Palpatine's Physical Transformation

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Red Leader
I read that Palpatine physically transforms into Sidious, does anyone think he maybe a Shapeshifter?

I think he is a human who is just using the force to hide his true appearence (how do u spell that?).

Red Leader
Appearance. That is interesting, but how does the force mask his reality.

Jedi Priestess

Red Leader
Thanks for the link Jedi Priestess.

chilled monkey
Personally I think he starts off looking human. Then when he and Yoda fight, Yoda is kicking the **** out of him and he has to be completely consumed by the dark side to pull through. This removes any humanity he had left and leaves him deformed.

i agree and also if anakin thinks he's killed padme after he's rescued from the lava, he gets angry and accidently disfigures his master(sidious)

Darth Subjekt
No, I think its the same but different...look here a sec.i think that he looks as he does when he's palpatine, all the time. Then when he really uses the darkside of the force, since it IS stronger (as said by GL), it just takes so much out of him and his appearence ages rather quickly. Since SW is like religion on steroids, it could be like when Moses saw the burning bush and aged like 30 - 40 years just from the power of God, ya know? (and no im not saying God is anything like the darkside of the force)

Jodo kast
I always thought that during the duel between Yoda & Sidious Yoda throws some toxic stuff on sidious and runs.And that's why he is so ugly.(i made this up myself).

Darth Subjekt
yea...punch yourself in the face.....


Darth Subjekt

i yeah i was

The first time Palpatine has used the dark side to fight is when he is discovered by the Jedi. And, hes confronted by a group of Jedi. So he most likely has to unleash the full power of the darkside to stop his ass getting whipped. this surge of darkness probably changed him.

Darth Subjekt
thats what we've been saying.....

Sith Master X
My prediction = Palpy's transformation will come just before he squares off against Yoda.

hold on a sec.
i thought the jedi group confront palpatine in his office or something and anakin helps kill them.

then yoda fights palpatine in the jedi temple after they've killed all the jedi in it.

so palpatine should fight yoda much later.

wats going on?

El Toro
its called different opinions since no1 knows for certain.

I know for fact that we see Palpatine fight with a light saber in ep 3, so it could be injuries from a battle. Another possibility is that he is very badly burned when rescuing anakin from the lava pit, this is one of the reasons for vadars loyalty to him; because he risked his life to save him.

Yeah. He looks

like he puts a hood on

Thats about it

Maybe a bit of dark side transformation

Darth Subjekt
yea mace goes in there with 2 or 3 jedi and fights infront of anakin, then thats when anakin makes his decsion to join the dark side. then when its just ob1 and yoda left, yodas reading some book or the jedi holocron or something and thats when Palps walks in and starts to fight. and youre is later in the film. what are you so confused about?

palpatine's make over cant happen from the lava pit or from anakin giving off some sort of force surge. why? because he is already seen deformed when he is battling with his saber.

as to my confusion, does palpatine deform from yoda or from the previous battle with mace? cause if its from yoda, why does he deform from just one jedi when he faces more jedi earlier?

Darth Subjekt
i dont think anyone deforms him,...i think he just hides his appearence until he doesnt have to anymore.

Sith Master X
Yep, I completely agree with what Subjeckt said. He's just hiding his appearance. Nobody will deform him.

the power of make up j/k im not sure just have to wait and see.

Darth Subjekt
well thats all we can do. if you can cloak your entire identity from your mortal enimies, changing your appearence would be no problem. i do however wish that in Vader's fit of rage and he's destroying the room, ot should be so powerful that Sidious/Palpatine kinda hides from the actions going on around him. Not "hiding" in that sense, but cautious like Vader was when he broke the window behind Luke in ESB, ya know? what do you think, X?

what about he has face over his hidious face then pulls it off just a thought .

Darth Subjekt
i dont know if youre making a joke or being serious confused buti doubt he's wearing a holloween mask. lol, i know thats not what you meant....but i dont think its a mask, or extra face.

i think that thats what palpatine really does lok like all the time and hes just altering everone elses perception of how they see him , its not much of a stretch if you think that even yoda as powerful as he is can be in the guys immediate prescence and not get the slightest sense that he is a sith , let alone clouding the jedis perceptions and their abilty to use the force , as i said in another thread by the time he fights whoever it is he is fighting in the trailer he no longer has to hide his trueself

Surely if sidious was 'hiding his true identity useing the force' there would be at leat one species that would be immune? (I'm thinking of something similar to watto and jedi mind tricks)
As you have so many different species in the star wars universe, they must have a variety of differnt types/ways in which their brains work. So really hiding his appearance would have to take advantage of a being either biologically or psychologically.
Yet again maybe I'm just talking crap laughing out loud


So he's force holding the skin on his face up?
Like some Jedi face lift.
Then, at some point in film, he becomes emperor and doesn't have to worry about his appearence as you either like his baggy face or get fried

Red Superfly
WTF? Injuries from battle? Scars? BULLSH*T!

