Yoda's escape

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alien In episode 3 how do think yoda got to Dagobah in the first place Im mean obi wan can fly a ship but how can yoda escape from coruscant.

after the duel obi-wan is picked up by yoda and bail organa on the tantive IV and they discuss what they r going to about this new threat and either yoda goes to dagobah since there is a massive amount of lifeforms or that its full of the dark side and after that obi-wan takes luke and bail takes leia

I think he takes one of the escape pods that r2 and c-3po tookin episode4 and lands on dagobah to live I just wonder how he picked the planet.

Jedi Priestess
Supposedly because the cave has so much dark side energy coming from it it hides his presence from Sideous and Vader.

Isn't that the EU answer, or has someone confirmed this?

Okay thanks JP.

Jedi Priestess
Oh lord I do believe you are right. Someone shoot me now I quoted EU! embarrasment Now see this is what happens when you wander off the path into the EU area out of curiosity. laughing out loud

lol JP


my theory:

luke: im picking up massive lifeform readings.
yoda: life creates it makes it grow.

the force was so strong with dagobah that yoda was like a needle in a haystack.

I heard that Yoda is saved by Bail Organa after his loss in the battle against Sideous. As Obi, Yoda, Bail, Padme and the droids escape, Obi goes after Ani with R2, Padme follows with C3PO and is injured then. When Ani is down they all escape on the Tantive IV like Grevious 90210 sed above.

I think that we are going to see Qwi-Gon's ghost on Dagobah. I have heard that Qwi-Gon tells them about joining the Force after death. He also discusses the fate of the children as being the will of the force.

Now don't everyone go off on me cause this is just what I have heard. I don't know if it is true or not but it would be COOL.

It would thrill me to death to see Quigonn's ghost, but it's just not going to happen. Get over it.

Sith Master X
Well I've heard that we are supposed to see Qui-Gon in the form of a spirit in Episode 3. No confirmation that it will happen, but then again, has it officially been denied?

El Toro
qui-gon as a ghost in ep3 is pretty redundant. i mean there's no point in him coming in now, he couldve helped anakin threw his pain when he slaughtered the tuskins. all we heard wuz a voice but if he was a ghost he shouldve done more.

Darth Subjekt
what cou ld he of done?
"if you face Vader you must do it alone. I can not interfere." - OB1

maybe he did try were Ani was, and all we heard was what Yoda heard from meditating. For all we know he did appear in front of Ani. But I dont really think so cause he didnt disappear when he dies like yoda and OB1. He was cremated like jedis do. who knows?

now we are getting into the disappearing jedi thing again, my take on this is if you die of natural causes like yoda you disappear and become one with the force or if u die instantly like obi wan beheaded you disappear and become one with the force, but if you are like qui gon and the wound does not kill you instantly your body remains, but you can probaly still become one with the force anyway.

Maybe swamps turn him on.

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