastation 2 game, the multi layering efffect is awsome, but can cuase glitches to appear, but I already new about them, thats why I saw them for the most part the layering works more than well. perhaps the only thing you will notices is every other Helgast flails around like a dead fish and dosent stop for maybe 4 seconds, and it even made me laugh at some points. It can take away from Killzone's feel, It wouldnt seem right If a clown walked threw the storming of German shores in the beginning of saving private ryan.

and then you have your A.I. allies

the Helgasht are smart, they use cover and know how too hide.

but your allies dont, they shoot you and often. and have way too much resilance. but trust me Im not saying they make Killzone easy. Its still a very diffucult game.

on hard of course roll eyes (sarcastic)

the Pros

the sounds are excellent, gun shots, screams, war cries and explosions ring CONSTANTLY. the Helgast bark out orders non stop in a viciously course manner.

you get a cinimatic feel while playing Killzone, you feel more like your in a movie than playing an FPS. most PS2 fanatics will enjoy Killzone as a rental at first. but If you like me have surrond sound you quickly realize how much ass Killzone kicks.

Multiplayer is awsome, for PS2 standards. the levels are well thought out and have level effects similar too metal gear and have the layering effect.

So in closing, If you like Halo or Halo 2 then thumb up awsome go get it. I will be there at midnight madness this monday waiting to play with freinds.(who of course took a day off of work)

If your still not a believer go rent Killzone, see for your self. dont think becuase this game didnt turn out to be a "Halo Killer" that its no good, ever see the great white hype? yeah pretty much.

and if your one of those still wanting to bicker or praise Halo vs somthing from PS2 wait for snow blind. those guns at least glow and I think Aliens are in it.

Good to see you back around VF.

All I have to say is what happened to Killzone kicking Halo's as$?

always good too stop by BF

and What happend to halo 2 coming out a year ago? things are not always what they seem. the games are nothing alike except for maybe the musical score so lets leave it at that.

No, I'm not going to leave it at that, I got so sick and tired of hearing these PS2 lovers say how Killzone is going to own Halo, and what happened, they're eating their words right now. Yes they're nothing alike, Halo= a great FPS, Killzone= a huge dissapointment.

it's no suprise to see at least on fanboy pop up in this thread. but arguing with you over preference isnt a priority

quiet fanboy, thats enough from you

i saw an advert for this game on TV today, ive heard of it but never took the time to research it, i might look into it now.

how am I being a fan boy when I'm just saying the truth, Killzone was a huge dissapointment.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt. Venomafan is back. Sweet.

Don't have PS2, so I can't really say much on it.

Hmm... I don't usually like FPSs on PS2 only because I am one of lucky 300 billion people to have played the first Halo. FPSs only spin in my Xbox at my house. But then again, this game looks pretty good. Maybe, just maybe, if I stop playing Halo 2 and San Andreas in the next year, I'll pick this one up.

Hehe.. I dont see killzone being incredibly popular right now.. I might play it if I come across it though. But I dont see how different it is from any other "kill those badguys over here.. now over there" kinda games.

No its not much differnt. and truly ratings are bullsh!t. OPM and PSM I think have given Killzone fair reviews.

a 4.5 out 0f 5 and 8/10 but Gamespot gave it the 6.9 out of ten. whatever, judge games for yourself.

Halo vs Killzone? here you go fanboys. >warning< vulgarity

its all good Arachnoidfreak

Dr. Strangelove
That gave me a big laugh laughing. Nice find!

Dude, shut the hell up with your fan boy crap. Quit being so damn proctective of Killzone, if anyone is being a fanboy on this thread it's you. Just because we say Killzone is a dissapointment does not make us a fanboy. I love FPS, no matter what console or hardware they run on, I thought Killzone looked like it was going to be a very good FPS, but now that it has been released I can honestly say it isn't that good and is a big dissapointment.

this coming from someone obviously who knows so much about killzone

I told people to rent the game before making up there mind becuase of mixed reviews. have I mentioned its foly's? yes. the multi layered effect and horrible teamate A.I.

any more clever comments?

so what makes it so good that you find worth protecting?
I dont think I'll get the chance to play it for a while so I just figured I'd launch that question.

it's easier to review my first post on this thread, that covers the good points just. But mostly that ps2 has had nothing special in the fps genere. Killzone is like medal of honor or rainbow six mixed with Black Sabath and heavy metal and the Helghast rule.

but opions are like assholes everybody has one, if you dont get a chance to play go to IGN or and check out the teaser trailer.

just because hes giving his opinion about a video game and warning you about it doesnt make him a fanboy hes just voicing his opinion like all of you dont worry VENOMFAN i got yo back

i perused the video'son the official site, and the only 2 things i can think of which i noticed were:

1. all the soldiers death animations seem to be exactly the same, for however you kill them

2. The voices of your team mates appears to be highly annoying!

this isnt saying i dont wanna give it a go, just my 2 cents. the backstabbing part looks really really good, and the close combat parts. might have to give it a bit of a rentage.

it might not be halo2, but whos gives a shit? its a game, judge it on ther game, not games like it.

thanks 420, and yes the teamates are so annoying, but the melee moves are great each character has a differnt set

and kudos on the last part

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