Are you people serious?

He's either a shapeshifter, or the dark side "clouding everything" is stronger than we thought. Or there's another much better explanation we mere mortals haven't thought of yet. Personally, the shapeshifter thing would make sense. AOTC could have introduced the shape shifting bounty hunter for a reason.

Yoda throwing toxic acid in his face? And then running away? Call yourselves Star Wars fans with that crap?

And the Emperor isn't scarred people. He's old and wrinkly, not scarred. His darkside power ages him, drains him of life, makes him older than he truly is. It's obviously something to do with his power of the darkside, or shapeshifting.

Bollocks to "scarring". What a joke.

Darth Subjekt
hes not a shape shifter, cause he looks the same, just older and decayed more. who would want to change themselves to look like a corpes? its just how he looks due to the darkside of the i said many posts ago.

Red Superfly
You're thinking about it the wrong way round.

He's in his true form as the withered Emperor remember. He'd have to transform into the younger more human version.

He's not changing himself to look like a corpse, jeez. He's just letting down the visage he doesn't need anymore.

But I prefer the old darkside explanation too. I still wouldn't throw out the shapeshifter theory either.

Darth Subjekt
thats exactly what been saying, only we're saying its thru the force, not because of what species he is.

Red Superfly
I know, it's just it would provide some insight as to why they bothered with a shapeshifter in AOTC at all.

She didn't USE her shapeshifting really did she? It seemed as though the makers were saying "Yes, shapeshifting beings exist in Star Wars" - why else would they do this?

They must have had some reasoning behind it.

But yeah, I can only hope it's just the "darkside clouding everything".

I can't wait for the scene where we actually see Palpatine actually morph.

Darth Subjekt
well we finally agree on something. lol...yea i sincerely hope its the darkside, not him being a changeling. But he also had that unneeded teo headed sports announcer, and all they did was annoy people and help ruin the movie. Maybe Zam was just an excuse for ILM to flex their SE muscles.

If he's using the Force, how does he hide from species like Watto's? Unless its just mind tricks that they can resist......

I'm not sure about the Force disguise, that's probably it, but can he reach into the minds of everyone everywhere? Even when he's on TV? Lucas had better have a great explanation for this.....

Red Superfly
That's what kinda had me going down the shapeshifter route.

Aww to hell with it, how about this:

Because Sidious hasn't done anything of true evil nature, he has started wars and been responsible for death, he hasn't had to command the dark side of the forec with such ferocity.

During his confrontation with the Jedi, in order to win, Palpatine goes all out and commands the dark side with intense ferocity that during a short space of time, he physically withers. The fight against Yoda could be where he summons the greatest amount of evil energy ever, and it has a serious effect on his body.

Oh well, no doubt Lucas'll enjoy explaining it properly. Better be good.

:.Space Opera.:
you know lucas though.....hell prolly say something like: " he stayed a galactic space-bathtub too long.

Story StructureWise...Introducing a changling in AOTC early on could be something that is foreshadowed...And because Ani and Obi discuss it...It has been foreshadowed...Not a big foreshadow...but it is there...So Palpatine could be some form of a changling...Story wise it'd make my opinion...I wait...I hope its something bigger than that...I hope it's something mindblowing that we haven't thought of...

Red Superfly
Yes, something mind blowing along the lines of..........

Darth Sidious is actually Anakin's fathers, brothers, nephews, cousins former roommate.

Pal is nactually human it states it on the star wars sites you people should actually check it out and you call yourself star wars fans.

Sith Master X
That's an excelent theory. And, it makes sense that this could be true somewhat, beacause GL had stated earlier that in Episode 3, there's small things from both of the previous Episodes that maybe you didn't pay much attention to, but will realize it's signifigance in Episode 3.

And to me, the changling theory fits. I mean, why would Zam be a changling anyway? She could have easily just been a human trying to assassinate Padme. She was taking orders from Jango, and he was human. So to conclude, she was a changling for a reason, and I think this might fit in with the Palpy explaination.

I've been saying this to anyone that would listen for months now. My prediction is we will see sidous change before our eye's just like sam from what we know him to look like as palpatine to what he actually is.
Yet again I could be wrong or maybe lucas wont make it clear. Mind you as I have money riding on this with a mate I hope I win. big grin


Sith Master X
I couldn't agree more Wayne. thumb up

Darth Subjekt
Honestly, and I usually agree on you on most things X, but I think she was a changling for Anakins benefit. Thats why we had that little dialog between Ob1 and him before about calming down and using the force to find her. Thats why he was saying be extra careful, and ultimatly why OB1 knew her and Anakin couldnt find her, or sense her, was kinda a way to prove OB1's point to us about Anakin, without him having a scene and just coming out and saying so to him. Did i word that right? Does it make sense that way?

Let me know what you think.

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