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Jodo kast
Who here like's Anakin's new look?I do he looks really evil.

Is Great

Jodo kast

I like it a lot myself. He looks a lot more menacing than episode II.

i think he will not be a sissy in this one! YAY

Captain REX
Amen for that. I personally thinks he looks creepy. Creepy is good when it comes to evil people with swords! Just read my stories. All of them are creepy!

Jodo kast

I can actualy see this Anakin beeing vader, which I couldn't with the two others (at least not with EP1 Anakin).

Jodo kast
Hi, morridini.They finally caught that faker of a Morridini 2.They banned him.

Sith Master X
I like Anakin's look in Episode 3. Has more of an evil touch to it.

I like how he has the evil look, but at the same time, he still holds up the good guy appearance. He actually looks like a venerable Jedi Knight...less of a good guy look from Episode II, but he looks more now like the Lancelot of the Jedi Order...that has yellow evil eyes lol.

That is true I think he does'nt care who he kills or how he does it plus I like the all black jedi clothes and the eyes make it more intense can't wait to see him take out the sepertist.

Darth Subjekt
hell, call me sadistic and sick, but i cant wait to see him slaughter the younglings!! THAT"S gonna be dope.

Sith Master X
The slaughtering of the Younglings is going to be like the slaughtering of the Tusken Raiders in AOTC. You won't fully get to see it, but you know that it happened.

he doesnt look gay anymore. i like it big grin that ponytail was awful

Darth Ravenous
i heard he orders clone troopers to kill them

Darth Subjekt
talk about gay....look at that OB1 pic you have under you posts! that's gay to 10th power. is he holding a lightsaber or a dildo? confused

Darth Subjekt
i heard they get corralled into a counsil room where he sits waiting....with a sick smile

That is gonna be one of those scenes in the movie that everyone just gasps at, takes a moment to realize and absolutely loves. If it comes out that way, in the way I picture it, with the awesome John Williams score...that shot is gonna be one of the best parts of the movie.

double post, sorry.

What ponytail are you referring to?

Jackie Malfoy
The actor who plays him is perfect.He looks like I thought he would.And yes he does look evil.And also handsome.It is a shame through that his acting is not that good.
Never the less he rules!JM

there is nothing wrong wiv Haydens acting ability, he has proven this in his previous roles. However some poor dialogue on the writers part has let his character down somewhat at times during the prequels

Darth Subjekt
thank you duffy. i agree. when i heard that HC would be anakin i thought, "great, theyre getting some little teen heartthrob *** to play the most important role." But i must say, i was quite impressed and satisfied with his performance. that look after his mom dies is can tell he "felt" it, like he was really into it. and plus he pulls that "arrogant" attitude really well. I think Ep3 will be his masterpeice.

GL couldnt have casted a better actor IMO, Hayden pulls off the petulance and arrogance brilliantly at times its jus thas as i say at times his dialogue doesnt help him out at all

mc pee pants
he was okay in AOTC. the cheesy lines is what got me. he had that cocky arrogant aura around him when he talked to obi. it was obvious that he was slowly turning. and clone wars was a great transition for ani. are they making more of those?

I couldn't get over how evil he looked in the trailer. I've said it many times and I'll say it again; Hayden was perfectly cast and EpIII will strengthen that opinion because he'll be amazing.

the first time i saw ep II was the first time i saw hayden ( i never had the net pre ep II ) i said to myself thats anakin he's perfect and he was albeit his lines werent terrific the whole scene by the fire still makes me cringe , but i still had no doubt that he was anakin and in ep III the glove is an even better fit , the scar is an awesome addition 2

When i first heard they were gonna go for the mullet look, i was frightened but now, he looks freaky...and sexy!!

laughing Definitley!

I think that HC's only problem when playing Anakin was he had to be whiner. But hey Luke Skywalker was a whiner, but look what happened in ROTJ.

The one Anakin has throughout ATOC.

its exactly the same as the one that obiwan supported in tpm its just a padawan haircut i never had a problem with it

Yes , I think that Anakin's new look in Episode III is more cooler , plus the way that Hayden is going to do it I guess so you could sympathize with him in becoming Darth Vader .

Red Superfly
I feel sorry for the guy, he grows all that hair to have it all burned off.

When he falls into the lava he'll be like:

Anakin: "Owww ow ow ow! I think I singed my eyebrows off!"

Emperor: "Err.....hate to tell you this but, that's not all..........."

Anakin: "I miss my nads"

.... ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anikan defenatly my thrid fav star wars related char before himits DM then in first place is DC

I hate short forms, can't u just use the whole name. I got DM, that's darth Maul. But DC?

El Toro
Count Dooku me thinks. DC but i think he/she has it vice-versa

anakin will be more head strong this time around. throughout the clone wars da guy has seen watt he is capable of. he knows he is superior to most if not all jedi. so there would be no more whinning, this time he will do wattever da hell he wants. hayden is perfect, but looking da part is only a small part of BEING the role.

That's not a ponytail. That's a small braid.

Darth Subjekt
He also had a short ponytail on the back of his head, along with his braid which was on the SIDE of his head.

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